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  1. Now that's a new one on me. Nevertheless, I got the lyrics down. I'll post them on OHHLA soon.
  2. Could you give us an example of where Rhymefest does this?
  3. (You learn a lot of new stuff when you're away) To everyone - "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It" (So So Def Remix) is now selectable seperately. As for the white label - I am going to ask DJ Jazzy Jeff (because he's got connections to Will) whether a White Label existed. If it did, I'll let you know... And the lyrics for that song will be posted on the OHHLA. Courtesy of the anime man, no1wammy. ;)
  4. Man, another Jeff N' Fess track. Could this be the rebirth of "Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince"?
  5. Really loved "Jeff N Fess" and "All I Know." Hope JJ delivers killer material on the official release of The Return Of The Magnificient. I think I'm gonna like his return.
  6. That's new. Seems to me that Will is keeping all the unreleased tracks to himself. *is eager to get a song and watch the video tonight*
  7. Added her on MySpace. Wow. 8 years for a second album? She's really grown a lot since then, ^^
  8. Little article I picked up from hiphopdx.com... http://www.hiphopdx.com/index/lifestyle-fe...g-william/p.all
  9. Yep. Actually, four versions: 1. The So So Def Remix (Version 1). Same verses, new beat, chorus added. This is not the hardcore version. 2. The DJ Scratch Remix. Same verses, with beat and chorus inspired and sampled from the song "He's The Greatest DJ." 3. The So So Def Remix (Version 2). New verse, new beat, guest appearences from Jermaine Dupri, Big Punisher, R.O.C. and Cam'ron. That one only made it to mixtapes - or, it was leaked. 4. The So So Def Remix (Version 3). The official one with Jermaine Dupri, R.O.C., Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz. But, I've never heard this one before. Only Columbia Records has the copy. We'll have to bug the big bosses bad if we want these babies. (That'll help us get the explicit versions of this remix, ne?)
  10. Referring to discogs.com... Big Willie Style - "Candy" (featuring Cameo) - "Yes Yes Y'all" (featuring Camp Lo) - "Big Willie Style" (Radio Edit) (featuring Left Eye of TLC) - "Men In Black" (featuring Coko of SWV [uncredited]) - "Just The Two Of Us" (featuring Sauce of Somethin' For The People [uncredited]) Willenium - "I'm Comin'" (featuring Tra-Knox) - "Will 2K" (featuring K-Ci) - "Da Butta" (featuring Lil' Kim) - "Who Am I" (featuring Tatyana Ali & MC Lyte) - "So Fresh" (featuring Biz Markie & Slick Rick) - "Can You Feel Me" (featuring Eve & Breeze [uncredited]) - "No More" (featuring Breeze) - "Uuhhh" (featuring Kel Spencer) - "The Rain" (featuring Jill Scott) Born To Reign - "1000 Kisses" (featuring Jada Pinkett Smith & Tra-Knox) Lost & Found - "Tell Me Why" (Radio Edit) (featuring Mary J. Blige) - "Pump Ya Brakes" (featuring Snoop Dogg) - "If U Can't Dance (Slide) (featuring Nicole Scherzinger) Soundtracks/Remixes/B-Sides/Unreleased - "Just The Two Of Us" (Remix) (featuring Brian McKnight) - "Just The Two Of Us" (Spanish Version) (featuring Dark Latin Groove) - "Just The Two Of Us" (Korean Version) (featuring Turbo) - "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It" (Remix) (Radio Edit) (featuring Jermaine Dupri, Big Punisher, R.O.C. & Cam'ron) - "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It" (Remix) (Radio Edit) (Alternate Version) (featuring Jermaine Dupri, R.O.C., Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz) (*) - "Wild Wild West" (featuring Dru Hill & Kool Moe Dee) - "Nod Ya Head" (Remix) (featuring Christina Vidal & Tra-Knox) - "Switch" (Part 1 Remix) (featuring Robin Thicke) - "Switch" (Part 2 Remix) (featuring Elephant Man) (*) The official remix version (View Album Insert) Miscellaneous (Guest Spots) - "Boy You Knock Me Out" (Remix) (Performed by Tatyana Ali) - "Hey Sexy Lady" (Remix) (Performed by Shaggy) - "Got To Be Real" (Performed by Mary J. Blige) As you can see, Will's preferred guest stars range from outside the rap circle. Seems he's trying hard to distance himself from the genre that has made him today. How ironic. (Admins, you have my permission to edit this post should a new album or single from Will is released.)
  11. I'll definitely be looking out for that. When it's released, will they market the album the same like all the other Will Smith albums? Radio edits only, no explicit versions available? Seemed to be the case when "When To Stand Up (Go To Hell)" with Eminem and Pauly Yams was released.
  12. I think a compilation album from Will can still be done...
  13. I agree 100%. And I also believe that artists are forced to go the route of fibery (root word - "fib", as in lie) in order to promote their records. Why I say this? Because I want to get in the rap music industry as well. There's a problem: experiences. In order for a rapper to be considered "big," the audience needs to discover the real you. If you're a rapper who loves to pimp, pistol-whip, pop pills on a daily basis, you gotta answer "why." What got you into doing the negative and why you couldn't stop doing it. If you just mention it, you're just trying to milk money. Now look at me. What experiences do I have? I'm a cartoon-loving pacifist who has serious family issues with my mother, father and sister. I'm also a leecher, one who asks for money instead of making his own by applying for a decent job because I'm afraid of being bossed. And, because I was never taught to defend myself, I'm physically and spiritually unable to fight. Ever since my sister knocked the mirror in my head when I was a baby, I've been pretty much a momma's boy. Quadruple that, I'm a Mexican-American, so I'm instantly labelled a Chicano. But I'm not tatooed, bald-headed or goateed. I got love for all kinds of music - Rap, Rock, R&B, Reggaeton, Latin Hip Hop, Chicano Rap, J-Pop and other genres you'd find impossible to believe. Would a record label be interested in that kind of artist? In an image perspective: hell no. Unless, of course, you crossover...
  14. A user who, at the time, was on a search for the Unreleased "Getting Jiggy Wit It" Remix with Big Pun and others so that I can show this to the webmaster of The Original Hip Hop Lyrics Archive and get some answers. But, when I read something about collaborations on this board, and the lack thereof on Will's part, I made the jump to answer or give my opinion on all rappers you've listed. Even I had a say since Chicano Rap was akined to my everyday life and J-Pop was just new to me. I originally left the forum to work on my Music Madness website. But due to personal, financial and focal issues which were way beyond my control, I scrapped it. Til Music Madness returns, I'm back with the gang. And this time, I think I should stay around a little while longer. Not because I'm an obsessed fan or anything like that dedicated, but due to my appreciation with what he has done for the industry. He's put out a lot of songs with positive messages, thought-provoking issues, and feel-good party vibes without pulsing profanity. He may get a little flirtatious now and then, but this proves how human we all are - a little frisky and risky, but willing to nab a fly Cutey Honey (<-anime pun!). My dream is to become a helper of many things. On one website that I host, I help artist perfect their skills in fanart and authors fine-tune their writing in fanfiction so that future generations can look back at them as inspiration. My next goal is to help an underdogged sub-category of hip hop called Chicano Rap. They've been stale, mundayne, monotomous and repetitive for a long time, and they need new steam, a clean bill of fresh air so that the genre can truly pick up. It's already started, but from what many websites have shown me, it's being proven that Chicano Rap is pretty much a mochary of rap and hip hop, only with Latin/Hispanic lingo and lifestyle. I hope to fix that too. So you see, I'm not just an average admirer of the arts.
  15. 1. Never touch the CPU's metal surface in the open while it is running. 2. Always brush your teeth whenever you experience bad breath, B.O. or both. It's official, boys. I'm back!
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