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  1. Having Jazz play a MIB agent would be awesome!
  2. I also agree that Will Smith should make another rap album!
  3. I never liked Akon. I've always thought he was awful.
  4. Will Smith, Sister Sledge - Jiggy [The Greatest Remix]
  5. Then there are the supposed "recession-proof" companies like Apple, which just posted a $1.21 profit, with Mac sales down just 3 percent. Source: Mac market share in Q1 2009 = 3.36 percent, Apple earnings strong
  6. Oh my gosh, I just don't understand that relationship at all. It's just so bothersome, and I just hope that she thinks about it a little longer. You cannot change a person, even though we all think we can. That personality is always there, and I doubt very much that he can correct his ways. And he'll be going to jail anyways.
  7. FWIW, I thought Wild Wild West was a good thriller, though it does look like MIB Western Edition, with Kevin Kline in the role of Tommy Lee Jones.
  8. that's the beauty of digital downloads nowadays, you buy only what you want, and you can sample the rest for free!
  9. that would've been hilarious if at the end the white girl kicked "gangsta will" out of the house Jazz-style
  10. I was reading the Wikipedia article on Wild Wild West, and they included a section of an interview that Will Smith did when promoting Seven Pounds in which he apologizes to Robert Conrad for the movie: Source: Wild Wild West Wikipedia article
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