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  1. I'm a little bit confused about the Bad Boys news. Will Smith: We need BB3. Michael Bay: We (Martin, Will+ himself) are too expensive. Jerry Bruckheimer: That's Sony, not me. ... Sony hires writer. Jerry Bruckheimer: Bay is quite busy. And the end it will be... Martin Lawrence demands the same payment as Will and the project will get cancelled.
  2. 1. BB3 2. I am Legend Prequel 3. Last Pharaoh
  3. I highly doubt if both would be still alive that the state of hip hop would be better. There are plenty of reasons why hip hop is dead: industry, rap audience, media, artists, etc. ...
  4. Negro please... Game should just worry about his career and stop the namedropping to just get media attention! 1. Pac & Biggie are overrated, their tragic death made people call them GOAT... seriously they are legends (Top 20). 2. Nas is and will be always King of NY. 3. If Jada was Pac's girl, why weren't they together when he was alive? Jada is not the only girl on the planet, so Will would have been married to someone else. 4. Tupac was average as an actor, I was not impressed by Juice at all. Denzel Washington is one of the best actors of our time...2 Pac would maybe have a Ice Cube type of career at best.
  5. Q-Tip Renaissance is the best album....DOA and run this town are overrated!
  6. I like Kanye and CD is definately his best album, but album of the decade???Come on, If judge just the rap albums on that list Stankonia>College Dropout>Blueprint. I am Sasha Fierce was whack, Beyonce is better than that! I miss Alicia Keys, Norah Jones and even Common's Be on that list.
  7. The last true movie star, Smith can open a film at home or abroad. This year, he proved he's also critic-proof. His two movies, Hancock and Seven Pounds, were mostly panned by reviewers—but still earned a combined $795 million at the box office and helped Smith pocket $45 million. http://www.forbes.com/lists/2009/53/celebrity-09_Will-Smith_JRSR.html
  8. Will is the last movie star, nobody guarantees more boxoffice for hollywood studios. He can demand how much money he wants to, especially after the one year break now...the studio bosses can't wait to see his comeback. In 2007 he made 80 mio. 24 July 2008 Will Smith tops Hollywood earnings list with $80m payout Will Smith has emerged as Hollywood’s top earner, earning a massive $80m (€51m) last year, new figures compiled by Forbes have shown, according to a report in New York Daily News. Johnny Depp ranked second with a $72m paycheck, followed by Eddie Murphy and Mike Myers, who took home $55m each, said the report. Cameron Diaz was Hollywood's leading lady last year with a $50m payout, while Keira Knightley pulled in $32m. Ex-"Friends" star Jennifer Aniston earned $27m.
  9. None of them are the biggest movie star in the world! PE and Kurtis Blow are irrelevant in rap nowadays (or since a long time) .... currently Jay-Z the biggest rap (42 years) and is also struggling. Rock is not Hip Hop. Rap is a young man's game...we have to face the truth.
  10. The good thing the news has created some kind of buzz, but in general I don't believe in a reunion. Both are too old now, I think we can be happy when they work on a soundtrack together. http://rapradar.com/2009/11/08/jazzy-jeff-speaks-on-fresh-prince-reunion-plans/ http://hiphopwired.com/14827/jazzy-jeff-speaks-on-reunion-with-fresh-prince/ http://www.union-street.de/artist/will-smith/news/jazzy-jeff-spricht-ber-eine-reunion-mit-fresh-prince http://vodpod.com/watch/2485019-jazzy-jeff-speaks-on-fresh-prince-reunion-plans http://blogs.philadelphiaweekly.com/music/2009/11/09/blame-hollywood-for-no-dj-jazzy-jeff-the-fresh-prince-reunion/ http://ilovepwnage.com/video.php?v=MjIxNw==
  11. LOL...that movie is GOAT, you can't top that. But I would love to see Will in a gangster movie...like American Gangster!
  12. Like it or not, Will Smith is a member of Hip-Hop’s Royal Family. The man once known as Fresh Prince has ascended his career to heights only imagined back in the late 80’s when his career first started with cohort DJ Jazzy Jeff (also a legend). Through it all, Smith has been charismatic and wise with his business moves – from Philly to Hollywood. But, beyond his achievements as an actor and artist, Will Smith has further diversified his legacy into that of a guru of sorts. While some parties in rap have taken shots at Will, watch this video and check out the strength of Will Smith’s knowledge! The Fresh Prince http://www.allhiphop.com/stories/editorial/archive/2009/11/03/22010148.aspx
  13. I like the idea of a new director. The last 2 movies with Sonnenfeld were whack (MIB2 and WWW). Bay could do it in MIB 3. BB3 is too expensive, Hancock was not that good, ID4 doesn't make sense and a prequel to I am Legend would be interesting.
  14. By Roman Wolfe A number of Philadelphia Hip-Hop legends will honored next month during the 2009 Philly Urban Music Awards. The event will be hosted by Hip-Hop radio pioneer Lady and will bestow the Lifetime Achievement Award on Gangsta Rap pioneer, Schoolly D., who released some of the earliest and most influential records of the genre, including “P.S.K.,” “I Don‘t Like Rock & Roll,” “It’s Crack,” “We Get Ill” and others. Other Award recipients include Ready Rock C., who served as the beat boxer for Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince, graffiti artist Cornbread, “The Guitar God” Mike Tyler (bass player on early rap classics) and DJs Baby DST & Gary-O. The event was established by Philadelphia Hip-Hop entrepreneur Docta Shock, to recognize Philadelphia’s contribution to the genre since its inception. In addition to the awards ceremony, there will be three performances and a video presentation. The 2009 Philly Urban Music Awards are slated to take place November 19th at the First District Plaza, from 7:00 PM-11:00 PM. allhiphop.com I wonder why JJ+FP is not honored!
  15. Jeff at the Hip Hop honors...Look at the celebrity line-up...it speaks for the importance of this label! http://www.allhiphop.com/stories/rumors/archive/2009/09/24/21951736.aspx By illseed The VH1 Hip-Hop Honors went off without a hitch. And, you know the stars were in the house for an evening to honor and celebrate the legacy of Def Jam Records. All of the former and present brass were there. Likewise, the past and current artists were in attendance as well. Below are some images that captured the mood of the moment
  16. Lupe is since his debut the best artist in the game...I think he will have a Common-type of career! who the hell is drake? dude is whack....the other new artist who could make the breakthrough is Kid Cudi, but he sings too much! :D
  17. Great idea Tim...but nonetheless I don`t think it will help unless Will sees the possibility to hit plat with the album. But lets just try it....since Lost and Found came out, there is major support for him on rap online-sites!
  18. Its kinda weird...I mean Will's rap career is basically over since 2005! He even got honored by the Museum of Moving Images and Grauman's Chinese Theater, probably he will win an oscar before he gets honored which is kinda sad!
  19. From all the choices Will has as the most powerful actor on the world...he took one of the worst ones: MIB 3 and Hancock 2!
  20. Thank god, when its really happening!
  21. Oh no! I know that Will wants to be the next movie to be a box-office smash hit since seven pounds was not! But Hancock? I'd rather see a Bad Boys or MIB sequel...even Old Boy with Spielberg is a better idea!
  22. Yeah, but if there was really some truth behind it, don't you think the rumor would have come out earlier and not nearly 20 years later. I mean Summertime is hip hop's official summer anthem and classic!
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