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  1. live and kicking... 9am til 12.30 pm, every saturday. not to be missed. MIMO hahaha
  2. not a chance could I listen to that haha
  3. runnin a bit low on coin at the minute so can't make any of these! glad I saw him when I did!
  4. plus 44 - make you smile, lovin this at the moment.
  5. only track I like at the moment is runnin... i used to listen to that a LOT back in my bmxing days haha... still love it... when Jeff played it when I saw him live it was crazy, crowd loved it.
  6. maaaaaaan that is worrying. closing the door was the funniest bit man, u guys have got issues!
  7. cheers for that tim, very nice to read.. especially the bit about the mr nice guy rhymes
  8. lol, thats well funny... cheers tim
  9. "Here.. I had the handles shaped like my ears to remind you of me..."
  10. So I'm staying in tonight and missing one of my girls' birthday nights out to revise for my exam tomoro and all I can hear is Switch's thunderous base line vibrating through my whole building. nice.
  11. Cheers guys! Still the only person to have 4 birthdays on here! haha was an awesome birthday, probably the best ever actually...
  12. lol anyone else find it hilarious that turntable has to crack out a photo to proooooove that he's not gay haha!? jus kiddin man
  13. haha Kev, as if you're gonna get Julie to come - not a chance! haha just kiddin... sounds good mate, i cant believe its been over a year since we last saw him! april 8th is a possibility for me depending on stuff!
  14. jeeeeeeeez, as if it's now well past 49000 views just 6 days later
  15. AJ you know next to nothing... you need to research more and stop being so ignorant on matters concerning fpoba and jjfp. haha
  16. brand nubian - don't let it go to your head
  17. I just let her get on with it haha...
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