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  1. They show it in Norway once in the weekend, on both saturday and sunday on the channel Tv Norge..they showed it 5times before a week before.
  2. I was watching MTv News, and they showed a clip form the urban music festival and there were other artists like Estelle and some more, they were talking about Will and singing his songs, and saying that they love him and stuff! they showed clips of him performing as well, really nice!
  3. eyy, thanks for the song! I live in Norway, so there aren't any bonus songs there! appreciate it..
  4. Yeah, I'm also wondering about that, I got all the Will Smith cds, like Big Wille Style, Willenium, Born To Reign ans Lost & Found..I really would like to become a potna and watch all those live performances of Will and Jazz..I was looking at some pics of the Nicelodeon show where Will performed Switch, and that looked hot and the audio form the other shows, evertything is hot! So..Is there any other way to become a potna member? Pliiiz??
  5. that would be sweet, I havent head those two tracks, I bought the album here in Norway and they don't have it here! But I like the title of the track ''Got that'', sounds like a party song with heavy drums!
  6. sweet, Norway showed Wild Wild West last week
  7. I downloaded the audio from here, and I really like what I hear, specially on the summertime song, the crowd is going crazy and the way Jazz mixes the songs!! Incredible! Would be fun to watch the video, but i'm not a potna!
  8. seeing him made my year, the man is a legend, it's about time the queen made him a sir You are absolutely right man, Joe Marcel is a legend! Joe Lengend! so funny and all that stuff!
  9. ''Samuel L.Jackson or Bruce Willis..on a Spike Lee´s or Tarantino´s'' Agree with that man, on a Taratinos, that would be hot!! Actors, I would say Tom Cruise, Samuel J, Marlon Wayans!
  10. hey, this movie looks nice, but I want to see Will in an serious role and not the same roles that Will always plays..like MaxFly said, a more serious role which he could win an Oscar for, that would be nice!
  11. The song I like most is I Wish I Had Made That, I really like the lyrics of the song, about all the gangster things and stuff..hehe, really good!
  12. I want to see him collab with -Kanye West -John Legend -LL those are rappers I want to see him with most
  13. I want those live performances to! So I will start posting now! hehe, but only good posts, not booring and stuff.
  14. Yeah man, I don't say much on the forum, but I check it for news stuff every day! So thanks Tim! Your the man!
  15. I think they will do it..both of them are party starters!
  16. I liked it! but snoop should step more up, shud be a little more involved, if you you know what i mean...
  17. i saw letterman show yesterday on norwegian tv and will was there! it was really funny! going to watch it today with kevin james!!
  18. yeah, i noticed that too! really fly looking! the best cover yet!
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