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  1. As I posted before Rakim himself denies that he wrote Summertime! The whole gost-writing crap started with Big Willie Style, when Will had his breakthrough. In an old interview Nas said he was just helping out with the hook, he didn't write the whole album or song. And if really someone did ghostwrite that its been kinda late, cause its a classic since almost 20 years and rumors would have popped earlier! Interview with Rakim and Flavor Flav
  2. Will's most successful album is Big Willie Style....singles are Gettin Jiggy Wit It and Men in Black. Summertime was a top 10 hit and is the ultimate hip hop classic! Same goes for the FPOBA theme...
  3. Thanks to you all! I had a great day...now Will just needs to do BB3 or a new JJ+FP album! LOL
  4. Ok, fair enough. But, apply the same situation to football. Ask a young teenage kid who George Best (Zidane for some of them probably as well) is an he probably wouldnt know, ask him who C.Ronaldo is and he'd know, and would probably think he is the best player. Does that make CR7 overrated? I think with Eminem its more, some peoples lack of knowledge means they are ignorant to other artists, as opposed to overrating Em. Because for all we know, even if they had the full knowledge, they could still rank Em as the best ever. Just as a friend of mine (a rapper called Preest) who has a bigger knowledge of hip hop than me, but still ranks Em in his top 5 lyricists of all time. So I personally think its more about ignorance than overrating. Eminem is definately a talented MC, but Top 5 and especially for lyricism is absolutely bull****. He has a crazy flow and is talented battle rapper (top 10) Are you or your friend seriously telling me that he is better lyricist than Rakim, Andre 3000, Slick Rick, Common and Nas?
  5. Track is fire and Em went hard! But people shouldn't overrate this, he is just dissing an female popstar!
  6. Rakim himself denies that he wrote Summertime! Interview with Rakim and Flavor Flav
  7. It's good to see that Jeff squashed the rumors. I think this whole "ghostwriting" thing started, when Will started his solo career. Also the funny thing if Will drops a classic or has hit-singles out, other people want to be credited for it. Where are the ghostwriters for Born to Reign? :bump2:
  8. I noticed that with people in my agegroup 18-23, when i was in the US as an exchange-student, white people don't like him that much acting or rappingwise. He is very popular with minorities: blacks, asians and latinos, just my experience!
  9. I can't believe it...RIP, MJ is the true GOAT!
  10. Controversy sells and who is better to diss than the most powerful actor in the world! :D
  11. Just the two of us! I think it is one of his best songs..
  12. Will & Denzel in a movie...that is my dream collaboration! :D
  13. Lost in 2nd Round. 91% Eminem 9% Will Some weird results...Big Boi won against T.I., Kanye against Common?!? what the ****? http://www.vibe.com/bestrapperever/bracket1.html
  14. :laugh: This is one of the funniest posts ever. Yeah and Dre keeps it real..check world class wrecking crew and NWA! :laugh: Tupac and Biggie are just mentioned in the GOAT discussion, because they had a tragic death!
  15. There were a lot of great battles in rap...i don't think there is such thing as best battle or GOAT. LL Cool J vs. Canibus Nas vs. Jay-Z Westside Connection vs. Common NWA vs. Ice Cube LL Cool J vs. Ice-T, Kool Moe Dee and MC Hammer And back to LL vs. Canibus...i also think LL started it, because he misinterpreted Canibus verse, who was actually an LL fan. Canibus won the battle, but lost the war!
  16. It's better than Encore, but not on the level of the eminem show!
  17. http://www.vibe.com/bestrapperever/bracket1.html Will vs. Eminem 2nd Round
  18. Eminem sucks...i liked him at the beginning of his career, but after SSLP he started to fall off. Skillz was right, it was wrong from Em to diss Will. What is more frustrating is that now Em's career is falling off, Jeff shares the stage with him and SUPPORTS him instead of Will in 2000, when the "beef" started! JJFP is dead!
  19. Will one 1st round against Hammer. Got 81 % of the votes. http://www.vibe.com/bestrapperever/bracket1_rd1.html
  20. Ice Cube mentioned Will in an Hot 97 interview with Angie Martinez...that he has been always the best in everything he does! The only people who talked **** about him were Eminem and Dr. Dre!
  21. It's gonna be difficult to win the second round for Will against Eminem. There will be a lot of stan wars going on! And it will cause a lot of controversy if Will wins it....maybe it brings him back to music! Let's lead him to victory! :gettinjiggywitit:
  22. It's time to put all the chips on the table. Who has the best lyrics? The flyest style? The dopest hooks? You decide. Last year, you told the world who The Best Rapper Alive was. Looking back, it's no surprise that Eminem won the whole shebang. Now we're thinking even bigger. Starting May 18, 2009 VIBE will open up voting for hip hop's best MC ever, including legendary voices from the Golden Age, crucial stars from the Platinum Era as well as today's Twittering titans. Until then, let the barbershop debates begin! http://www.vibe.com/bestrapperever/ http://www.vibe.com/bestrapperever/bracket1_rd1.html
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