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  1. wow thats awesome that the cassette could hold the tracks. Too bad they couldn't put it on the cd though. Did you get your cassette on ebay? And do you remeber or know how much those cost? Thanks dude
  2. Uncle phil going on a camping trip Uncle Phil- I got to go stuff my fanny pack G- (G looking at his butt) Looks like someone already beat him to it
  3. (Will is mad cause jeff borrowed his ride for the summer and got 11 parking tickets) Will- Why didn't you tell me you got 11 parket tickets jazz? Jazz- You're right, Will there is something I need to tell you, I got 11 parking tickets
  4. Jazz- I present to you The Hoodlum Pages (taking out a pocket book and flipping through it). It has car thieves, body guards, guys who take dives, you name it. Will- Where did you get that? Jazz- I stole it
  5. A few to kick this thread off: Uncle Phil- Geffory, can you get me my tools G- You mean your knife and fork? Carlton- Geffory can you make me a sandwitch? G- (puts a piece of bread ontop of Carltons head) Now you are a sandwitch
  6. Carlton- I applied to the Big Brothers Foundation to help out my resume for my Princeton interview tomorrow. Will- Now why would you do that. You ain't big and you definitely ain't a brother. Right after That: Geffory- Master Carlton, I am afraid your lucky sweater has shrunk in the wash. (holding up a pink sweater the size a baby would wear) Carlton- AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will- Don't wory C, it will shrink. haha
  7. I am wondering where Ready Rock is and what he is doing after all these years. As far as I know he hasn't been in any records since the early 90s. Ready was one of Wills best friends, and I think they got into a fight or something but I am not sure. Let me know if ya have any info. Thanks
  8. Will and Carlton arguing over something like getting the phone or door Carlton- Will, you get it, you are closer. Will- Yeah, well you are closer to the floor.
  9. So Fresh is one of my favorite JJFP songs. It is great. Jeff rips the wheels like it was the 80s or early 90s. When I first got willenium before I was a big JJFP fan, I was listening to So Fresh and my mind blew away. Then I heard Pump Me Up and I was like dude this is TIGHT. So it lead me to coming to this site and buying JJFP cds. Now I love listening to JJFP and it all was because of So Fresh, Pump Me Up, Willeinium, I'm coming ect. So Fresh will always be one of my favorite songs.
  10. Wow. I never knew that. That doesn't really sound like something the fresh prince would do.
  11. :iagree: I agree with everything right up in here. Fresh Prince will always be my fav. rapper and actor. But he needs to get back with Jazzy for the ol skool and release some brand new funk!! I would love to see a new JJFP record come out! I can see it now...:jazzy: I also think he should go easy on the swears too if he says thats why there ain't no cursing in my ryhmes haha
  12. One of the best Jazz moments ever in my opinon- 1st Season 2nd Episode- The first Jazz appearence in FPOB (besides theme song) Everyone was sitting together in the living room, tea time. They were listening to classical music on an old record player. Then Uncle Phil was saying something like this: I love classical music. This song is just so amazing. Here comes my favorite part. Jazz comes up to the record player and :jazzy: Then Uncle Phil gets very ticked off. Hahahaahahhahaha GREAT FIRST IMPRESSION JAZZ!! That part was great.
  13. Dude this game will be tight once its done. I have this idea I can contribute. I definitely think Charlie Mack and Ready Rock C should be in the game. Ready Rock had crazy beat box skills dudeI really would like to know what the dude is up to today haha. It would be fun to see both Ready Rock and C Mack team up with Fresh Prince somewhere in the game individually or together. I will let you know if i have anyother ideas.
  14. Ditto I love his rapping and acting. FPOBA is my alltime favorite tv show. But right now I have been listening alot to him and jazzy, and just went with singing. hahaha so far no one has gone with beat box haha who would?
  15. I like his laid back style and his aggressive style. He has great songs for each style. Like Time To chill is a very nice relaxed song and songs like code red and Charlie Mac First out of the limo are sweet aggressive songs.
  16. Will- You have heard of the Batmobile, well i present to you the Rapmobile. Unlce phil- I have never seen so much trash in one car (Jazz pops up from the back seat)- Hey, I resent that Jazz gets rejected by hilary like 18 times and he says- all a part of my plan At the end of the episode he finnally gets to go out with her and she kisses him on the cheeck as a thankyou for defending her in front of her former boss (queen latifia) jazz- all a part of my plan Hey wheres the troll? will- i put her back under her bridge There is way too many GREAT scenes with Jazz in them to name!!
  17. Carlton and Will argueing Carlton- Why can't you act like an adult? Will- Why can't you look like one? Also the Cheifboyareyoushort one is one of my favorites. hahahahahahah
  18. At the Golf club: Uncle Phil: Will before we hit the links I am going to pickup a sandwedge Will: But you just ate breakfast. Uncle Phil: No I said sandWEDGE, its a club. Will: I know, a sub sandwitch, with lettuce, tomato .... hhahahahahhaahhh
  19. Will and Carlton got sued by uncle phil for not paying their rent for the pool house. Will is saying his opening statement Will: But I know the TRUTH!!! (slams his fist on uncle phil's brief case) Uncle Phil: Objection!!!! Will is makeing a mochary of the entire legal system Will: And He is makeing a mochary of a finely cut italion suit (the suit uncle phil was wearing) Carlton and Will throwing a party when the were told not to. Carlton: Have you seen dad lately? Will: Well that is either a Rhino with his horn chopped off or him.
  20. thx that is hilarious and priceless :lolsign:
  21. yea i know but it is hard because that is a measage board i really like. most of the people over there are cool but some of them don't have a clue. too bad they can't trully understand greatness lol
  22. I know it is kinda funny what some of them say because they are clueless about will smith. I was trying to shed them some light lol
  23. exactly what i have been telling them over there. i have been fighting for will over there lol.
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