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  1. You lil bitches just dont get it do you I tried to leave you alone but you cant get it threw you thick domes I tired of speakin with you You guys are boring I cant belive i just read those raps I was almost snoring P.key and G-A-N-G-S-T-A we are not tha same person Who gives a **** what you think Oops here goes more cursin Hero1 i tried to show you some respect you I even said you had a nice verse Now you started some mess and hexxed your own curse Who thinks your a Hero Who did you save J-O-E and Charming Yeah you would save them gays Look this is gettin long and your rappin me to snooze Remember Im from the ROC I DO NOT LOSE!
  2. Okay look you little **** your like a damn fly who want shoe fly away Yo starting to get on my nerves And whats up wit tha gay Almost every line in your last little ryhme is about a homo Is that all you think about are you sure you dont take it in tha _ _ _ you know Your ryhmes to me sound like a bunch of bulls*it Um tired of battlin you and this not a game of tag if it was your it. You dont hav to care where im from but um still gone represent Its tha R.O.C. forever and you aint gon neva forget Don Jiggy P.Key and tha new cat G-A-N-G-S-T-A We all gon bring it to you and you gon thank us So keep my name out yo mouth you lil punk ass bitch I dont wanna hear nothin from you unless you want to lie in a ditch SHUE FLY DONT BOTHER ME THA KING IS RESTING-ITS STRAIGHT R.O.C. AHHHHHHHHHHH BIATCH HOLLA AT CHA BOY
  3. Wait a minute hold up you think im gay? Have you heard your name? Your a prince charming you are lame -you are no longer fresh. You battlin against me? Um bout to put you to rest. We not gon go nowhere near yo closet door aint no tellin who might fall out. You keep hidin yo lil boyfriends who play wit balls. I heard it was Richard Simmons who likes to work yo back out till you fall. Im surprised you responded It took you all nite. What did you do go sit in a corner a start to WRITE. Uma a KING homie ask aska bout me You'll never forget my name You probaly think of me all night Prince Charming and braces-down sat on my wall You two tricks had a great fall After you hit tha ground you were surrounded by men We broke yall down and burried you again You probaly wish i didnt see your name on tha list You really didnt want to feel tha wrath my dis. You a waste of time i really aint got nuthin else to say You a lame ass rapper and um bout to blow you away Ahhhhhhhhhh! R.O.C. In ya
  4. hey yo **** you son now you don got me upset you talkin bout beef bitch this aint even started yet Tha champ is here which means you need to keep movin if not you gon get beat down til you swell like Big Rubin My flows untouchable you can neva reach me Um gon stiff arm you away while i score a TD Um spittin my **** from my brain on a full tank You can try to spit back but all you shootin is blanks Um bringin tha truth um givin it to you frank From tha bottom of my heart I swear You ****in stank You not even worth my time I dont know y um trippin I saw your girl last night She was straight strippin Um a pimp my chinks favor Eve and Amerie That means I pull chicks Like Mike Lowry You ask if im a fresh prince fan what type of question is that Um battlin you and prince charming Now how fresh is that My nigga Don Jiggy don stepped up to tha plate He probaly gave you tha holy ghost and had you runnin in place Didnt I tell you I was a down south KING of my home How dare you disrespect Tha state of my throne When I read yo lyrics Your boring lines put me to sleep They make my head hurt and it feels like I bleed KING P. is tha name make sure you respect tha game I would had to leave you lying somewhere outlined in white frame You say you got beef so that means I got to ya You say um wack but what do I really mean to ya So this is tha end of my ryhme um not gon (beef) wit you again So come holla at me and bring this **** to a end R.O.C. 4Eva Jiggy I see you playa Get at me
  5. Ooh im scared of a prince charming who might blow kisses till my death I aint scared of no punks in pink tights and shimerry belts Ok i'll admit you kicked a small rhyme But yo lil stunt gon get you sandded and sawed like some pine Mabey you should breathe and shake like one of your buddies and gaymen I'll save your stretch for when they use tha stretcher after liftin you from tha pavement I dont kno y you testin me that was just a warning shot I just wanted to see what you were workin wit Now you gon see what i got And you askin who on my team hav you ever heard of team ROC We highly ranked around here so your next move is a flop You going down, your climb to tha top is over I'll hide yo body in tha trunk while i ride a range rover O no P.Key dont be so offensive A great offense has a better defense so you better listen Team ROC on top and we do not flop For tha last time if you hear my name kneel down and drop.
  6. Okay Hey yo Mr. Prince Charming ya just like tha rest You so lame to me i wouldnt dare call you fresh You probaly wear small shirts and tight jeans thats Guess! I dont give a damn about you i can wash you out If you was a inscent i probaly brush you about Brushin tha dirt from my shoulder while um keepin it clean Keepin my shirt popped if ya kno what i mean Pushin you haters down just like tha rest of tha team. We keepin it tight, ready to fight given you lil fellows a good night. Um tha one keepin it fresh for all of my life. You a prince and um a King Get down on both knees and worship me Um tha freestyle KING bow down before me P.key tha man and um a "FRESH" KING comin from tha R.O.C. So prince charming bring it to me!
  7. Aight Aight i dare any one of mothersuckas to step and battle me. I promise yall i aint no joke. Ask my boy Don Jiggy. He has heard of me.
  8. R u leavin the website?
  9. What? Look dont make shoot you down and yell timber Cuz um straight S.W.A.T. Shootin Wit A Temper Um a angry rapper from tha derrty south You better watch how you speak to before i strike you out Strike 1 was wen you didnt speak of my royalty Bring me rings and sing like dem boyz II men and get down on bended knee Strike 2 was wen you started to act foolish and tryna test my gangsta I told you um from tha south and i dont fu!k wit wankstas Strike 3 i can give it to you later You tryna represent tha R.O.C. Wen you aint no G Um a gangsta please dont test me again I hate to roc you and bring this to a end. Holla....... Ahhhhhhhhhh R.O.C.
  10. I can feel it in the air tha hatin from all you haters ova there You givin me tingles up down my spine i can feel tha hatin wit yo piercin eyes Um like superman um a man of steel i dont need no clark kent you can tell um real Its a chip on both of my shoulders and i wish sombody would try me ill squash you like a bolder This is just a introduction of of tha one they call p.key Um leavin my lyrics on yo screen for all tha realist to see Lil flip stole my name um tha freestyle king messin wit me a git you zipped up if you nawmean
  11. You made a mistake and now you gon end up in a hearse askin for somone to battle you now you gon get tha worse Um a demolition man and um here to demolish my foes backslap you like a pimp treat you like one of my ho-s You tha bottom of tha barrel and um gon treat you like scum Scrape you from tha bottom of my jordan just for fun This is just tha beginning i aint even started tha roast Um a fire breathing dragon and you bout to be toast
  12. whats up numero uno im new here and im lookin for ppl to battle :ali:
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