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  1. thanks !!! the pix are def.. could I use it for my website ???
  2. I know it was said but more specific infos on German Tv: Channel: RTL 2 Days: Monday - Friday Episodes / day: 2 17h - 18h Dubbed
  3. would be great but that what i think TELL ME WHY radio: april / may cd: june PARTY STARTER radio / cd: sep / oct PUMP YA BRAKES radio / cd: feb / mar-apr [depends] BUT I WOULD CHANGE PUMP YA BRAKES WITH TELL ME WHY. PUMP YA BRAKES IS A BETTER SUMMER SONG 2 DANCE.
  4. GREAT TIM... I didn't know Parents Just Don't Understand was the 2° single off He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper.. what was the 1° brand new funk (w/ girls '88) ?
  5. I HAVE FINALLY SEEN IT!!! Smith / James / Mendes / Valletta are GREAT and HITCH is SSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO funny. I really enjoyed it. 10 / 10
  6. 1st: you have to know my 1st ws / jjfp cd was big willie style, 2nd willennium, 3rd born to reign. then in the rec. shop i saw gh and homebase. and i only had enough money for 1 cd, so i bought the gh. then later i had money and they didn't have any jjfp cd anymore. so it's hard to find jjfp cds here in amberg. would i make it to the potnas if i post a pic of these: VHS enemy of the state (italian) men in black (german) DVD men in black men in black II i, robot independence day CD big willie style jjfp - greatest hits willennium born to reign greatest hits lost and found CD single black suits comin' (nod ya head)
  7. YEAH... I GOT IT, TOO!!! amazon sent it yesterday and THIS MORNING it was finally in my hands. BWS was my fav, album and aufter 8 years Big Will made a better album. GREAT! P.S.: do u think 2 that scary story sounds like from a tim burton film? I LOVE SCARY STORY.
  8. I GOT MY COPY 2DAY. WILL'S BEST ALBUM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. #15 in italy ;) L & F comes next monday, april 4th in Italy. Tell Me Why is gonna be released in June in Italy.
  10. no fear. this time will come in germany, too! when it's out ;)
  11. In its first week in the italian single charts, "Switch" goes to no. 8 in Italy. --------------------- www.geocities.com/willsmithitalia << the source for italian fans !
  12. no, no april 13th for germany because they pushed it back to may 2nd!
  13. GERMANY: They're not playing it on TV channels (I've only seen it once on MTV Brand:New where they showed it as premiere) and they're not playing it on the radio. I don't know why... ITALY: 'Switch' came out on CD march 11, 2005 - no, it isn't in the single charts YET !!! But it made no. 14 on the italian airplay charts and they're playing it a LOT on the TV channels 102.5 Hit Channel, Rete A All Music and MTV - so.... I THINK IT'S DOING VERY WELL IN BELLA ITALIA ! :thumb:
  14. Why All This ? (F. Froio) Tell Me Why We don’t look at the sky Tell Me Why All this Negative Things My 1st example is rap music All this negative things Nothin’ bout love anymore Like there were before Bout beatiful things, yo Only violence no, no, no All bout killing While their money’s filling U Can’t Feel The Vibe Can’t Feel What Many Artists Describe Ev’rybody wanna be a gangsta Da coolest Pranksta Why did they kill Jam Master Jay or 2Pac If now they still could rock? Tell Me Why We don’t look at the sky Tell Me Why All this Negative Things 2x Why can’t we give to poor kids? There are so many children dead Because they haven’t a piece of Bread The only things they bring are death and scars Killing, warriors feel like the superstars Why can’t there be peace Only bombs exploding and blooding knees Human beings are dying While soldiers in their jets are flying Why the so many people died in the Twin Tower’ Because Osama and co. had to show their power? Man, don’t understand me wrong I’m not talkin but violent movies But bout reality: Haven’t we learned somethin’ so long And That’s Why I Write this song To ask Why Why? Why? Why? Tell Me Why We don’t look at the sky Why? Why? Why? Tell Me Why All this Negative Things? Why? Why? Why? 3x That's a very serious track for my style, but I like it... Tell me how u find it. What u like of it, what u don't like--- THX!
  15. OHHHHHHHH - DAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNNNNNNNN F***************************CK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE PUSHED SWITCH AND LOST & FOUND BACK AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SWITCH - APRIL 18, 2005 LOST & FOUND - M A Y (!!!!!!!) 2, 2005 !!!!!!!!! DAMN!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE PRE-ORDERED THE UK VERSION OF LOST & FOUND ON AMAZON.DE !!
  18. It's true. This news is from today - fresh from the record shop (my friend works there, you know). SWITCH 4.4.2005 -- LOST AND FOUND Mid/End-April. I have to wait, too :( I live in Germany and was born here (BUT I'M ITALIAN)... But in July we'll move to Italy!
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