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  1. Yeah. GREAT NEWS. Love the new design of the forum !!!
  2. You're welcome. I forgot: FPOBA is called "Willy, il principe di Bel-Air" in Italy and it began in 1994 on Italia 1. They showed the episode 5-03 surprisingly yesterday (instead of Will & Grace), 7pm on Italia 1. The guy who dubbed Will and rapped the italian theme is Edoardo Nevola. He is Will's italian voice in Made in America, too. Here is a pic:
  3. Ty! He was great! "What do you do here?" Ty: "I wanted to be in the music video."
  4. Hi, I didn't want to sound rude. But i googled a lot about this movie and 2 years ago i had read on a page that it's another Will Smith. So I thought that this would be right, because it's weird that FP was in a movie before His music debut. SORRY, PLEASE FORGIVE ME... :angel:
  5. I think that the game should play in Philadelphia. Locations could include the A Touch of Jazz studios. Eminem calls FP to get the ATOJ beats or they force Jazzy Jeff to listen to Britney Spears' music a whole week.
  6. I don't know it for sure, but New Line said Jeff and Will that if they would star in the comedy House Party the could release the video - but they didn't want to be in that movie, SO....
  7. Switch is on no. 58 on the german TRL charts. VOTE!!
  8. Yes, there are. 2004 Jersey Girl starring Ben Affleck, directed by Kevin Smith 1996 A Thin Line Between Love and Hard starring Martin Lawrence
  9. Yes- Will plays a guy in a wheelchair in Where The Day Takes You (1992, Lary Flynn Boyle also stars), his charachter is called Manny. IT AIN'T FP WILL SMITH in Imagemaker. Come on, before The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Will has never worked as an actor! Ok, probably in Perfect Date but I think that it was shot when the sitcom was in production. And, in Perfect Date he isn't really an actor, you can only see him in a few seconds so I'm not so interested to see it. For me, Will's first actor experience is FPOBA and his first movie Where The Day Takes You.
  10. ANOTHER Will Smith is in the movie The Imagemaker. It's not the Fresh Prince Will Smith ! ;)
  11. In Italy the theme song is dubbed in Italian, too. Like in Spain. On http://www.edoardonevola.it/file/sigla.zip you can download it ;) The pay tv channel "IT! ITALIAN TEEN TELEVISION" is showing the 4th season.
  12. Because of no promo i thought I would find it somewhere between no 60 and no. 40
  13. Thanks. I know it's a stupid question but I found it interesting.
  14. Why did DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince "change" their name into Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince in 1993 ???
  15. THAT'S GREAT. No promo for Switch but it's on #4 in Germany. FINALLY! But you can't say that Will's singles have never been popular here in Germany. Men in Black, Miami, Wild Wild West and Black Suits Comin' (Nod Ya Head) were all hits in Germany. Summertime and Boom! Shake The Room went into the Top 20, too.
  16. that's true, my pal. JJFP - we need you! Lost and Found needs you :)
  17. Let's be realistic. Code Red was a great album (I HAVE IT NOW!!!) but a huge flop after Homebase sold over 2 milion copies. Will's last hit album was Willennium with over 2 milion copies sold, too. Then in 2002, Born To Reign was a flop selling only about 230,000 copies. And I think that Lost and Found won't do very well if there isn't SOON a second single that makes the people know Will Smith is back! Switch wasn't a flop of course (no. 12 Billboard Hot 100. Better than Will2k) but now it has lost and hasn't really made the people to buy the album. And that's why I think that they should release a double a side: tell me why / party starter. A serious track and a party track RIGHT NOW in May. But Interscope has to promote it, that's another problem. The bad promotion.
  18. @ MaxFly: The role of Overbrook will be production. Distribution is Sony Pictures' role
  19. I don't that there will be a Tell Me Why single or video before June. And someone said they have to release it soon, so Party Starter can be a summer hit. I DON'T THINK SO. Even if Interscope releases Tell Me Why now, in May, Party Starter will be at the end of August or September when the summer is finishining - so no summer hit. But what I would like - having a double A side single like they did with "girls ain't nothing but trouble '88 / brand new funk". they should release tell me why and party starter (or if u can't dance or pump ya brakes) on the same disc. My opinion...
  20. I would be interested to see Men in Black III and Bad Boys III. I think the second parts of the two movies weren't as good as the original BUT i have to say in the BB and MIB case: The first movies were the best, because it has invented and started the whole franchise but the second were FUN FUN FUN.
  21. i have 56k so a video wouldn't be the best but could somebody upload pics of it??? thx
  22. could I use the pix for my site ??
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