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  1. well it's good for us to be able to go through europe more freely but my dad works at customs and it was better. Besides my mom is a manager at textile company but my worry is that european countries who turned to us because it was cheaper than in the EU will now turn to asians
  2. How can u say that "Chosen One" doesn't fit in with L&F? I think it works great with it.
  3. that's exactly what i meant. All that music seems so artificial to me, like it isn't music at all
  4. do you hear computer generated voices in beethoven? i said your OWN voice not somethung someone made up on a computer
  5. I going to clubs and club music. Most of my friends like it but i think that music where you dont use your own voice isnt music at all
  6. if his nephew is the same idiot who was in that vid a while ago. it looks like pentagon will probably destroy most of his uncle built. sucks
  7. WILL SMITH TO MOVE TO AFRICA? Will Smith is rumored to be moving to South Africa and taking his whole family with him. "We want to move to Africa. Actually, I found a house in South Africa, but it was before 9/11 and when that happened, we thought, being Americans, it was a time to be home. But I just loved South Africa," he said to Empire magazine. Will's no America hater though so all you "Young Republicans" don't jump the gun. Anyway, Will's looking to bounce, but I don't think we'll notice the difference since he's so caked up.
  8. I saw it yesterday and i must say this movie should definitely bring him an Oscar. the movie was great, didn't cry tho. Tho closest i came to crying was the batroom scene and the scene in which he is hired
  9. i know it's kinda late but i just saw this. Lerk how can u like casino royale !?! that was one of the crappiest movies of 2006. They killed Bond and what he meant, replacing him with a short violent blonde idiot who doesnt even wear a suit throught most of the movie. to me it seem like the classic bond image like the one portrayed by pierce brosnan( one of the best if not the best bond) or sean connery is gone.
  10. if he did, i'm sure he would have the support of most young ppl not to mention the suport of the black ppl
  11. 2006 got my exam got an mp3 player went to germany, italy and austria a couple of times refused to drink anything and some anything altho sum of my friends wanted me to get wasted for sum parties i dont drink or smoke either, not even coffee i am however addicted to coke tho pretty good year
  12. you rename it as somethin.mp3 thanks turntable for the upload
  13. well on the 24th me and my parents usually go to all my relatives and we chat and i get the gifts >:). 25th is a regular day for me
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9tPx8VE8qc&eurl=
  15. I would like a new cell phone like teh sony ericsson k800i or a nintendo wii
  16. dr alban is having a show here where i live on new year
  17. and I hereby quote illseed This is from a personal friend of mine. I'm not going to reveal the whereabouts of this letter, but just say it’s close to home! Will Smith aka The Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff are still boys! "Yo..I forgot to tell you.. I saw Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff in the Super G Supermarket in [sMALL TOWN NEAR PHILLY]. Real Talk. Well I know Jeff lives in [sAME SMALL TOWN]. But I was shocked to see Will. The crazy thing was..I came off looking corny, ill. I had my tooth extracted at the dentist prior to going there so I had mad guaze in my mouth and couldn’t speak at all. I went up to Will and just put out my hand and shook his hand. He said "Hey how you doing brother"…but all I could do was shake my head up and down…LOL. Cats's probably think [sMALL TOWN] cats are straight weirdo's..hahahaa…Just thought I tell you about that."
  18. this is a good track. it s finnaly time that someone released a track complaining about the current state of hiphop. Will has a track on his album, Luda has but none released it
  19. is it only me that thinks that snoops album should have sold better? I think its a great album with cool beats and pretty decent rhymes.
  20. Illseed from ahh.com is making fun of will in his las gossip column or maybe he's not dissin him. I dunno what to say. If he is dissin will i find it really stupid SPEAKING OF GAY RAPPERS... What rapper from the 90's that was once in a group, but went solo, sold double platinum, has a wife and a pair of kids is secretly gay? This is a Wendy Williams' brain teaser for you gossip whores. LOL.
  21. My life has meaning yet again oh joy
  22. When i am alone i leave it open even if i shower or anything :D
  23. It's just at the very beginning befor the tune even starts
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