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  1. SWITCH will be released April 4, 2005. LOST AND FOUND will be released mid-April
  2. my fault - OH SORRY. IT DIDN'T WORK - BUT NOW IT WORKS...
  3. SWITCH is in stores today, march 14th, 2005 LOST AND FOUND coming --- www.geocities.com/willsmithitalia (EXCLUSIVE !!) ;)
  5. Hi y'all, SWITCH is gonna be released on Polydor in the UK. Because Polydor releases all the Interscope Records Stuff there. your pal, the fab man
  6. @ AJ: You have the version released on Champion Records LTD. I'm not sure but u have the UK version.
  7. i have this img from www.discogs.com. There's the UK Mix of GIRLS AIN'T NOTHING BUT TROUBLE and a live version of ROCK THE HOUSE. IT'S ON WORD-UP RECORDS. there isn't SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT. There's another version on CHAMPION RECORDS. It's the same than the 1988 BUT GIRLS is in its ORIGINAL VERSION, there isn't SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT and there IS ANOTHER COVER.
  8. TOP 3 ALBUM COVERS 1. BIG WILLIE STYLE It's just great ! 1. ROCK THE HOUSE (not the 1988 re-release on Jive, but the 1987 version released on Word-Up) I've put the img, because i don't think that EVERYBODY knows this... 3. HOMEBASE TOP 3 SINGLE COVERS 1. RING MY BELL 2. TWINKLE, TWINKLE (I'M NOT A STAR) 3. GIRLS AIN'T NOTHING BUT TROUBLE (1988 EXTENDED REMIX)
  9. I've got the info from the record shop (i know the guy that works there, he get the newest infos) so LOST AND FOUND will be released April, 11th 2005 in Germany - on CD and Vinyl
  10. Will Smith is on no. 14 :switch: (last week no. 19) on the italian radio airplay charts with Switch. 2 the italian fans - don't forget my site: www.geocities.com/willsmithitalia (UPDATED)
  11. hero1 - on my page i have put a link of ur site from the beginning... under the SWITCH cover
  12. My new song! Check it out! Say what u think. Thx! Rock Da Mic Written by F. Froio 1st verse Yo, people outta there Gimme a mic, yo So i’ll bring you the perfect flow And I will give you many mo’ And that what ur hearin Is my style I’ve lost for a while It’s Here, that’s what I found People check my sound But now I’m back with my tracks And wilder than a t-rex And I was on a break I’m harder than u now making your ass shake ur nervous man i done this on purpose i provoked u coz u poked me i joked now u wana be free bitch what u tryin to see? u kno i hold this m-i-c I Rock Da Mic How you like – Yoo! I Rock Da Mic How you like (oh yeah) 2nd verse I am the rap delight Cause my songs are more than allright And people, i will win the fight I am the Fab Man, i rap as good as I can Boom! Boom! Bang! That’s da fab man slang! Yo. I’m back on track makin your asses shake my music’s real and not a fake i am da party master making u dance faster and faster Yo. Yo. Yo. Check this out and now sing with loud I Rock Da Mic How you like – yoo ! I Rock Da Mic How you like (oh yeah) I Rock Da Mic how you like – yoo ! i rock da mic How you like (Come on) 3rd verse Why your not dancin’ can’t u hear the beat You can? Then fellas, move your feet. Just gimme a mic, yo ! Just gimma a mic Because that’s my perfect tool And not money, you fool If ya make music for passion you rule ! Yo. Yo. Yo. Check this out and now sing with loud i rock da mic how you like – yoo ! i rock da mic how you like (oh yeah) i rock da mic how you like – yoo ! i rock da mic how you like (come on) Ó 2005 The Fab Man
  13. That's a smart and intelligent song. I like the rhymes. Can't wait for the audio
  14. there are 2 pix of the show on my page. check www.geocities.com/willsmithitalia
  15. JEEEAAAALOUSY ????? - Will Smith on Sanremo
  16. THAT WAS VERY COOL!!! Rapper's Delight! Wow! Funny!
  17. OK. i saw the 17.00 news on Rai Uno they showed parts of the show's press conference and will smith was freestylin' - THAT WAS REALLY COOL p.s.: could somebody record the show with tv card and give me screengrabs for my site?
  18. could SOMEBODY who has the right things to put pics from the tv show 4 my website cause i don't have a tv card. THX! in an interview he said he thinks that he will not perform. But it's gonna be funny and it could b a surprisa (a SWITCH performance would be cool) AND - Mike Tyson rapped yesterday @ Sanremo.
  19. Hi y'all, here is the FINAL VERSION of "Then There Was Her Best Friend". The new and shorter title is "Her Best Friend". Joe helped alot with the rhymes. I'll post my new song "Rock Da Mic" soon ! Her Best Friend Written by F. Froio. Co-written by Joe 1st verse There was this hot girl susan Hotter than my ex, clara it was an illusion And I used my charm to get what I wanted I’ve said somethin’ like "You've Never Flaunted" She laughed, looked at me, i looked at her dress And then she said YES, i wanted to tell the press So I thought great, Next to that I invited her to a date She answered with “Wait! I’ll call u if I have time for going out” i responded, damn girl dont have to shout 2nd verse But – wait – that’s only the beginnig Later I heard my cellphone ringing I said to her “What’s up, how are you?” And suddenly she said her best friend Annette comes, too And I screamed “Who's Annette? ?” She said I have to relax, i went "ok" it cant be a threat Cause we only have to bring her to her boyfriend She gave me Annette’s address, so fellas the message i send Dont fool around wit a girl who wants to play cat and mouse so i did what i asked, And so I went to the house When I arrived, I said “Hey you Annette?" i saw candles, i see the tone had been set So we went to Annette’s boyfriend And that was da beginnin’ of mine and Sarah’s end That jerk wasn’t at home i wondered if we could leave annete all alone I just thought: Damn, what the hell? This date didn’t start very well Sarah said to me: “Come on, darling see.” Then my girl said to me “Come on, I’m her best friend. We can’t leave her alone. Tell me, does she have to go home?” I said: “Why not she is old enough. And where we live there isn’t much kidnapping or similiar stuff.” Then she looked at me with her sweet eyes More beatiful than every sunrise I said “I do this only for you, susan 3rd So we three went to the cinema the film was called "Dissulioned We watched a movie about Croft... her first name was Lara. I already watched it so i wanted to get my freak on like my ex clara I didn’t go with the intention to watch the movie In the theater I wanted to use the famous love arm and she would think what a smoothie all i wanted to do is show her my charm hopefully she would know ill never let her get harmed BUT THEN THERE WAS HER BEST FRIEND Shoutin’ “hey come here” I wanted to kiss her, my girl went there And suddenly left me alone, i wanted to go home I had to watch the film without the girls, i felt fouled So with the time got mad and I shouted out loud I wanna go wit’ U but only without her, shes got a bet!! So choose between me and Annette Suddenly there was this big man known as Big Red “THIS IS A THEATER, I WANNA SEE THE MOVIE” I said “sit back, relax, be a lil’ more groovy” Then he came and hit me, what happened then i didn’t really see. Cause there was this big brawl. The police came very very fast, they picked the people up from da 1st till da last. Then I kicked the trash can, while I was goin’ away She said “Why?” coz i cant stand to stay away Because of your best friend, the rules i bend Because of her I didn’t kiss you, i dont mean to diss u Because of her we couldn’t grab --- all over you! Because of your damn friend, my nose is bleeding and baby, thats the reason im leaving BECAUSE THERE WAS HER BEST FRIEND 4th verse Then I saw this hot chick, shaking her thing, i said "wanna catch a flick?" my name is fab, whats yours? Her name was Tina it was the laws I asked if we could link and then she played the flute She said “Yeah, why not, you’re cute” See you tommorrow? hopefully her best friend wont come to give us sorrow so i asked WAIT! Tina... Only one question! Do you have a best friend you wanna go out tommorrow with? No... Perfect, see then Tina... Yo! Felles are You hearin’ And now I’m swearin’ Never go out with Your Girl and her Best Friend ‘Cause that’s the end I hope You Understand
  20. 1. New Kids On The Block 2. Don't Fight The Feeling 3. From Da South
  21. I DON'T KNOW IF HE'S GONNA PERFORM, SORRY. but i'm sure it will be funny !
  22. it's a jerry bruckheimer film
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