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  1. No More... dunno why actually cos thankfully its not topical!
  2. completely don't have time for this at the moment! nice idea though, but seriously, only 1000 downloads!?
  3. the sunshine underground - put you in your place
  4. I started learning the rubix cube after watching POH, I got pretty good at it but then gave up, but a couple of my mates kinda took over and they can do one now in just a couple of minutes, which is class. look on youtube. you get like 3 year old chinese kids doing them in 30 seconds and stuff haha.
  5. haha the old dates thing - uk does it best!!!!!! and tim - i told jeff he should do a follow up to the magnificent - I'm taking credit!!! thank me later guys...
  6. I would say the main thing is to just not be a pussy. Run your own life how you wanna do it. Gotta be strong, then sensitive. In my experience of the past few days, it works haha. Gotta take some control. Confidence is massive as well. But never let them forget how much u want them, as long as they know, it's all good, the little things matter!
  7. I used to love this track, think it may have been the first track I ever memorised lyrics to
  8. hmmmmmmmmm 8th April Newcastle Uk sounds promising for me I thinK!
  9. lighthouse family - high lovin this right now
  10. razorlight - who needs love? haha get in, first reply again
  11. been hammering the work! well busy with uni!
  12. right guys, some one has to record it so I can see it if anything happens! lol, I hope summat does happen...
  13. h a p p y b i r t h d a y m a t e !
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