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  1. [color=red]WOW![/color] thanks a lot u guys :bowrofl: , guess the birthday thing on the main page is working properly, no need for that huuuuge birthday list anymore huh?! Thanks Again! :dancingcool:
  2. and another album like 'Willenium' would be awesome ;)
  3. later at Alfonso Ribiero's house... Tone: Hey, guess what? Alfonso: What? Tone: I've never been the tallest person in a room before!
  4. [quote]it was this website i forgot where specifically though[/quote] what website?
  5. You said be honest right?.. I find it very difficult to read the website address on the bottom two, if you're using them for promoting your site you might wanna adjust the size/contrast/whatever... jonny5
  6. [quote]haha. In fact, the fish looks more like Will than that so called "lookalike". [/quote] haha WWW you might just be right, seems that nobody thinks he looks like Will! lol
  7. Thanks for that vid :) I was quite surprised it actually worked on my computer, most of those online videos don't! Cheers... jonny5
  8. [quote]I've gone 2 the extent of seeing people who bid on JJ+FP stuff on ebay and then e-mail them inviting them over 2 the boards.[/quote] Thats a pretty cool idea AJ. This probably goes without sayin but I've done this kind of thing before so what I suggest you do is draftup a standard email to people and send it to lots of people at once, after you've gathered plenty of email addresses. As I say I bet you've already taken this onboard but I thought it was worth suggesting ;) jonny5
  9. Just wondering Tim, how do we actually upload images? do we have to register? little help please :) jonny5
  10. pretty cool AJ, and think of the credit it would do for hip-hop and Will, could get the commercial market back over to the real old-skool hip hop, know what I mean?
  11. er, I'm guessin it's in 33rd place because there were 32 other songs that received more votes than it.
  12. At first glance you maybe wouldn't notice that this picture is actually NOT Will: [img]http://www.wickedwill2k.com/images/cap2.gif[/img] this guy is called Shad Ellis and apparently he is Will's most established lookalike. It's really weird! Here's his site if ya'll want to have a closer look: [url="http://www.wickedwill2k.com"]http://www.wickedwill2k.com[/url] Jonny5
  13. for me it's gotta be 'I'm Looking for the One (To Be With Me)' with 'I Wanna Rock' close behind it... jonny 5
  14. Seen every WS movie apart from -Legend of Bagger Vance -Made in America -Where the day takes you -The perfect date my top 5 in no particular order are: -BB1 -Enemy of the State -MIB -WildWildWest -BB2
  15. Hey guys! I'd be happy to help with online promotion of anything JJ/FP. Just tell me what to do ;) Jonny PS: Love the new forum and JazzyJulie- I got the north of england covered too ;)
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