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  1. waaaaay too much time on ya hands Julie! lol would be cool if he performed... dare i say it... tell me why!? haha pipe dreams...
  2. nice track, topical tracks always hit home more... i'm feelin it too right now haha
  3. good stuff man, hope it lasts forever mate
  4. have you been spying on cookies' back ace?!
  5. lionel ritchie - easy (like a sunday morning)
  6. thing is, if he wins.. he's conquered acting, could step back to the mic maybe? he obviously will not stop acting til he wins an oscar
  7. that's cool, I love when i played summertime over summer people were walkin around singin it all day
  8. exactly, it's fine that he's using a sample that's been used before, otherwise you could critisize countless JJFP tracks for the same reason!
  9. i reckon this is bullsh!t, OR Will was talking bullsh!t in lost and found. one of the two, and I'd like to think the former were true.
  10. AJ dude u need to login once in a while haha! great story by the way, those fellas did a great job there
  11. hey Wes, the only thing I meant about smoking is the thought of smoke (which is so visibly and clearly bad for the body) freaks me out. I know it's similar to drinking, ie: putting a bad thing in your body, it's just the way it goes in that would never appeal to me. Drinking, yeah, everyone does that everyday, it just seems like the method is less unhealthy if you know what I mean. haha, yes I've been wasted over the past few years but I'm at uni, screw it, it's gotta be done. There's not one person I know at uni (and I know a lot of different types of people) that drink, and would tell me they have had a better night not drinking, than drinking. Unless they get insanely pissed and do something stupid, in which case it is their own fault. And, the people I do know that don't drink (yeah I know a few haha), well they simply don't seem to have as much fun as me... The way I see it at the moment is that the benefits EASILY outweigh the costs, when that ceases to happen, almost definitely when I leave uni then I'll not be drinking anymore! Good to see how mature this conversation is by the way... keep it up lol
  12. if you don't drink you die! that's what's natural about it!!!! that's what I meant lol
  13. I dunno about this, but I know I will never smoke anything. The thought of smoke just messes me up, it's just so unnatural compared to drinking.
  14. lol, this is getting out of hand. yeah alcohol is bad i know, each to his own. I wasn't critisising, just dunno how u can achieve the same effect without drinking!?
  15. smoking is bad for you... just do spacecakes :2thumbs: haha we are so offtopic but it's all good
  16. hmmm I'm busy tuesday morning and I'm not taking my tv back to uni this term... sum1 tell me what goes down! cheers!
  17. nah, thats what strictly4bidden is for lookin good mate!
  18. got to see the blog staying updated tim!
  19. cheers for the heads up tim! sounds well good!!
  20. oh dam i thought it was gonna be a new track as well. at least more publicity for a great trck!
  21. dunno about sales, sure Tell Me Why would have been an awesome single. But, Will did gain a LOT of respect back for bringin the cd out, I think that's more important.
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