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  1. someday somebody said will gonna be in a private party tribute to the roots,and he will do a jam with kanye west,jay -z etc anyone have news about this????????'
  2. hey!!!!but did you know guys,in the "soul train" fresh prince's episode,when carlton finally took the stage,the first song is "groove thang"by zhane!!!it's a dance classic,i love it!
  3. well guys,this is hip hop!!!!the beats are the same along the tracks in 99,9% of the hip hop tracks!!!you say it's bored,but is because there is no rap on it. all will smith tracks and all jjfp tracks have repetitive beats,but that's how hip hop is!!
  4. well,jjfp boycotted because grammys at first don't have awards to hip hop artists,and then they jump to stage.this is all i know about that years after jjfp won a grammy
  5. jjfp,public enemy,kid'n'play....
  6. jjfp,were among others,who boycotted the grammys for the hip hop culture
  7. ey guys,probably you know about that,but yesterday i discovered the show:rap city,and wow it have so many real freestyles with people like common,jay-z,kanye west,fat joe,talib kweli,outkast,gangstarr and many more!!!i'd love to see FP in that show,i ask myself why he's not there :hmm:
  8. well guys i have seen the atlanta video,and it make me think that will rock the house ever in the same way,with the same shouts,words etc...with wanna rock for example,it's always the same scheme!!!!"now i'm the prince.......hit it!and then "the ladies say uhhhh","the fellas say yeah"."more louder"!!!etc,this make me think that will have every word prepared,i don't know,others rappers came in ,and freestyle!this make me think that will have no creativity to rock the house,or he can't freestyle,why we never have heard a real freestyle from him!!!you heard snoop at westwood and you say wwwwooooowwww!!!you heard common,kanye,eminem...but will????i'm a fan of will,but i don't know guys,this is not a diss,but i'm a little confused,but i'm base myself on facts.what do you think????
  9. hey what codecs i need for the video?????????
  10. can anybody put the lyrics here pleaseeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!it's a dope remix,except the stupid vocals
  11. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh tim thats dope man!!!!pleaseeeee can you upload more samples????pleaseee,i'm not have much money to buy this,i'm preparing for driving test and my wallet is a little empty,a little of that perfomance with peter gunz???
  12. then,he likes gangsta?????you canĀ“t say to people that gangsta rap is wack and then think to yourself it's good,because you are not honest...you can say that gangsta rap it's not music to kids. but say that it's wack and after give props.
  13. hey man you have to think that will rap so fast for a little couple of verses,on SML,scream,la fiesta but twista do it all the time,i don't know if will got that skillz,i'm not sure will could beat him,twista is tooooooooooooo fast
  14. let's see,all we know that will smith say gangsta rap was so wack,and he don't like this rappers,he say that on mtv ultrasound,but my question is that he likes public enemy,and "the chronic",and the best thing he have a cameo with snoop dogg in his last album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!well,what are exactly will smith toughts??????thanx
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