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  1. I'd would just want him to put out another masterpiece such as Shadow Dreams. It's my fav Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince track, Code Red is their best album hands down...
  2. I haven't believe in anyone else as I did in Heath Ledger in the past two years. I believed in him (as The Joker, etc.) since the summer of 2006, and he's not here anymore. I can't put in words... :(
  3. Well, if it's PG-13, they've sure cut down the movie. The final script is an R. Trailer probably (90 percent) coming November 9.
  4. What do you mean, this project has been in the works @ Warner Bros for years.. Will joined the project a few years ago about 2004..he was going to do it with Michael Bay.. then he went for Francis Lawrence.. I know this project is in the works at Warners for years, Ridley Scott was doing it with Arnold Schwarzenegger starring as Neville in the late 90's. And I know that Will was going to star as Neville with Michael Bay helming, BUT, Will had never inked a deal. And by the time he got the offer to play the lead again, Francis Lawrence was already at the helm. He joined as producer with Overbrook later, when he was on board to play Richard Neville.
  5. I don't like how people keep refering to it as an action comedy. I don't want it to end up as "My Super Ex-Girlfriend"! It IS an action comedy, but in the style of "Bad Santa." That dark and twisted comedy, y'know?
  6. That's not right, Tim. Warner Bros. picked the director for 'I Am Legend.' Will Smith joined later as producer with his Overbrook Entertainment, when he got the offer to play Neville.
  7. Trust him, it's not gonna be a 2nd WWW. The original script is known for being one of the best never produced (until now) scripts in Hollywood. I just hope they didn't mess around with rewrites done by Akiva Goldsman, John August and Peter Berg... I also think Berg is a great director, so, can't wait! I hope the movie's still gonna have that bizarre, dark and twisted style the original script had... Sony, don't sweeten this baby for family audiences... pleeeaase! Anyway, I don't know. I Am Legend (if not dumbed down) and Hancock seem like the best stuff Will has done in a while.
  8. Any possibility he'll be in Italy sometime this or next year? :(
  9. While I don't consider Gabriele Muccino mediocre, I also agree that he should work more with different directors, also looking for the best. 'I, Robot' could've been a memorable movie, Alex Proyas is a great filmmaker (just watch 'The Crow' and 'Dark City'), but... well, Fox isn't the most supportive studio in Hollywood. I've also interviewed Proyas, good guy, agreed in a second to do an interview (per mail).
  10. This is my most-anticipated Will movie... have high expectations for this one!
  11. I think he did a good job, not great, but good. I really liked Pursuit of Happyness and I can't wait to see what they're doing with this pic. Anyway, @ Tim, others... seems like that 'Clint Howl' project WAS 'Seven Pounds,' same filming and release date for both projects. Both @ Sony. Yh, it defo is one and the same pic...
  12. LOOOOOL... but that's an indie film, can't compare that to movies such as 'i am legend' and 'batman begins,' etc. etc.
  13. I think the hollywood machine dictates that it can't be a small art film. There is simply too much money at stake. It will be interesting to see what survives. Unless we have no Willisms or hell nawss to look forward to in this 1 it depends on how much creative freedom they get from warner bros. and, first of all, in what fashion they wanna tell the story. batman begins, for example, while costing more than 150 million dollars, was really an intelligent character- and plot-driven movie, made in the fashion of an arthouse movie (while still being a blockbuster). i think there CAN be art in huge hollywood blockbusters, it just depends on the script and talent involved. on the other side, entertainment is an art (to me), never forget that. having said that, i do have sum doubts about i am legend.
  14. well, since i'm the admin of will's italian official site i'll probably be at the it. premiere in january. and if i'll be there i'll sure try to ask him about new music... :wickedwisdom: [edit] i hope that if jj+fp will do an i am legend tour, they'll perform in italy aswell. they weren't here in 2004
  15. Oops typo, it's CLINT Howl. It's set for a 2008/2009 release, with filming starting in fall. No infos yet about cast, crew and plot.
  16. One more info: The movie Will mentioned, "Clint Howl," it's set for a 2008/2009 release, probably the latter.
  17. I already can't stand this guy. Return home, K. ;)
  18. fabman


    If they do Bad Boys III, please let it be more like Bad Boys and less like Bad Boys II, which I think is a mediocre movie. Where's the 1990's Michael Bay? I want the guy who made Bad Boys and The Rock and not that hack who made Pearl Harbor. Anyway, nothing's set yet on Bad Boys III. There may be some scripts floating around but it's pretty much up to Will Smith and Michael Bay at this point... IF they want Bay as helmer. I could see someone else doing it aswell... and better than last time 'round.
  19. Hey guys..do u have the Switch and Summertime video performances at Nokia Urban Music???And the apparence at the superbowl in Uk??Thanks All.
  20. It's official! Teaser hits on-line tonight or tomorrow!
  21. Yeah, b/c it's a TEASER poster, they usualy don't have "movie studios stuff" down the bottom! ;) I think it's average at best, but are you gonna do... it's official...
  22. Hey guys no one have the live 8 performance's video in philly??
  23. You know... we all know Will & Jazzy wanna do something together by the end of the year... and we all know it's probably going to be a tour at the I am Legend premieres... BUT - the real news is that, according to The Sun, they're gonna do a new album... do you think that'll happen?
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