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  1. Happy birthday!! ! Hope you have a good one :speaker1: :speaker1: :gettinjiggywitit: :rockon: :jazzy: :wickedwisdom: :Party_fest09: :speaker1: :speaker1:
  2. Happy Birthday man!!!!!!!!!!! :gettinjiggywitit: :gettinjiggywitit: :rockon: :party: :drunk:
  3. i think it will be sumwhere around end 2007 early 2008 (if it ever gets recorded)
  4. How come you gotta go? Too bad man. You seem to be a good member
  5. that girl looks like she has spasms and the whole latino dance doesn't match the lyrics at all, like hero said.
  6. Aww, come on man, that cd is classic. Why would you want to sell it !?!
  7. I don't really like it that much but I guess it works if even the teletubbies had a dance on it :D.
  8. I'm gonna go and see superman tomorrow too with a couple of my friends
  9. What phone do u have jonny and how many megapixels does the camera have?
  10. Ice Cube should be second. Did Jamie Foxx release records as an artist be4 he got into acting?
  11. Good read. Most of the points there have been discussed a lot but this article proves again (if indirectly) that Will Smith has lest his mark on hip hop and that he represents it "in order to live the "Big Willie Style" that is so often projected". He put Miami on the map and made it a playground for rappers and also created the BWS lifestyle that everyone wants to live. Props to the man
  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! Hope you have a good one
  13. It sucks that jjfp isn't chosen but i think Ice Cube deserves to be honored.
  14. @ jonny I did have jjfp as a ringtone for a long time but I changed it about a month ago or so. I am gonna use sum new stuff as a ring tone as soon as i "cut" them out. @turntable I liked ice cubes album but it wasn't as porn as this song. Lil john's beats are great, i admit but why does he have to rap?
  15. Yo i just downloaded a track from lil john called "Ohh Na Na Naa Naa" ( I was looking a song with him saying YEAH or OKAY to use as ringtone for my cellphone). This track destroys every single value bout hip hop. The stuff he sings about are degrading and all around hideous. Like Chris Rock said "It's Hard to defend this rap sh!t, it's hard to defend I got hos in different area codes( altough it's not a line in the song). Songs like that ruin hip hop. P.S If any1 wants i can upload it .
  16. Can't wait to hear the tracks like "Yes Yes Y'all" ( i wonder if it's gonna be anything like BWS) and Polo and Guess feat. Jay-Z (with a beat from Kanye that track is gonna be great)
  17. Happy BIrthday Fuq. Sorry for being late
  18. i have an idea. I saw this on other boards too. How abput we start a thread where everybody counts up to 1,000,000? impressive post number U CAN'T STOP JJFP
  19. I saw that vid too. Besides looking good she can't do anythnig
  20. I'm gonna see scary movie 4 tomorrow with sum of my friends
  21. They probablly won't release it here because we don't have a 3D cinema but even if it would be releases, i probably wouldn't see it. I remember seeing the movie on Cartoon Network when I was like 5 or 6 and it scared the crap out of me. Still have a little fobia bout this movie
  22. No comprende, me no speak no ingle (gunshot), now your a$$feeling tingley (ice cube- spittin pollaseeds) this rhyme really cracks me up
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