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  1. My cousin turned me on to him. he memoised the Songs and started singing them. I haerd some songs and liked it.
  2. oh I thought it might have been DJ Kool from We Wont
  3. I heard Summertime on the radio last night.
  4. Lol I can just imagine that :lolsign:
  5. yeah I went to Foot Locker and they where playing the Switch Video.
  6. I heard it last night around 1am too. but it wasn't the radio edit.
  7. :topic: Yeah I liked Don't say Nothin too
  8. :iagree: :word: :metoo: That would be the best ever
  9. I thought that it was supposed to come out on the ninth but ut didn't.
  10. Jetdash


    welcome and have fun
  11. tomorrow is the day :dope: :dope:
  12. How can there be a 13 DVD set of all the episodes if season 2 isn't out yet!?!? http://dvdcraze.tv/products.php?iProductID...CollectionID=80
  13. What about Pump ya breaks? I thinkthat might help scince Snoop is in it. (for all the Gs, it might help)
  14. If this was on the USA album it would be my favorite song!!!
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