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  1. They are the same lyrics, but he also used the same lyrics from "Dunn Natt" in and earlier song called "Hip Hop Rules." I have to admit, Vanilla Ice isn't as hard as he wants people to think his but his latest album I give him a lot of respect for. His new album might not give him a comeback but he tried, I think he did a personal best with his new album.
  2. As lame as it sounds I'm actually a Vanilla Ice fan. That really doesn't sound like V-Ice at all. He did diss Em on his latest album "Platinum Underground" on the song "Dunn Natt" saying... "I love rap, I paved the way for Eminem Needless to say I rap back today Ya'll forgot about me like ya'll forgot about Dre But I'm still here With no fear I say what I want and make sure it's clear" Vanilla also dissed eminem in a song on an earlier album called "bi polar." The song was called "Exhale," he says... "Droppin science in your ear like my name was Einstein I been breaking down these barriers in this concubine I'm trapped in the ice and there’s no escape I bet you'll regret everyday, that you got up in my face With eye contacted and the domes will crack Anywhere, anytime, on any world map You jibber jabber, bullsh**, flapper, wanna be rapper Fake mini-me like who? Marshall Mathers"
  3. Mine was Insane in the Brain by Cypress Hill. It was the first rap song I had ever heard.
  4. I remember watching a show hosted by Will called "Producer Props." At the end of the show will made a comment directed at Dr. Dre saying that he could use some beats. I believe Will's words were "Dre I need some heat behind me." Does anyone else remember this?
  5. I just bought the Hefty Fine, and they're not dissing Will. I don't even think it's dissing Eminem, it's just what everyone is saying, it's just a funny joke. Will and Eminem are prolly laughing at this.
  6. if you want a Will Smith or JJFP song on your profile check this site out, they got some old school stuff. There are a lot of codes. http://www.webcodez.com/details.php?artist=Will+Smith
  7. I was just curious what do you guys think about the old school rap duo Kid 'N Play? Does anyone what happend to these two or if there's a website to find info on them?
  8. Chocolate Everlast or Vanilla Ice
  9. I've been following up on the nintento revolution and I've never heard of this, that's pretty strange. From what I understand the controller was going to be was basicly the same thing with some minor alterations, I've alway trused IGN.com but this seems a little strange to me. Okay, I just went to nintendo.com to find out if it was real or not and it's for real. This is going to be so awkward, I thought the Cube controller was perfect. Super Smash Bros. is going to be really hard on the Revolution.
  10. 50 Cent is the reason why parents hate rap music, he is the stereo type rapper. I have both of his CD's and all he talks about is how much money he has, drugs, sex, murder, something about hollow tips, and dissing other rappers. He has no creativity, well, second thought he has done a few things that were clever. But his music sticks in my head and I can't stop listening to it.
  11. These are the winners. :lolsign: Sunday, Sep. 11 Washington Cincinnati Miami Buffalo Carolina N.Y. Jets Seattle Tampa Bay Tennessee N.Y. Giants Dallas Green Bay San Francisco Indianapolis Monday, Sep. 12 Atlanta
  12. This is one of my old songs, just looking for some imput. “Help Me Up” An everyday fight happens every night That starts with push that’s followed by a right Back hand just to prove that he’s the big man When it comes to feelings he doesn’t give a damn His face glows bright red in the furry He swings with his left and right like a swimmer in a hurry But this isn’t water taking a beating it’s a girl By a man who won’t let her have her own world In her own home she lives by his rules She’s not alone many women have married these fools Her face is swollen and her man never cares She tells the people at work that she fell down the stairs And at the end of the day she runs back to his arms And doesn’t realize that she runs back to his harm She tries to call a truce but it is no use Cause her man don’t understand that this is abuse Chorus: 2X This girl does not wanna go home And things right now have gotten out of control He speaks to her in a violent tone He can own what he can, but not her soul Get yourself up and get yourself out He threw you by your hair He wants to knock you out like a title bout About you he doesn’t care One hour later she cries and tries not to He hates the sound so he starts with round two He begins to yell and again his face is red “Why are you crying? Didn’t you hear what I said?” He shoves her into a wall and she instantly falls Now she can’t see straight and on the floor she crawls Cause she’s dizzy and has all those tears in her eyes He screams out questions and gets no replies He says, “Answer me!” When she cannot speak She can’t rise to her feet cause she feels to weak He sits down on the couch and gives her a rest He thinks to himself that what he did was messed Up, ****ed up, and extremely violent He says “baby come here” and she remains silent He say’s it’s fine, it’s okay you’re aloud” And still no response, “Get over here now!” Chorus: 1X This girl does not wanna go home And things right now have gotten out of control He speaks to her in a violent tone He can own what he can, but not her soul Get yourself up and get yourself out He threw you by your hair He wants to knock you out like a title bout About you he doesn’t care A whole new night and she came home late Back from work the whole day didn’t go so great But it’s to late her man doesn’t hesitate to paint the walls With dents from her falls It’s crazy the way he acts with the fire in his eyes He assumes that every word his wife says are lies She walks in and says “hunny calm down sorry I’m late I am dizzy work was busy and I’m not feeling great I just wanna sit down and catch up on my reading” He says “yeah right, you were prolly out cheating!” Under her breath she say she wishes she were a widow And without her knowledge he closes the curtain on the window He walks up, back hands her right in the face By doing this he feels that he’ll put her in her place She falls to the floor and then he sits on top Then he smacks with his left and right and then he just wont stop Many screams for help and she pleads to him to let go He demands for her to be quiet so he grabs her by the throat Her face goes red then straight to dark blue And his face is bright red and now his fingers go white too Both hands on her throat he shakes her and bangs her head against the marble tile She stops fighting it and it takes him a long while To realize that there are no more cries And there she lies, dead people don’t cry
  13. I love when Will grabs the record and brings the girl back, that was awsome! Who ever thought of that was a genious.
  14. I really don't see why "tell me why" wasn't released earlier. I know that they wanted to go for the party track cause it sounds like a summer type song, but didn't Jada Kiss come out with his "why" around the summer time? It did pretty well didn't it. Party Starter is a great track but I think if sales are going to increase a lot, "Tell me why" is going to be the track that puts the album on the "to buy list" for rap fans. I haven't heard a lot of rap lately but I'm pretty sure that there arn't a lot of sentimental songs in rap right now, I think now is the perfect time for "tell me why." What do think?
  15. I voted for Martin, but I do have to admit I did like Bridget Moynahan in I, Robot.
  16. I was at a Jazz game this year and they played a little bit of Boom Shake the Room, it was like a couple of seconds but it was cool.
  17. This is the email and reply. Thanks man, this is what I love to hear :) Will ----------------- Original Message ----------------- From: SEALK Date: May 31, 2005 12:45 AM JJFP has changed my life around, if it wasn't for Will's influence on me who know's where I would be. Will is my all time Idol, Thanks Will. Kevin Ps. Good luck with the BET awards. Here's the link to his profile. http://www.myspace.com/willsmith7046 Here's the link to mine. http://www.myspace.com/sealk
  18. I'm a member at a website called myspace.com, it's a place where you can chat and stuff like that. The site has a celebrity section inwhich the artists can promote music, I was curious so I searcher for Will Smith. I found a Will Smith profile and it says you can send him email. I couldn't resist so sent an email ( with a thought in my head that this is prolly fake) thinking that I would get no reply. I said things like how Will has been a huge impact on my life and how big of a fan I was, but oddly enough I actually got a reply. So it's either the real Will, or it's a fake. But Id like to test it to find out for sure. Can you guys think of any good questions for me to ask?
  19. Will Smith has signed in to star in the superhero flick TONIGHT, HE COMES for director Jonathan Mostow (TERMINATOR 3). The script, written by Vincent Ngo six years ago, has long been considered one of the best unmade films in Hollywood. The story follows a superhero who crashlands in a New York suburb and causes chaos when he falls for a local housewife while attempting to revitalize himself. Michael Mann (HEAT) was at one time set to direct but he has stepped aside to produce the film along with Oscar-winning writer Akiva Goldsman. What interests me is that Ngo's script was considered one of the best scripts in town and motivated all these A-list people to become involved in getting it made but they've already employed former "X-Files" writer Vince Gilligan to write a new draft. If the script was so great, why go through numerous rewrites? Perhaps that answer can be summed up in two words: Will Smith. Variety reports that Mostow "supervised a 10-page take on the film geared specifically to Smith." Sort of like how I, ROBOT was tailored to meet Smith's, um, style. Fox was pursuing the film aggressively once it was put in turnaround but Columbia looks to be the winner, based in part on their relationship with Smith and his production company (who just released HITCH to great success). While neither Mostow or Smith have committed to TONIGHT as their next project, the studio hopes to have it in theaters next Christmas. http://www.joblo.com/index.php?id=6605
  20. I wouldn't mind having "Tell me why", at the time I didn't want the "tell me why" intrumental, what was I thinking? :nhawong: I'll take anything people can give me. Thanks for that loop.
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