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  1. Can anybody hook me up with an instramental from Lost and Found other than "Switch" and "Tell me why"? If all possible I'd like the intramental for Lost and Found. Thanks.
  2. Bad Boys 2 "The dog owes my friend money" lol.
  3. The legend of Bagger Vance. I love that movie. Here's one, it's kind of tough. "It was a great night, I just wanted to add sex to it. Don't you do that?"
  4. If you are a member of Myspace.com or something simalir you can put the music video right on your profile. check it out. http://profiles.myspace.com/users/12475477
  5. Okay, I've heard it now. I was listening to the wrong part of the song.
  6. I litened to that track over and over again and I the closest thing I can find to him saying that is "Back Up!" Not "Back up B****."
  7. Will is my idol and I always buy two copies of the albums when they come out. One to listen to, and another to keep wraped. Does anybody else buy two copies?
  8. SEALK


    I honestly like the bleep, cause without the bleep there would be a pause to distract from all the emotion he puts into it. With the bleep you can still feel the pace of the song. If the bleep is supposed to be in the song, then in the video you know they're going to bleep out his mouth when he says it.
  9. I'm a Will Smith fan as well as an Eminem fan. Even though I don't agree with all of eminem's lyrics, he's a great rapper, there's no denying that. Will is definatly a better rapper than Eminem, the reason why I think he's better than most rappers is because he's way more intelligent. How many rappers out there have actually graduated high school? I guess what I'm trying to say is no matter how good people think Eminem is, knowlodge always prevails. Will is always going to come out on top, now it doesn't take a genius to figure that out.
  10. If it's a fake, then good job to who ever did it. I like it, I wouldn't mind it being the back cover. I have to admit that the front cover rocks!
  11. This is a really cool pic, I think it would be a decent cover.
  12. Man that "Lost and Found" track is hot. I gonna love blasting this record in my car when the album drops. This is by far the best Will Smith album ever, I know everyone says that but this really is the best.
  13. I'm suprised they nominated Britney Spears and Nelly too. I think that they are both great and I really love Nelly's video for Over and Over. I think Britney comes out with an okay video every so often, I really liked the video for Toxic. But that's just my opinion.
  14. Check this out, it is so funny. http://www.xs4all.nl/~lrvk/lejo/dj.html Hope you'll enjoy.
  15. That was so cheesy, it made me laugh though. I like it when the magazines argue. lol.
  16. I have been a Micheal Jackson Fan all my life, and he has been a huge inspiration on my music. I think we are all familliar with the Micheal Jackson trial comming up, what do you think the outcome will be? I think he will be innocent.
  17. Who has worked with Will on the new album? I remember something about Petey pablo, but who else do we know of so far?
  18. I'd love to hear this song, can somebody please post it. I have no idea where to find it because I can't find any singles with it.
  19. Sorry to make you wait with the rhyme but it's all fine cause I can beat you with two seconds of time it's time to start going for blood as I battle a soft guy when I say forget the J-O-E when you know he's G-A-Y let's try to compare you and me I'm original you're just a Vanilla Ice wanna be Ice Ice Baby, you froze up cause you're too cold Drop the mic just give it up you're style is too old Just walk away now you'll lose even if you do your best Da Brakes please tell me how come I have to battle the man with breasts My rap is like the sea and even Moses can't part this I'm a cheap shot artist and I ain't even tryin' my hardest We just met on the internet and I'm sorry to diss you But keep in mind that Victoria's bra don't fit you Lets end this now, now don't stall for me Now please tell your girl to stop callin' me
  20. How can that be from July if they talked about New years? Did I miss something? They even looked back on 2004 into april fools day. Now I'm confused, can somebody straighten this out for me?
  21. the beat isn't very quick but it is somewhat up beat (if that makes any sense). It has a latin feel to it. I experiment a lot with my music, right now I'm trying out the whole club type music.
  22. I want in. How do we do this? I've never really battled on this board before.
  23. I watched the Regis and Kelly show today and Will said the single will be out in Six Weeks.
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