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  1. I don't care what these idiots are talking...just look at the pool at the AOL First View homepage...60% loved the video, 27% liked it and only 13% hated it...
  2. on the live8 website he is only listed as a presenter...so I'm not sure about his performance http://www.live8live.com/theconcerts/index.shtml edit: on the mtv website they write that he will tour in philadelphia on the 2.7.2005...so I think he will perfrom :)
  3. hey...you can find the sales at http://www.hitsdailydouble.com
  4. Hey guys...you gotta vote for will at TRL Germany. heres the link... http://www.mtv.de/trl/videos.php
  5. switch went from 0 to #17 in austria. I think it will rise. the austrian charts are simular to the one in germany
  6. lost and found fell from 25 to 34 but I'm sure ith will rise after the nokia urban festival :)
  7. but do you know whta sucks?? lost and found droped from 15 to 25......man I can't understand why but ok...let's see how it goes next week.
  8. hi tim, here is my collection of all my will smith cd's. hope that is enough for a potna :)
  9. he is number 1 at the rap albums on amazon...and you knwo what? the greatest hits cd is also climbing...on numer 14 rigth now :)
  10. you don't hear anything bout the track because it comes out not until the 18th april...and the album on the 2nd may. I think that must be the reason
  11. yeah it's true...I read it also on the VIVA video text...maybe you'll find the news also on their webseite http://www.viva.tv
  12. wwooooooooooow!!!!!!! thats great news man....thx :)
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