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  1. i kno nuttins against it, prince we aint got no beef, i jus like freestylin, no harm to be taken,
  2. yo, please make someone reply who can rhyme dont waste my goddamn time t-e-d dont start cause your makin me laugh but you startin 2 stink, cause u need a bath in a matter of fact, i have a girlfriend and i have lost my virginity cause im better than u, 1, 2, plus infinity the only thing big about u is your mouth but never opened it when you went down south too frigid is all i can say but dont worry, i'll never say that on airplay im clean normally but your an exception but i don't want you to like my coz of my skills, no affection i wont do nuttin but hit ya make sure that theres a tit for ya i dont c y u dissin me for i was only sayin im back, beat makin u hit the floor so if you gonna say F**k me well i say F**k u the beef between us, ive chewed and its through
  3. imma talk and to be honest wit ya that "rap" u jus did, didnt nuttin for ya mix some white spirit with some fire and ya'll have vannila ice spittin with desire mix some gin and juice with some friends and then talk like ya'll never see eachother again let me get one thing straight with all you whack mc's dont challenge me cause at the end of the night you will be at ya knees bowin down to the future of rap take this as a compliment, dont say im whack but if you do, theres no more companionship make one false move on me, and i might flip im rusty just like a nail but i aint no pussy, not frail ill stop spittin so ill have a swore toungue then ill start writing and ill have a swore thumb blood will come out of my hands before i stop ill rap with angles before i ever see an album flop i walk with a gangsta talk with a pimp's lean walkin down the street with my sneakers which are clean.
  4. yo, i bin waitin for this, im down ya'll J-o-e
  5. if you forget, will smith has already produced an eminem song "Bad Guys Always Die" of the WWW soundtrack, so dont be suprised if rappers fans hate eachother doesnt mean the rappers do, will doesnt give a damn what eminem says, but eminem does care, will is to popular to let eminem get on his nerves, and i believe eminem as realized that, plus, he only said 2 lines 2 diss will, when will can do 2 songs to diss em, J-o-e
  6. im cool wit em', nuttin wrong with him, sure he disses his mum, but thats funny as hell tellin the world of his struggle of growin up on the black side of 8 mile detroite, his early songs were better than the songs on his new album,
  7. shady records is the only rap label that has humour really, roc-a-fella is more of a straight thuggin label, as much as u hate eminem, i laughed at "my band" its so funny, and i have a feeling eminem's rich enough to write humour again, he wrote humour to get rich and famous and then said what he had to say, bk 2 humour again i hope, i do like eminem, u mite not like him, he just says true stuff J-o-e
  8. did i hear sum1 say that 2pac wasnt the greatest, its a close call in my mind but i think he is either first or second, who kno's theres loads of more rappers in 20 years time who would be classic, our children might love ludacris rappers of the industry, and as far as balancing a carrer in movies, 2pac only succeded cause he only did a few small movies, and will smith movies our blockbusters everytime, 2pac's love for music was more than acting, 2pac spent his spare time and his breaks of his movies in the recording studio, and thanks to that he is still giving us music eight years after his death.
  9. ayyo, whose this dude startin? his names hero i'll make your record sales go from 1 to zero dont try me man ill lyrically be the instigator and when you flopped? who's gonna be the investagator suddenly losing after i appear dont suddenly break down, and have a tear u knew it was gonna happen so as i turn back from actin to rappin dont think you made me forget about the game coz' things changed, certainly aint the same there used to be respect and dignity but now rappers talkin about sex when they aint lost thier virginity. stick this there stick this here stick what where? dont fall backwords of your computer chair... j-o-es, hitting back with a rap to match your attack lets just say that stuff you just said was whack. ugh
  10. did ya miss me? did ya diss me? while im gone did you feel emptiness inside when i returned, did you feel the erge to go and hide theres a pain in my eyes reading these words mc's are dumb, dont even know how to use a verb im smart in the way i use the words and how i use 'em but i dont diss like the other rapper eminem i aint against that sorta rap, i just dont promote it ive got one way around sucker mc's, thats mic controlling it i wont be a fool and turn ya mic off cause even if i caugh in a battle. ill still win even if you say your a playa, im the one that did the sins so many times ive decided to be a fool against love so many nines have i dodged to get away from the great above da new era is comin strong but the hesitation by ya'll seems so strong whats wrong you seem wierd that im back i'll give you somethin called j-o-e's back
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