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  1. 1-That statement's false, Will's very much respected for his contributions to the rap community, especially since "Lost and Found" came out, many known mcs in hip hop you could think of like Nas, Jay-Z, Rhymefest, CL Smooth, The Game, Fat Joe, Common, LL Cool J, Chuck D, Ice T, Kool Moe Dee, Rakim, and The Roots have given Will props in interviews and songs To Bigted: You forgot about Joe Budden! when have they done that? you got any source for the interviews and songs?
  2. Also I found something about Steady B and Will battling! With an appealing blend of battle raps (most notably against LL Cool J, and local Philadelphia rap rivals Three Times Dope and the Fresh Prince) and freestyle lyrics, Steady B's style reflected the post-Run-D.M.C./pre-Public Enemy era of hip-hop. At his best, Steady mixed well-written metaphors and wordplay with sparse, yet catchy, drum tracks. Steady B released five albums over the course of his career, with mixed success. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steady_B ?uestlove maintained, for the record, that Will Smith’s infamous radio battle with Steady B means he’ll “always respect him,” meaning no matter how many preachy family flicks he makes (besides, Ice Cube got away with “Are We There Yet?”) Musictoob will too; if only for his taste in flooring http://www.musictoob.com/former-fresh-prin...ndage-home-4434
  3. I heard that thing with Schooly D, too. Questlove from the Roots mentioned in some magazine. It was a few days after JJ+FP won the first ever rap grammy. He was talking **** about them on radio that they are soft and that it ain't real hip hop, bla bla bla...JJ+FP went to the studio and Will battled him. He got a joke for every punchline from Schooly D and killed him so bad that it was ready to get physical. Jeff mentioned that they had to call the cops so that everyone would calm down. For those who don't know, Schooly D was the first ever gangsta rapper in hip hop (not NWA or Ice-T). To Quote Black Thought: Yeah, Illadel! Home of the original gun clappers Out on the wrong corner your ****'ll get spun backwards The Roots - Don't Say Nothin
  4. 1. Why should Will help upcoming MC's, when most cats don't respect or ignore his contributions to rap music? 2. If there is someone he should help to get in mainstream, he have to at least have some similarities with him music or characterwise. Just as Dr. Dre supports just gangsta rap, it would not make sense for him to support Nick Cannon. 3. Mention some young talented Philly MC! Most of them talk the usual ****...guns,cars, money, hoes and love to cuss! I think hip hops capitol is nowadays chicago with talented young rappers like Lupe Fiasco or Gemini.
  5. 1. Eve first apperance in mainstream was on Willenium, afterwards she signed to Ruff Ryder 2. Jazzy Jeff + Fresh Prince brought Philly to the foreground of the rap scene, when NY dominated!
  6. May 7th, 2009 Black Thought Defuses Will Smith “Feud” Before It Starts Yesterday, in a really interesting interview published at Hip Hop Game, Roots MC Black Thought was asked, “You have a worldwide fanbase but consistently work with Philly artists. How important is it to maintain that hometown connection?” A fairly innocuous question, but he created a bit of a brouhaha with his response: I mean, that’s super-important to me. That’s what I wish artists like Will Smith and some of the other artists who were popular representing Philly in the ‘80s and ‘90s had done because what it does is it’s good for morale. It’s just a good look for the city and I mean, it just opens doors for the next generation of artists coming from your hometown. When you’ve reached a level of popularity or fame where people are into you, they don’t necessarily know where you’re from. You have to remind them. Some people are under the impression that we’re from New York. Some people think we’re from Chicago sometimes. We have to reinforce that we’re from Philadelphia and this is a Philly-based team. There is no animosity or cross-city beef. Sometimes artists who are on the incline, up-and-coming artists, have little minor beefs within the city. The Roots is a brand that’s above any of that and that’s what I want to stress. I feel like sometimes the fact that we work with a certain sort of artists or more street level artists or more hardcore hip-hop, just straight ahead hip-hop artists from Philadelphia, I feel like it’s not a problem and we send out a message that we’re all one in the same representing the same city. And it breaks down a lot of barriers or apprehension that people might have about reaching out to a different sort of artist. Maybe the Beanie Sigels and Peedi Crakks will reach out to the Santogolds and the DJ Diplo’s but that just feel like it would be unwelcome. So we send out a positive signal with a positive vibe just by breaking genre barriers, so to speak, if that makes any sense. Whether or not you agree with his point (I definitely do), Black Thought was quick to clarify his Will Smith comments this morning with Charlamagne the God on 100.3 FM’s “The Morning Beat” show, reports SOHH: “The fact that I mentioned Will Smith was just illustrating a point, it wasn’t nothing that I said like ‘Oh Will Smith doesn’t reach back’ or ‘Will Smith blew up and forgot about the city,’” Black Thought explained. “I was just making a demonstration to my man, he was doing an interview asking the question if it’s important or how important is it to me you know, to reach back to up-and-coming artists or fellow Philadelphian artists. And answer to my question was bong, it’s very important to me and I would like to explain that I’m creating an outlet for up-and-coming Philadelphia artists and people from The Roots or Roots generation that didn’t necessarily have. I would never try to diss Will Smith, I ain’t make no sideways comments about Will Smith, the brother’s from Philly and the largest star in the world. He’s the biggest star on Earth.” Whew — we were kinda worried for a sec that Will Smith would bum rush the Roots Picnic looking for blood. Peace has been restored! http://music.pwblogs.com/2009/05/07/black-...fore-it-starts/
  7. I like the song...nice summer anthem! :D old school rap rocks! :D
  8. Congrats Will, much better than the mtv movie awards!:D
  9. I wonder who will be the next coach from Bayern Munich (after Klinsmann got fired). A lot of big names are in the rumor section Van Gaal, Rijkaard, Sammer etc. I hope Barcelona wins the Champions-League, they are currently the best soccer team worldwide!
  10. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air...I think the first time they played it here in Germany was 95/96...afterwards I was just into hip hop!
  11. Wills worst movies: 1. WWW 2. MIB2 3. Hancock The Pursuit of Happyness, Seven Pounds, Six Degrees of Separation and Ali are Will's best performances...which doesn't have to mean that they are his best movies! 1. Independence Day 2. I am Legend 3. Men in Black 4. I, Robot
  12. As MIB3 is confirmed for 2011. I found something interesting. In 2005, Variety magazine mentioned that Sony Pictures was in talks with director Michael Bay to direct Men In Black III. I hope there is some truth in this, because MIB3 with Michael Bay as a director could be interesting. I rather would love to see BB3, but Smith, Lawrence + Bay seem to be too expensive for Sony! Also I read somewhere that Bay pushed the date for another transformer sequel back to 2012.
  13. He already got a bad reputation in raps circles. If he would have released it...there would be much more hate. Look at Nas...he released Hip Hop is dead, which statement was absolutely right and nonetheless received heavy criticism. And Nas is one of the most celebrated new school mcs!
  14. That's whack...if he doesn't bring better quality music....he should have stayed in retirement! I thought he will be back Slim Shady and not continuing encore crap!
  15. If they are serious about realising it, MIB3 without Will & Tommy Lee Jones is a bad idea. One of the factors that made MIB great, was the chemistry between the main actors!
  16. I think even an I am Legend Prequel is a better idea than MIB3! Worst WS movies: 1. WWW 2. MIB2 3. Hancock
  17. First one was great..second one was whack! I'd rather see BB3 than MIB3!
  18. Will delivered one of the best performances of his career in Ali!
  19. I hope that Detox will finally come out end 2009/beginning 2010. If Em's and 50's album become flops...i'm pretty sure that dre will delay the release again.
  20. Dont hate the playa, hate the game. Ya gotta remember the era of rap K has grown up in. If you wanna make it in the game, thats what you gotta make these days. Lil Wayne syndrome. I agree there is some truth in your statement. But there are also young MC's out there like Lupe Fiasco or B.O.B who got skillz on the mic and are creating buzz!
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