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  1. I would choose JJFP because I honestly don't think I am ever going to get married. I just don't think marriage is for me. I don't think I could ever stop listening to JJFP anyways. :jazzy: guess its JJFP then! LMBO :ali: Id say... "GET back boy!" rofl I had a 3 ft black n white drawing of Will on my mantle for YEARS, and my x said Will gotta go, or he would...so I stashed Wills pic under my bed... (then I'd roll over and say g'nite 2 him every nite) :hilarious: j/kiddN... but in the end...THAT sucka (the x) is gone, and Will's pic is still here... I gotta touch it up, then put it back on my mantle. If I woulda got rid of him in the first place, I woulda saved myself from tons of drama! AJ, Timboat yall know the how the riddle goes... jack be nimble jack be quick Will's pic is still around but I got rid of tha d*ck LMAO :hilarious: Iwander if anyone has a jpeg of that pic still...i sent it 2 a coupla fans..i dont have the jpeg. anymore ..please post it if anyone has it... thx....love. peace, cookie I'd love to see that drawing of Will!! If you ever have time, take a picture of it so I can check it out :2thumbs:
  2. Most of us own all the tracks on cds, music playing programs on your computer, or mp3 players/ipods. But do you buy JJFP singles or 12' records? I haven't boughten any JJFP singles or 12' records yet mainly because I am still trying to buy all their albums first. But when I buy all their albums I will start buying their singles and their 12' records off ebay. I don't even have a record player, but I think they will make dope collectibles to have. I also think some of the JJFP pictures in the single cd's insert booklets will be cool to look at. What do you guys think when it comes to buying their singles/12' records?
  3. Edit: I changed it to Jazz. What are your favorite Jazz Moments? Some of mine are: When Jazz is laying in the back of Will's rap mobile. Will shuts off "OPP", and Jazz pops his head out from under the back seat and says "hey, who cut the.....oh Mr. Banks, I didn't see you, as hard as that is to believe." Then Uncle phil says "I have never seen so much trash in one car." Jazz responds "hey, I resent that. Oh, the jokes on you, Mr. Banks, cause you can't throw me outside." The next seen is Jazz being thrown into the kitchen :rofl: :rofl: When Jazz starts scratching on the record player in the 2nd episode (the first on with him in it). :rofl: When Jazz moves in with the Banks. "I guess everyone is to full to eat the pop tarts I made for desert." "I clean, cook, work my fingers to the bone, and this the respect I get." "I am a personal good friend of Bill Cosby." "I sleep naked with the window open." :lolsign: :lolsign:
  4. yeah I am glad its working again! yeah I am glad its working again! Our brotha have made a total of 110487posts We hizzle 1148registered baller The newest memba is maddblokk Mizzy brotha ever online was 51onDec 23 2005, 12:16 AM :rofl:
  5. For some reason, the site isn't working right now. It won't even work for me for some reason. Hopefully it will be up again soon cause its very funny stuff.
  6. Thats a great blog. A lot of people on there agree with Rain bout everything she was saying. Its awesome to see some JJFP fans on there too. Thanks for sharing.
  7. This is hilarious. Copy and paste a URL into the Box at this site: Gizoogle and it will translate from English to Snoop Dog aka gangsta talk. If you paste the entire URL (http://, etc) any of the forum topics you can read it as if Snoop is rapping to himself. I don't like Snoop dog or listen to any of his music, but its great reading normal stuff in gangsta language!! hahaha You can even read this thread in gangsta talk. It makes every internet page funny. You can gizoogle any url on the internet!! Only certain things get gizoogled on the pages so you got to look around for them. :rofl: :rofl: :lolsign: Its so funny to read stuff in Gangsta talk. Everyone should definitely check it out!!
  8. no, whats the official site?!?! A link would be great. Thanks
  9. :2thumbs: :yeah: THATS AWESOME. Nice work Tim!! Keep it up and you will soon be numero uno!!
  10. Lately I have been watching the 2nd season a lot because I just got it this week. I usually watch them a lot once I get a new season but after seeing all the episodes, I watch the dvds everyonce in awhile. So it averages out to sometime haha. I have tivo though, and it automatically records the ones on tv so I can watch them whenever.
  11. Thanks for the bloopers Julie!!! I am downloading them now! edit: Just watched them, They are hilarious!! Thanks Julie!!!!!!
  12. Because Will isn't on myspace, just a bunch a people "pretending" to be him. Also it dosen't really matter that I can't hear the song. I will buy the Return of The Magnificent so its all good.
  13. Here is another one that is probably fake too. I am probably gonna remove it from my friends list. http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea...iendID=37892444 Also on the fake Will Smith one you posted, I am pretty sure will has other interests other than his movies and his solo cds. I bet he likes his ol skool JJFP music too, among lots of other artists. Its funny that the dude that made that profile didn't know about Jazzy Jeff, otherwise he would have put some thing on there with JJ in it, like a pic or something.
  14. Dang. It doesen't work on my computer because it has something to do with not loading it because of the program. I can't view JJ's site either because of the flash program that I don't have, so I think thats why I can't hear it.
  15. Starting up the JJFP religion again Lerkot? :2thumbs: :rofl:
  16. Where do you go on his profile to download/hear the song?
  17. Yeah, I am pretty sure he is the creator of the site. He is automatically your friend when you make an account on myspace. You can take people off your friends list too though, so i took the dude off.
  18. Yeah, that would have been dope. Thanks for the pics dude.
  19. Thats pretty cool. I liked when the dude said "What about DJ Jazzy Jeff? Did you kill him"? :kekeke: Thanks for sharing.
  20. I have a few suggestion for you, if you want ppl to know you are Julie and change your name. Put your name in your signature or your JJFP banner. Put your name in your custom member title.
  21. Yeah, it is a great idea to get a music profile. I think it will definitely help your sales out. Thanks for adding me to your friends too already.
  22. Don't change your name cause its great!! I think its clever too.
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