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  1. July 21 - The Insider was the first to break this incredible story, which represents the marketing coup for the 2006 WSOP (at least so far) - PokerShare.com is sponsoring a chimp to play in the World Championship main event. The monkey (Mikey) and his handlers will be unveiled at a press conference at the Palms on July 27! Pokershare.com Online Casino One lucky journalist will get to challenge Mikey to a heads-up poker match while the rest of us will enjoy frozen banana and vodka cocktails while we watch the chimp in action. If the chimp knocks out a poker player at the main event, Poker Share will pay for them to return to the 2007 WSOP but they may force them to wear a monkey suit when they come back. That seems like the smart and sensible option, since you'll never be able to show your face in a poker room again if you're beaten by Mikey at this year's main event. The Insider will be at the Palms to meet and greet the chimp, and we may even be able to snag an exclusive interview with the poker playing primate. PokerShare.com is the only online poker room where the players own a share of the company based on the loyalty points that they earn every time they play there. 40% of the company is held in a trust for the players, and this unique concept plus the partnership with Tain poker software has propelled Poker Share to the forefront of the online poker industry. I wonder if he's gonna win a match
  2. See, how you gonna say Kanye doesn't respect jjfp?
  3. wack rapper #1 is plainly an idiot and everything he does is idiotic. I can't wait to hear Game's response tho.
  4. Great track. I really liked your flow. You really could have a talk with twista, like julie said.
  5. I don't think that what will said was a response because he was just saying that he doesn't care about what jelaous ppl say about him. It was like he said "you can say whateva you want about me cuz i don't care and at the end of the day i'm still the one superior"
  6. Mine has mp3 ringtones too. A funny story is i was yesterday at my school to enroll in the nith grade and there i was with both secretaries and a couple of parents and my phone starts ringing. My current ringtone is Buttons by PCD but i decided to use it as a ringtone a day before. My other ringtone was I Like Big Butts. Can you imagine the embarrasment if that ringtone started right there??
  7. I think its something that goes both ways between the countries. It's appaling that things like these happen ib the world. Get back soon and Watch Out Willreign.
  8. I totally like this song. it makes me laugh everytime i hear it.
  9. I would do some work but i wouldn't work too hard (don't wanna overexert myself). Te money that i earn i would put in a savings account and save them to later times. But my employment would be like Chris's mom in everybody hates chris>
  10. Very big difference between the two
  11. This might not lead to very good consequences. I heard about them lauching those rockets but i believe that the US can destrroy NKOrea anytime. However it shouldn't come to that
  12. I belive it is Supercalafragilisticexpialadocious.
  13. Its Stephen Hawking the genius with the wheelchiar. He might have a point with what's happening nowadays
  14. I admit that i forgot to put that "e" in Renegay but the other stuff is just so he can understand it because I highly doubt it that he can understand normal speech. Besides he is from US where they speak English every second while i am from Romania where we barely speak English and i can still take this young Simone creator any time in the Field of correct speaking
  15. You'll always be Renegay for us. You ape, can't you post anything without swearing. Okay I won't call you any names.
  16. I so like it when Renengay insults important members of the forum and the fact that he can't type normally. If you're the only white kid there are you sumone's ho?
  17. Concept, i hope you don't understand that i disagree with ya. Actually I totally agree with ya. Time you guys show Renegay sum respect. Can't wait for Lerk to put up a vid of Renegay's audio clip
  18. I hate Ronaldo too. The French barely touched him and he faked it. I'm happy with whoever wins the cup but it was a bad world cup
  19. What made you wanna diss him. Not that i don't agree with ya but i'm curious
  20. GO Italy. Germany finnaly lost. now i have to change my avatar on yahoo messenger. i hope France beats Portugal tonight. About the final i will be happy either way
  21. From what i saw on Tv Robbie's Concerts are amazing. He really gets the crowd going. Nice for you to see him live
  22. Happy Birthday man, have a good one
  23. Too bad Brzil lost but they played Awfully. All my favorites have been eliminated. Now i gotta say GO ITALY GO FRANCE. SCREW DEUTSCHLAND
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