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  1. What about Don't Even Try it from Rock the House? and We Won't
  2. I cant stop is one of may favorites on B2R
  3. I just got rock the house too! I love it, it's pure original hip hop.
  4. I think that line is pretty funny
  5. THANK U SO MUCH!! I lost Comin to the stage erlier now I have it. :rockon:
  6. One thing I don't like a bout him is when he rapshis left had gets kinda weird when he moves it. anyone else notices it?
  7. thanks. does anyone else have something better?
  8. Ok when I bought my L&F CD (at Walmart) I got a card that let me download Comin'n to the Stage at the Walmart site. After a while, my computer went down. I got my files back but I can't play Comin to the Stage anymore because I don't have the licence to play it anymore. Can anyone help me out?
  9. I was about to vote beatboxer but then i said Singer........ no one is better at beatboxing than me. :lolsign:
  10. :yeah: I wud yell for joy and then panic because I wudnt kno what to do or say.. I wouldn't either, I'd probably faint.
  11. Well Em disses everyone. If Em dissed me (if I was a rapper) I wouldn't care, because he disses everyone.
  12. it's about time!!! the only vids they had where switch
  13. yeah .. ridiculously bad.. if you think kanyes flow is good.. you need to hear some real rap :lolsign: :lolsign: ← Come on now Kanye ain't that bad, sure he ain't as a great as Will but to say that he has no flow is being a hater, well people hate on Will so I guess the hate has to go around! :pony: :lolsign: ← I think your right, golddigger is one of my fav songs
  14. well it wouln't be like 'why did katrina hit New Orleans' he could just say something to recognize the people who got hit.
  15. yeah I know. and only if people would givw Will the Repect he deserves.
  16. I think it's a great idea.
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