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  1. Thursday, march 3rd, Will Smith will be on Sanremo. The show will be shown live march 3rd (TOMORROW), 9pm (italian / european time) on Rai Uno AND: I'VE UPDATED MY PAGE www.geocities.com/willsmithitalia with this and other news -- THX
  2. THX!! THAT'S A GREAT TRACK. why didn't JJFP put it on one of their albums - it's great!
  3. JAZZY JEFF & FRESH PRINCE 1. the magnificent jazzy jeff 2. then she bit me - code red 3. numero uno 4. boom! shake the room - summertime 5. you saw my blinker WILL SMITH 1. gettin' jiggy wit it 2. big willie style - switch 3. how da beat goes BUT IT CHANGES EVERY WEEK OR 'SOMETHIN' LIKE DIS' < insider joke --- ;) your pal, the fab man
  4. @ E - Style-Greesy - E: It's on amazon.de - Switch (Maxi-CD) 29.03.2005 and the german Lost and Found gets pushed back to april (you can't buy / pre-order it on amazon.de yet) @ TooFresh: sì, sono italiano I M P O R T A N T : everybody who has the italian tv station rai uno --- thursday, march 3rd on 21.00 (9pm, italian / european time) Will Smith will be on the show San Remo. I've heard (but I'm not sure if it's true) that he will perform "Switch". But I think he's there to promote "Hitch" wich comes out march, 11th to italian theatres. After "Wetten, dass..?" i think it will be VERY VERY funny. your pal, the fab man P. S. : SORRY IF I POST IT HERE --- BUT MY WEBSITE --- THE FIRST EVER ITALIAN WILL SMITH WEBSITE IS ONLINE. IT ISN'T FINISHED BUT I WANTED IT TO BE UP BEFORE SANREMO. CHECK I HAVE WRITTEN THAT I HAVE THE TRACKLIST FROM JAZZYJEFFFRESHPRINCE.COM --- THIS IS THE LINK: www.geocities.com/willsmithitalia --- THX !!!!!!!! :bowdown:
  5. PART 3: UK SWITCH is gonna be released MARCH 21th in the UK and the OZ tracklist: switch plus the 2 remixes and the instrumental versions
  6. the SWITCH german release date got pushed back to march, 29th.
  7. @ TooFresh: It was released february 14th on the Italian radio and tv stations. it's gonna be relesed mid-march OR @ TooFresh: SWITCH ha debuttato il 14 marzo alle stazioni italiane e verrà distribuito a metà marzo dalla Universal.
  8. Hi, is there someone that could make beats for me??? THX very much, cya
  10. i've heard that will smith, timbaland and jazzy jeff are the executive producers...
  11. willreign... sorry, if I didn't express myself right... BUT it's not that serious right now.
  12. I like that song!!! GREAT DA BRAKES... when will u finish ur 2nd album? only 1 question: have u ever contacted some record label?
  13. wasn't there A STAR IS BORN planned, too?
  14. come on. will smith kissed a reporter @ the berlinale, too. He's a funny person. IT'S SHOWBIZ!
  15. I'm Italian, too! I'll watch it. He will be Thursday, 3rd on it. 9pm, Rai Uno
  16. I SAW IT, TOO! I live in Germany (I WAS BORN IN GERMANY TOO BUT I'M ITALIAN) but we move to Italy in July. IT WAS GREAT ---- FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY. Will, Eva and Kevin R a GREAT TEAM. I think they had a great time shooting "Hitch"
  17. look @ "brand:neu" at the mtv.de page VÖ (RELEASE DATE FOR ALL NON-GERMANS) 07.03.
  18. Amberg, GERMANY (born here too) I'm Italian and we'll go 2 live in Italy the mid of July GERMAN FANS: DON'T FORGET WILL SMITH IS ON "WETTEN DASS?" TODAY --- ZDF, 8:15 pm
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