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  1. I am actually learning how to become a DJ, and to transfer from one song to the next DJs use a technique called beatmatching. To beatmatch you have to count the beats per minute (BPM) of the track you are putting on next. BPMs tell how fast or slow a song is going. So what a DJ does is count the beats up to a multiple of 60 (60 seconds in a minute). The next thing that you do is called cueing. Cueing is synching two tracks together so that their beats correspond with each other, so you can then transition from one song to the next. Thats beatmatching in a nut shell. I learned all of this from a site called djforums.com. I don't have tables yet, but I am going to have my first set of tables by the begginning of the summer. I am very excited bout it.
  2. Those lines are amazing. That is nothin but the truth right there. I am really glad LL put that in his album, cause there are so much negative crap out there right now. Rappers need to realize what they are actually spitting. Thanks for sharing Jim.
  3. Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince busting out with the brand new funk! Even if they only release a few of the tracks they made it together, it will be dope no matter what. Thats so tight that they are even doing some work together. Thanks for the news Tim.
  4. Are the freestyles going to be in spanish or english? Have a great time Luigie. Be sure to sign up for the freestyle competions :2thumbs:
  5. I definitely agree with you on how Skillz hypes crowds up and that he needs to stop saying the same 2-3 words every sentence.
  6. I know many members of this board compeletly disagree with you, including me.
  7. Yeah :rofl: People were afraid he was hurt at first :rofl:
  8. AJ- You should really write album reviews for hip hop magazines! Seriously! Earn a living off writing reviews cause you are so good at it!
  9. Ultimate Jordan FPOBA (seasons 1-2) (gonna get 3)
  10. Wow, never knew there was another Jazzy Jeff, but when I saw those items on ebay I was kinda wondering if there was. Thanks for the info.
  11. I spotted a couple of 12" records of JJ on ebay that I have never heard of before. King Heroin (Don't Mess With Heroin) 12" Original M.C. Jazzy Jeff- Real Hip-Hop My Man Has anyone heard/seen either of these before? Are they worth buying? (I am going to buy a turntable eventually, so I will be able to listen to them.)
  12. 8 mile is definitely a great movie in my opinion too. I saw some of Get Rich or Die Tryin' at my friends house while we were playing some Texas Hold 'em (Poker), and I can't say it was that good of a movie. I personally don't think it was bad, because it was kind of inspirational in a sense of all that 50 has had to go through, but I wouldn't really recommend it unless you are a 50 fan (which I'm definitely not).
  13. THIS IS THE BEST SITE ON THE INTERNET. PERIOD! to answer your side question: Yes, there are probably many smart people that have a bad taste of music.
  14. http://rapidshare.de/files/18285137/mtvbas...a_rock.wmv.html thnks sonic, i thought the only perfomances at south africa were: siwtch, summertime & party starter, dis one is great, anyone else im missin?? :hmm: yeah Miami and Gettin 'Jiggy Wit it and some intro before Summertime and some baskstage stuff :wiggle: maybe i will upload some of them later :wiggle: ill aprecciate it a lot :2thumbs: yeah i know dope performs by WilL and Jeff and all the dancers and stuff :wiggle: ... i am gonna send you a PM later , just dont wonna some people like Will-Fan-Berlin89 http://www.jazzyjefffreshprince.com/forum/...topic=7681&st=0 to post anywhere :word: He couldn't get the video anyways because he can't view JJFP Rare Tracks until he has made 100 posts (he has 8).
  15. Thanks dude!! I really appreciate it. But just to let you know, I doubt this will be made a sticky because rapidshare hosts files for about a week and then deletes it.
  16. That would be great if you could upload it on rapidshare for us. :1-cool:
  17. Thanks for the nice comments. I filled up all of the walls with nothing but basketball posters in that room underneith the stairs. Its a pretty dope place to chill.
  18. ok thanks ! welllll?!? :wiggle: man you are excited about this rapidshare aren't you! LOL http://rapidshare.de/files/18437028/r_r_0001.wmv.html :hmm: ...thanks Gracias! :1-cool:
  19. My bad, sorry Tim. I really thought it was new because of this: Last Saturday night he hit the turn tables at the Luxy for a night of house, funk, soul, and old school hip hop with guest MC Mad Skillz. I knew Jonny filmed MC Mad Skillz and JJ a couple of weeks back so I thought it was new.
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