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  1. Wassup yall. I've been gone for awhile. They are hatin on Will over on the beckett basketball measage board. Check the url below. I have been posting on that site as bart5 too. I like the beckett basketball measage board but they made me so mad i came over here to show you what they are saying. Let me know what you think http://www.beckett.com/iforum/view.asp?mod...umID=11&catID=3
  2. Thanks for putting that in quicktime!
  3. An angel, my grandma, told me before she died Smart folks don't need to put no cursing in they rhymes -I'm comin' Willenium How can anyone hate someone else just because the don't curse?
  4. Man you really got to hear the real JJFP tracks :) I am getting Willenium, Hes the dj i'm the rapper, code red, jjfp greatest hits, and lost and found in the mail (hopefully today).
  5. Same here. I love Pump me Up on Willenium. I also like So Fresh. I haven't heard many of JJFP scratches yet because the cds I ordered are still in the mail.
  6. What is a battle. I have no clue and where do ya go and what do ya do?
  7. Look at my signature. Those are a couple of my favorite verses. I also like Met Ali he told me I'm the greatest and You wanna ball with the kid Watch your step you might fall Mad cause I got floor seats to the Lakers See me on the fifty yard line with the Raiders
  8. Are ya talking for it to be released as a solo song album or on the radio or preformed in concert or something.
  9. I cant seem to get any of these videos to work for me. Do ya have to do something when the Rapid Share website comes up? Or do ya need a special program or has the program expired? Pleazz let me know if ya have any info for me.
  10. When I went to the T-Wolves vs Nuggets game last Thursday (April 7th) I heard Boom! Shake The Room and Switch. That was my first time hearing Boom! Shake The Room (Definitely not my last time cause JJFP greatest hits is comin in the mail). Pretty ol school with Boom! Shake The Room for an NBA arena.
  11. The saddest episodes are The Last episode, Will gettin' shot, and when Carlton almost dies on prom night when he takes "speed" out of Will's locker thinking its vitamin E. Wil has to tell the whole family (choked up) that he almost killed someone he loves dearly. That episode is really sad.
  12. If ya want I could make another with main other Jazzy Jeff pics and a few with him and the fresh prince. I would put his solo albums on their, a couple of other albums (JJFP) I missed (not 100% sure what I missed) and a few other stuff if ya want. Thanks for the support.
  13. Thats fresh too. I edited mine (barely) too.
  14. I know i already posted to see if any 1 could make or find will smith wallpaper. But I decide to make one myself. I hope it works. Let me know what ya think. KG4MVP
  15. I just ordered these albums on Best Buy.com yesterday so I will get them some time this week. 1. Willenium 2. Code Red 3. Greatest hits (Jazzy Jeff Fresh Prince) 4. Lost and Found 5. He's the Dj I'm the Rapper 84$ but worth it. I had a gift card anyways. Can't wait to listen to em.KG4MVP
  16. Someone might have already wrote this but in the words of Will Smit's "Switch" "But don't download, go out and buy the record." Enough said.KG4MVP
  17. Yea i got Big Willie Style. But Track #4(Candy) gets messed up (no biggie cause that aint a great song if ya naawat i mean). I just love "So Fresh" and "Pump me Up" from Willenium. Those songs are hoppin (they are 1 of the main reasons why i am buying willenium). Are there alot of songs like those? KG4MVP
  18. The Jazzy Jeff Fresh Prince Greatest Hits Album. I probably going to try and collect all of his albums (or most because there are alot).KG4MVP
  19. Yo I love AI don't get me wrong JameUK (50 pt games how many times this season? 60 pt game and how bout the 16 assist game he had last night). But my fav all time playa is KG. I am always going to root for him to win MVP. Just check his stats this season. this is a copy from NBA.com from his NBA.com player profile. Ranks #13 in the NBA in Points Per Game(22.3) Ranks #1 in the NBA in Rebounds Per Game(13.8) Ranks #17 in the NBA in Field-Goal Percentage(0.502) Ranks #15 in the NBA in Steals Per Game(1.49) Ranks #19 in the NBA in Minutes Per Game(38.4) Ranks #8 in the NBA in Minutes Played(2922.0) Ranks #5 in the NBA in Field Goals Made(640.0) Ranks #10 in the NBA in Field Goal Attempts(1276.0) Ranks #12 in the NBA in Free Throws(411.0) Ranks #14 in the NBA in Free Throw Attempts(510.0) Ranks #8 in the NBA in Offensive Rebounds(234.0) Ranks #9 in the NBA in Offensive Rebounds Per Game(3.1) Ranks #1 in the NBA in Defensive Rebounds(815.0) Ranks #1 in the NBA in Defensive Rebounds Per Game(10.7) Ranks #1 in the NBA in Total Rebounds(1049.0) Ranks #18 in the NBA in Assists(426.0) Ranks #13 in the NBA in Steals(113.0) Ranks #9 in the NBA in Points(1697.0) Ranks #1 in the NBA in Double-doubles(66.0) Ranks #14 in the NBA in Field Goals Per 48 Minutes(10.51) Ranks #1 in the NBA in Defensive Rebounds Per 48 Minutes(13.4) Ranks #3 in the NBA in Rebounds Per 48 Minutes(17.2) Ranks #18 in the NBA in Points Per 48 Minutes(27.9) Ranks #10 in the NBA in Total Turnovers(210.0) Ranks #1 in the NBA in Total Efficiency Points(2445.0) Ranks #1 in the NBA in Efficiency Ranking(32.17) Ranks #1 in the NBA in Efficiency Ranking Per 48 Minutes(40.16) Ranks #15 in the NBA in Turnovers Per Game(2.76) Those stats are crazy!!! I think Steve Nash will probably win mvp but kg is who i will always root for to win mvp. KG4MVP
  20. Yea i'll consider that. In code red is there any of the same songs in that album as Greatest Hits. Just wondering. Funny thing you suggest Code Red. My older sisters used to listen to JJFP when they were in their teens(they are in their 20's now).And when i was looking through my cd holder i see Code Red album (before i started listening to will smith). I opened it up and it was empty. I was like dang. That might have had me listening to JJFP a while ago. But i ended starting to listen to Will Smith and JJFP when my cousin (best friend) gave me the broken (cracked but works through song #6), and Big Willie style. Now I am hooked.
  21. I was going to order these albums 1. Willenium 2. Lost and Found 3. Born to Reign 4. He’s the DJ I’m the Rapper 5. Greatest hits But i wanted to check and see what everyone else thinks KG4MVP
  22. I have always liked Will Smith (because of Fresh Prince of bel air and his movies). I am just starting to buy his albums. What is fav album (Solo Will Smith or Dj Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince). I'd like to see what album you think I need to buy of his. I have Big Willie Style and a broken Willenium cd.KG4MVP
  23. My favorite episode is when will is out for the school basketball team. It is really funny when Will and Carlton are on the same team and will is the star of the team. He is a big ball hog and he just dominates. Then at the end of one of their games their team is down by two or one point with a couple of seconds on the clock. In a time out they design a play for will to take the last second shot. But carlton steals the ball from will and air balls it to lose the game. That was hilarious!KG4MVP
  24. Yea that would be Fresh!!KG4MVP
  25. Yo I love basketball!!! I play tons o basketball. My favorite team is the Minnesota Timberwolves. I am going to the game tonight against the Nuggets. My friend next door has a sport court in between our houses and i play all the time. My favorite playas of all time is KG,MJ,NIQUE,and allen iverson. I also play golf and i ski. KG4MVP
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