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  1. haha, alright tim... i've just got back from uni a couple of weeks ago, been well busy with exams and stuff while i was there, so much work going on at the end of term. goin steady with the girlfriend now so that took up quite a lot of time if you know what i mean! haha back home for the summer now so more time to get round to comin on the forums and actually listen to the ROTM all the way through! it's such a good album from what i've heard so far... how u been!?>
  2. i've gotta watch the jjfp dvd you made sometime again soon tim!
  3. ah well... then i guess it's not the right time for them to do a performance this year anyway...
  4. interesting... cheers tim!
  5. h a p p y b i r t h d a y j u l i e !
  6. wow, that looks cool... although he's not flying like a traditional superhero would if you know what i mean... no hands outstretched etc!
  7. so it took over a year for it to get 100000 views... and now, 2 months on it's got over 150,000... what's it gonna be like in 2 months time?! lol
  8. h a p p y b i r t h d a y K e v !
  9. lol have a good one brakes!!! man it's all going on these days... I'm glad I had 'my night with jeff' when I did because I'm way too busy for any of this at the moment!!
  10. glad you had another ace night kev... can't wait to see the finished product!
  11. cheers kev... gonna head into town and buy the album when ive got a break in my exams on tuesday... goin crazy here, mad exams on thursday friday monday and tuesday!!! nice track!!!
  12. What's the most clever and on-the-spot lie you've ever told to get yourself out of a tricky situation!?
  13. Visgo I deleted your post because it was not a 'cool photo you're taken'.
  14. why on earth did you bring this topic back up!?????
  15. get innnnnnnnnn, over 100000 views now!
  16. madness! you're the man mate
  17. wow, could be awesome. I hope it's just Will & Jeff
  18. yeah i've got exams on at the moment, not a chance could i go i'm afraid!
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