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  1. The story sounds good, but the name of the movie is just whack! :-) The other movies Hood, Legend of Cain and the Annie remake are also interesting. I would love to see Will in Bad Boys 3 and the Last Pharaoh.
  2. Beyonce's last album was whack, but overall she is still a great singer/dancer/live performer. But she got no acting skills at all and therefore should stick to make good music. Warner Bros. is trying to get Will for this project since 10 years, the rumoured female cast has been so far Whitney Houston, Jennifer Lopez, Alicia Keys and now Beyonce. But if someone like Clint Eastwood is on board for this, it could also have an affect on Will.
  3. I would love to see a Clint Eastwood/Will cooperation, but Beyonce? She's a great singer, but not a good actress.
  4. Clint Eastwood & Beyonce: 'A Star is Born' Remake? Clint Eastwood may be directing Beyonce in a remake of A Star is Born! Although no male lead has been cast in the project, Deadline reports that the studio has been hoping to pair Bey with Will Smith! Beyonce has had a successful on-screen career so far with Obsessed, Cadillac Records, and Dreamgirls. DO YOU THINK Beyonce is a good choice for A Star is Born remake? Read more: http://justjared.buzznet.com/2011/01/20/clint-eastwood-beyonce-a-star-is-born-remake/#ixzz1ELTnim8y
  5. Beyonce to Star in 'A Star is Born' Remake On : 2011 Feb 14 Beyonce Beyoncé Knowles is headed back to the big screen. According to Deadline.com, Beyoncé will play the leading role in a remake of 'A Star is Born,' to be directed and produced by Oscar winner Clint Eastwood. The movie is said to be a musical with production set to begin sometime in the fall. No word yet about who will play the male lead, but names like Will Smith, Diddy, Eddie Murphy, Robert Downey Jr., and Jon Hamm have been floating around. This would be the fourth remake for the film, the last being the 1976 version starring Barbara Streisand.
  6. Sheree is a really good looking mama, same as Jada. Will made good choices with the ladies..:-) To Trey's future plans...i think he did already some modeling job with hilfiger, probably he will take the role as a movie producer.
  7. Dame Dash was the one who brought Kanye into the Roc a Fella camp. I mentioned Rihanna and Jeezy(= commercial garbage) before. J.Cole is talented, but has not even an album out yet. Will & Jeff turned also a few into stars ... Tatyana M. Ali, Jill Scott and so on. I dont say that they should not collaborate with him, but i would be careful with too many projects together. Fela, Willow and now the Annie remake... Lets see what the future brings, it is about time that Will steps into the spotlight again.
  8. I don't blame him for everything, so don't come with that devil bull****. Lonely on top? Maybe on a commercial level... Thats the only two good things he has done over there. He had problems over there with LL, Ghostface, Method Man, Redman and DMX. But instead promoted Young Jeezy and his own album. Another good thing was the signing of Rihanna. So don't make him bigger as he is, Jay-Z is good at promoting Jay-Z and thats it.
  9. I don't think they get exploited. I'm more worried about Jay-Z's involvement in her career or cooperation with Will. Dude just cares about his dollars, ****ed up Roc-A-Fella, Def Jam etc. and just moved on. He is a clever business man, who used his relationship to Beyonce to become an international star. I hope his influence does not get to big that he causes problems within JL or Will, or has a bad influence on Willow.
  10. What do you mean by the Nas disease? Slaughterhouse house album was nice, but they could have done much better. Royce is somehow the new Canibus, great lyricist but could not make much of it careerwise.
  11. Willow Smith is reportedly working with DJ Jazzy Jeff on her upcoming material. Rapper Skillz told BET that he has been recruited to pen lyrics for Willow's songs, while Jeff, who previously scored a number of hits with Will Smith as DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, has been hired to produce tracks for the 10-year-old's untitled debut album. Skillz said: "Me and Jazzy Jeff are... working on some stuff for Willow Smith's album. I worked with her dad on a few projects before so you know I have a relationship with him. "It was just a natural progression, like, they're doing music so, you know, that door's always open. I'd be crazy not to try to walk through it, so we're working on some stuff." Last month, it was reported that Willow is planning on covering her father's 1988 single 'Parents Just Don't Understand'. http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/music/news/a296737/willow-smith-to-team-with-dj-jazzy-jeff.html
  12. I would be happy about anything musicwise coming from Will. A LL/FP collabo would be awesome...on a couple of tracks, but not a whole album. JJ+FP album which is grown men music and not the typical 15-25 age rap fanbase Producers: 9th Wonder Q-Tip Kanye West Artists/Groups: The Roots Mos Def Norah Jones Amy Winehouse Nas/Common LL Cool J/Rakim
  13. It's a nice club hit, nothing more nothing less. But for someone who has been working for 10 years on an album, it is very disappointing to come with a leftover track from 2001.
  14. Before Fergie joined BEP, they were actually doing very creative, great music!
  15. Co-Sign that it is my biggest concern, too. I remember one of the Karate Kid promos where Jackie Chan was mentioning this, too. On the other hand both are extremely talented in what they are doing. When i first heard Whip my hair, i was thinking if she works hard enough she will shut down in 10 years Rihanna and Beyonce. Jaden has the potential to be the next Johnny Depp. I wish them both the best for the future and hope that the one day will not regret their decisions.
  16. A Script Exists For Bad Boys 3 By Katey Rich Published: 2010-12-01 10:05:18 A Script Exists For Bad Boys 3 The headline in today's Variety is about writer Peter Craig being hired to adapt the Quebecois film De peer en floc as an American comedy to be retitled Fathers and Guns. But the real news probably comes in the second-to-last paragraph, where they drop the news that Craig is also working on the script for Bad Boys 3, in development over at Sony. The first we heard about the project possibly existing was Martin Lawrence hinting at it back in April. At that point he just admitted that "we've talked about" the movie , and that they were waiting on producer Jerry Bruckheimer "to let us know when it's really real." It's hard to say if hiring a writer actually does mean it's real-- there are hundreds if not thousands of scripts lying dormant at studios this very moment for projects that will never, ever actually happen. But bringing on Craig, especially as his star rises thanks to his script for The Town, is a sign that at least somebody is taking it seriously over there. Once Michael Bay gets done blowing up the world one last time with Transformers Dark of the Moon, it may be time to revisit the rogue cops played by Lawrence and Will Smith. http://www.cinemablend.com/new/A-Script-Exists-For-Bad-Boys-3-21959.html
  17. I have my doubts, too and hope that she doesn't get on the wrong path like many other celeb kids (sex, drugs, alcohol, etc.) But on the other hand, Will just did grow up in front of our eyes in the show biz. From girls ain't nothing but trouble to now MIB 3.
  18. Who's that chick in the black jacket? His Ex-Wife?
  19. 50 cent? Jayz MJ? Why is Destiny's Child so low on that list? Best girl group after TLC.
  20. Can i ask why? Have you listened to the albums? Qualitywise all four albums were one of the best so far this year. I just count 2 classics, the Black Album was close though.
  21. BP3 is whack, it has some nice singles on it...but thats it. Even though Jay lost the battle, Blueprint 1 and Reasonable Doubt are classics. His last great album was the Black Album. Honestly I think that Lost & Found was better than his last 3 albums (KC, AG, BP3). Nas is still the King of this rap game. No Jigga album comes close to Illmatic or It was written. Even this year the Nas & Damian Marley collabo album was one of the best, although Eminem and Jay had the commercial success. Nas & Damian Marley "Distant Relatives" Big Boi "Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty" Cee-Lo "Lady Killer" The Roots "How i got over"
  22. Maybe in his dreams, but not in reality. Nas lyrically murdered Jay, who cares if Kanye's beat was better. In a diss track (not song), when 2 MC's compete...the lyrics, flow, delivery, etc. matter and in every aspect of this, takeover could not match ether. LOL @ Jay-Z still catching feelings nearly 10 years afterwards.
  23. I hope that he is on the album. With Willow's album coming out and in 2012 the MIB3 Soundtrack, the chances for music are the highest since L+F!
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