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  1. Snoop is not lyrically better than Jay-z are you mad? I kno jay's my fav rapper but i have both there new albums, and honestly I prefer Jay-z's new album, but Snoops is a good album, i'm not taking no credit away from that at all...
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    Yo wasup, Jus done 2 verses for this track called "Why" Thought ya'll want to see it, I think it's pretty decent but not finished yet...jus wanted to get some opinoins... Why Why…I Have 2 Feel This Way Why…I Got 2 Say This Today Why…I Hate Feeling This Way Why…Is the Sky Always Grey? Back in when we was in high school high, always knew why That I would be the guy who would ride, but then jus cry I’ve been dreaming bout me and u, doing thing’s we shouldn’t I loved your personality, but deep down I knew I couldn’t Out of my league, not in popularity, but in any existence We became closer has friends, no longer I had resistance Asked for advice, I kept gritting my teeth jus to be nice I knew in the long run that talking on the phone wouldn’t suffice It’s not good enough, baby I’ve dreamed for me n u 2 be true But will my dream ever come through? What do I have 2 do? Have a finger on your hand, and then call you my loyal wife? Because I want to live as much as I can, while I have a short life No more apologizes; I can no longer smile in front of your face I feel like I’m disgraced, I just don’t want to meet up in another place… Why…I Have 2 Feel This Way Why…I Got 2 Say This Today Why…I Hate Feeling This Way Why…Is the Sky Always Grey? Always thought we would be destiny, how could fate ever lie 2 me? I’m having nervous breakdowns, screaming down the phone 2 cry 2 me I only asked why, my minds been on a different course, no remorse But the day u admit that u love me, will I be as still as tupac’s corpse? It’s a short life we have, but I damn sure want to live it while I’m in it I just want to prove to you I’m not a gimmick, just give me a minute I know u like pretty boys, who buy u fancy things when they can But u know me as a real man, give me an extra verse for u 2 understand How could I take away Ur happiness and make sure u we’re sad? The thought alone made me glad, but sick with my self and so damn mad I’m an MC, so expressing how I feel is one of the ways I entertain But on the wrong side of the lane, risking my life jus for this fame? If we could be I’d get a dead end job, but instead I living to die I never am the type to cry, but all I ever wanted was a reason why… Why…I Have 2 Feel This Way Why…I Got 2 Say This Today Why…I Hate Feeling This Way Why…Is the Sky Always Grey?
  3. Ted...did u say pay nas 2 write Jay z lyrics? Jay z doesnt write rhymes, that's why i'm coming from a different view, I look at Jay z as a idol of rap, because he can do a song in one take, he doesnt need to write at all...
  4. Yea they are my favoirte aswell AJ, I was just saying songs, I'd be hear for hours trying to say all the songs that I like from Jay Z, I still havent got "Resonable Doubt" out of my CD player...that album was brilliant...Blueprint 2 was a excellent peice of work, And Ted, yea he does refrence the game on that track aswell...but i'm not sure if they have a real beef, they jus taking cheap shots at eachother recently...nothing has escalated as of yet...
  5. Only Cam song I ever liked was "Hey Ma" and that wasn't exactly brilliant was it? but songs like Jay Z "Big Pimpin", "H to the Izzo" "99 Problems" so many songs that stand out
  6. What!!!, Jay Z would kill camron as he already has done....that's only a little bit of the song, I hate Camrom and the whole of dipset, Jay z should just lyrically murder them all :lolsign:
  7. Thanks ya'll Anyone else?
  8. Yoooo, Aint posted a song in ages so I thought i'd drop by to show u my latest...it's called "My 9 To 5" and about my life in general...hope you like it!! My 9 To 5 Written By J-o-e This Is My 9 To 5 Jus Trying 2 Survive Listen 2 My 9 2 5 Got To Ride Or Die I get up early in the morning, before other’s wake Go to my 9 2 5, staying alive while the others r fake Trying to complain, gain, moan about they real job But I know there’s rain, but it’s a bit better than 2 rob I’m smarter than other people, I get my stacks Don’t spread fiction man, I always stick to the facts Working my ass off all week, to get something to eat But in the meantime, I rhyme so easily to this beat Hit haters in the stomach to ever try and mess wit me Say that Ur rich, bitch, but u got even less than me Got no where to run, I’m at work from the time the sun Hits dawn and I’m having a lunch break before u begun Never knew what life and fate had intertwine to be The dopiest MC to step into the booth in a century But unsigned, always getting fined, stepping in trouble U feel bad about the cheque u get, but u get double Don’t understand the struggle, don’t live hip hop So wait till this song drops, get girls out they holster tops… This Is My 9 To 5 Jus Trying 2 Survive Listen 2 My 9 2 5 Got To Ride Or Die U look at me like u know me, punk jus show me Step on the microphone and then u can flow be Never knew, why I didn’t blew, I’m in a altered state I’m going fast but with no break, everything at stake At the top of my game, fame is just a inch away Got to live for today, that’s why I don’t care what u say To the club I go on a Friday night, I get so damn drunk But I got a baseball bat in my man’s trunk u ****ing punk I don’t like to disrespect, u see with me I’m jus humble Go home after a night on the weed, and then I jus stumble But will never crumble a nightmare if u dare oppose me U know how them flows be, it was Ur fault u choose me Now u think Ur debts cleared, I could be much more feared Instead of being booed everywhere, I could be cheered But I, decide to stay away from homicide, no genocide But I, remain to ride, not the type of guy to go and hide This Is My 9 To 5 Jus Trying 2 Survive Listen 2 My 9 2 5 Got To Ride Or Die Leave me in my own thoughts, getting tipsy of whiskey Go to the club and get all those girls because they miss me Now these moms can’t cope, they haven’t got any dope While they sons careful they don’t drop soap, no rope I wasn’t raised on the streets, had a roof over my head But if it wasn’t for my family, I’d be wit the feds or jus dead A troubled youth, got bullied but I was just brave enough To swing back, wasn’t tough, took the joint n took a puff Drinking booze on top of the world, I really couldn’t choose But all these other dudes just hoping for me to fall of n loose While I’m trying to win sipping gin, u pull me back grabbing me Cause I’m flying they think that they can also defy gravity That don’t matter, like any other winner I just wave them off Spit they name on a track and then go to the street, play them off Why bother taking time out just to try and make my life a living hell Cause I’m living well, there’s no way they can stop me making A CD to sell…. This Is My 9 To 5 Jus Trying 2 Survive Listen 2 My 9 2 5 Got To Ride Or Die
  9. you're half right AJ, but I would call it "Respect" he understands what Will has done and says if he can do it, I can give it a shot.
  10. Im glad Jay Z Is back...hip hop needs him back...and Fifftys got an album called "Power Of The Dolla" Before he released "Get Rich Or Die Trying"
  11. Ive heard this and about 2 mixtape full of jay-z's new stuff...it's amazing...best track I heard Is "Addicted To The Game"
  12. Sorry, My Mic Is Wack While battling on a track I keep some things on wax Always keep the facts like a hustler with his stacks U think u guiding me dude? Now what u going to do Nothing going to stop me fool, but I’ll still keep my cool Only a competition when my talents reach a division The collision will leave u out of the game due to submission I’ll hit anybody in my way, a relative friend and a foe Flow so slow that sometimes I jus have to keep my voice low So as I clap back at u then u can finally step back at me Freestyle a track to me but then u can see the back of me Underestimating my skill can be such a vital mistake While hits I make and in fights the ribs that I break Not a violent man but comes down to it I can really scrap Now FuQ let me ask you a question? Can u really rap? Is that u really u? cause u might have deja vou, got the flu Now what can I really do? when it a lawsuit comes 4 the sue Stand and be a man or fall like a coward who’s been pressed I live in the guidance of my quest, a man that’s been blessed Came with a certain gift on this earth, but what’s worth I’m not surprised if the docter slapped Ur mum the time of Ur birth Don’t need to cuss u for me to win, I’m always ready to sin And when I killed u, no one going to know, not even Ur next of kin.
  13. http://www.yousendit.com/download/ebXmJUuU4oA%3D it was done in a rush so good luck FuQ!!!
  14. Love or hate jay z u have to respect him Owner of Def Jam New York Nets Clothing Lines A Nice Collection Of Albums Personally Jay Z is one of my fav. rappers.
  15. Jus tell me when and when, Personal Message me, i'm a bit busy but can lace a battle down easily lol
  16. Katt Williams...The Pimp Out "Nick Cannon's Wild N Out" The small one, he's hilarouis.
  17. I Got Gangsters Paradise (Coolio) Shook Ones Pt 2 (Mobb Deep) Got Urself A Gun (Nas) Nelly (Grillz) And some others that no famous artists have used...
  18. Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back
  19. Hey I'm off at 9am tommorow at Luton Airport, going on a 8 day cruise along the Nile, C U lot soon!!!!
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