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JJFP reunite for 50 years of Hip Hop December 10 ×
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  1. Thats very good! Nr 31 of the top 500 songs of all time is very very good!
  2. hey i wrote the password in, but it wont open, i wrote so-fresh, but something is wrong, it just stops after 33%.. I have downloaded all 4... Some help please?
  3. Check it out! Haha http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/newsitem.cfm?NewsID=3658
  4. Got to come to Norway! Front row seets!! Oh yeah!
  5. Yeah, I'll order my next week, I will get my salary on friday from McDonlads ( haha) , so I will order the will smith cd then.. Looking forward to it!
  6. Good album, not bad for John Cena, I agree with you guys The time is now is a great song, nice beats with a good flow..
  7. Gratulerer med dagen Lerkot! Ha det kult!
  8. I really want to, but it's a long way from Oslo to Tromsø, but we'll see
  9. OOOohhhh maan! I'm from Norway! God DaaaamN!!! But the problem is that I live in Oslo, and thats a long way to tromsø, but I'm gonna there! Someway somehow... I'm Happy!!!!!!!!
  10. thanks a lot, but do you have the clip where he performaes?
  11. i think most of us here are fans of JJFP though :poke: yeah, I agree, I'm a biiiig fan of Will and Jazz, and I really want to see all the rare live and video stuff..but that can't be happend... I understand Tim complitely, he wants to have some rules, but for the rest of us that are huge fans of Will and Jazz, that is a bit hard for oss, couse we really want to see all of the hidden forums! Hope you understand me Tim! Maybe I don't have all of the albums, but I am a huge fan, and I am looking for the rest of the albums, so one day, I will have them all, but it takes time! And maybe when I have got all of the albums, them maybe Tim has removed all of the videos! And that would be disapointing! Hope everybody understands!
  12. Yeah, I saw that too, looks nice..Ps, My nickname is Pakwais on that board!
  13. I've been a member quiet a while, maybe 2years or so..but havent posted that much, its now lately I have been posting...
  14. haha, nice! i personnally think that I wish i made that/swagga is the best track on the album!
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