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  1. :lolsign: That's pretty funny cause I was just thinking that he looked like a really ugly woman.
  2. That is so awesome, I wish I could do stuff like that. :rockon:
  3. :lolsign: i never picture him as an adult rapper. more like a kid that grew up. That's how I see Bow Wow, a kid who grew up physically but not mentaly.
  4. The "Nightmare on my street" track on my "He's the D.J." album is different than the one on my "DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince Greatest hits" album. The beat is the same but some of the lyrics are different, does anyone know why they changed the lyrics?
  5. yeah then we will b like OG's in the hood... :lolsign: We're thugin' it up on the jazzyjefffreshprince board. :mikelowery:
  6. Here's my favorite. I really like the first episode when Will first moves in. The one inwhich Will and Jazz stop being friends. The one with D.L. Hugley The one when Will takes a bullet for Carlton. "I was just tryin' to get out of the way." lol and my favorite, the one where Will Dad comes back.
  7. That's pretty freakin cool man. But how do I get gil? I have 55 and I don't know how I got it. :shrug:
  8. Will somebody please explain the Atkshop and Guilds for me? I don't think I entirely understand. :hmm:
  9. I'm glad you looked that up. Will Smith's getting back into music and he's starting with the Backstreet Boys. :gettinjiggywitit:
  10. Oh yeah, I'm gettin' my vote on. "Vote or Die" P. Diddy... or Diddy now.
  11. I placed 9th? That just seem right to me, I feel I should be lower. Oh well I'll just have to fight my way to the top. :chuks:
  12. I have no idea what this is. I do think it's pretty cool how they put Jazzy's name on there too, most of the time I think they'd just put Will's name. I'm a Backstreet Boy fan (go ahead and laugh, I know it's funny) so I actuall think it would be cool to see Will and Jeff perform with them.
  13. For some info on the character Nick Fury check out this link. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nick_Fury
  14. Thats not how the lyric went! It goes: "I ain't gone front, I thought R.Kelly was the sh!t Then we found out he fuc<ing round with Bow Wow's b!tch" Its not a diss to Bow Wow but a diss to R.Kelly Oops, my bad. It's been a long time since I've heard it.
  15. This makes no sense to me at all, if I had to make a list of rappers who respected Will I would had definalty put Bow Wow on there. I don't understand why he'd consider 50 one of the best rappers, 50 has dissed Bow Wow a number of times in his music. I remember 50 saying in a song something like "I liked R. Kelly until he messed around is lil Bow Wow B****." That's just amazing to me.
  16. I remember hearing that Will lost in a chess game one time and was so upset about it that he called in a professional chess player to help him get better. That's pretty funny.
  17. I think I really need to be more contributing, I log on everyday and read what you guys say but I haven't really contributed. I really need to get involved :sorry:
  18. “In Your Debt” I feel that I owe you so much for the things you’ve done And your influence on me that made my life more fun You’ve only given me things I need to survive And you have given me all the things that I need to feel alive You’ve caught every tear that I’ve cried And experienced the pain that I’ve felt inside You’ve watched out for me and seen every move I make And stood by my side through all of my mistakes You saw through the fakes that I came across I always saw you cheering whether I won or lost You’re like the light in a tunnel to guide my way And the echo to help me reflect on the things that I say You’re like my partner, you know my partner in crime You’re important like every word in every song line As well as my flashlight to help me see Thank you for helping me become the man I want to be Chorus: 2X Three years and counting you’ve helped me out A friend like you I can’t do without You’ve helped save me from a world of threat I kneel to you; I’m in your debt In this verse I have only one thing I want to say And you should be reminded of it every single day There are many words that could describe you I could say them all and they’d all be true But this one word I think describes you the best No matter how pretty you look, no matter how you’re dressed No matter how you act or what you say Remember that your special, special everyday Chorus: 2X Three years and counting you’ve helped me out A friend like you I can’t do without You’ve helped save me from a world of threat I kneel to you; I’m in your debt All right now I’m gonna slow it down for a sec So you can get the message and the full effect I want to let you know that I’ll be there for you Stand by your side no matter what you go through Kayleigh you’re my best friend, I mean that Even in our next life when we both come back as cats When you do something for me I’ll do something for you And promise to you that everything I say is true We’ll do whatever it takes to get through what life carries And cheer you up and buy you Ben and Jerry’s Rockstar drinks, whatever your heart desires I’ll do my best to help you through life’s wildfires I wrote you this song just to help you see That you can get anything from me That’s right (You can get anything from me) That’s right Chorus: 2X Three years and counting you’ve helped me out A friend like you I can’t do without You’ve helped save me from a world of threat I kneel to you; I’m in your debt
  19. "Hamlet Rap" Let’s go yall, let’s kick the flow So ya’ll will know a little Hamlet info Lets start near the beginning when Hamlet got a visit His friends said it was a ghost and he was like who is it? The ghost was his father who died not long ago And at this point gives a lot of meaning to the show Hamlets father was killed by his uncle who is now the king Hamlet was bothered by the fact that he married the queen That point on hamlet began to act kind of mad And later on Ophelia had gotten kind of sad To be or not to be Hamlet stated He had a chance to kill the king but delayed it Hamlet wanted to send him to hell but he couldn’t while he prayed oh well But the king couldn’t pray It was the perfect time for him to be slayed Anyway later on Hamlet committed murder And then sent away a little further Away from home to be killed and soon he learned And switch the notes to kill Rosancrance and Guildenstern Hamlet came back and joked around at a grave Little did he know that it was Ophelia’s grave Hamlet had no clue that she had even died By the looks of her death you could see it’s suicide To top the story off Hamlet was challenged to a duel The duel wasn’t fair it was slightly cruel Hamlets opponent placed poison on the blade tip And there was poison in a cup ready for him to take a sip But instead of Hamlet the Queen drank from the poisoned cup And with the poisoned sword Hamlets arm was cut Hamlet stabbed his opponent then killed the king Then waited for himself to die just like the Queen
  20. Well this is me, arn't I cute? lolClose_Up.bmp
  21. Do you guys think that it still might be possible that we might see "Tell Me Why" as a single?
  22. Vanilla Ice did do a song with Chuck D on Vanilla's "Bi Polar" album. The song was called "Elvis Killed Kennedy." Both of them did a great job on the song, Chuck D did the first verse and Vanilla did the second. Ice produced it, it's not a bad songs.
  23. Here's something from the Vanilla Ice website, it's in his own words. Some of it sounds ridiculous but but there is a lot of it that makes since too. "It's a true story that Video Killed the Radio Star because music should not be about image. Music should be about the music! I learned the hard way. The new Vanilla Ice is exactly that; no image, no polished made up gimmicks created by record companies. I will never be a puppet for the industry again. From this point on I will keep it real. That's why I didn't change the name. It doesn't mean anything; it's only a label. It's not important, plus I am not running from anything or trying to hide. I want people to know that I face my adversaries. Don't get me wrong, though I love Ice Ice Baby, I just can't stand the image that was created for me at that time. Even though it worked and we sold 17 million records, I was treated like a puppet just to make a Hip Hop artist look like a novelty act. I was not designed to be that. I was turned into that by making my image more acceptable to a younger audience, but to tell the difference just listen to the music. It's Hip Hop not Pop like all the other novelty acts. The media has a way of glamorizing what it's like to be a celebrity, and that's where people get the illusion, but the reality of it is much different. I'm not speaking from just my own experiences. Take a look at the track record, it speaks for itself, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Elvis, and lately Kurt Cobain. These celebrities had a hard time dealing with the reality of being famous. Many used drugs to escape from reality just as I did. It was the only way to find peace and happiness. The thing was, no matter how high I got I still had to come back reality and face it all again. That's when the depression sets in. That's when you hit rock bottom and you either die from it or learn from it. I used to think that money would bring me happiness because I thought of all the material things that I could buy. After experiencing what it's like to be rich, I realized that you are not born with it and you also can't take it with you when you die. What's next? In '94 I tried to kill myself by overdosing on heroin, cocaine, esctasy, and anything I could get my hands on. At one point, my friends were dumping buckets of cold water on me as I lay on my bathroom floor in convulsions. At that point I had over eighteen million dollars in the bank, and I still couldn't find happiness in being rich or famous. So, after waking up a couple of days later, I realized that I needed to make a change in everything and just go back to the things that used to bring me happiness, like Motocross. I met new friends and started to straighten my life up, and with the help of my family and my music I found new hope. Now I have a new outlook on life and music. The music is for myself, not to be rich or famous. The new sound is also much harder and darker because of the issues I am writing about. It caters to a new crowd. It leans toward the body piercing, tattoo crowd aging from 15 to 25: the same crowd that you might find at a Korn, Limp Bizkit or Slipknot show. In fact, it was the producer of these bands, Ross Robinson, who produced my record "Hard to Swallow". I call this type of Hip Hop/Metal Molten Hip Hop. Stay tuned because the best has yet to come. Check out VanillaIce.com, my official website, for more info and updates."
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