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  1. okay, the ting is, i have a cool pic of Will on my computer and i want on my signature.. The size is 19,2kb..
  2. How do you get a pic on your signature??? I want one, but i dont know how I get one..
  3. Thats sounded amazing man! You are one lucky man!! As DefCEM said, put up the video!! We wanna see it!!!! :rock:
  4. hehe, willreign..Working on a fastfood chain is really ****ty, but the money is good! So i can live with it! Im maybe gonna be in a film, just as an extra, but thats fine for me..Its a Norwegian-Pakistani film that will begin shooting next year in norway, The director of the movie is father to a good friend of mine, so that'll be cool! :dancingcool:
  5. I'm only 17 years old, I live at home with my parents, and I just got me a job at MacDonalds..(its a really bad jobb, stressfull, but the paycheck is good:)
  6. In the first FPOBA episode ever, the Banks family is having dinner with some important people, then you hear ''Parents Just Dont Understand'' when Will comes downstairs with some funny looking clothes, you hear the song just for some seconds..
  7. Hello, Im just wondering, what type of car (cars) does Will drive, or which does he have in his garage?? Anybody who noes?? ( Sorry for my english )
  8. Happy happy Happy Birthday! :thanks: :dancingcool: :roll: :thumb:
  9. haha, does anybody got Ll Cool J with Headsprung on their computer? The single hasent come out yet in Norway.. I have searched for it on Kazaa, but i only find bad versons..So if anybody got the single, could u uploud it up here or something, so i can download it?? That would be great! Thanks!
  10. What does this smili mean: ?? I see at it all the time, but i havent figured it out yet.. I may look like a stupid, but i have no clue of what that means.. Haha
  11. Brandy feat Kanye West-Talk about our love! Thats a good song! Kanye is tha man!
  12. Oh Yeah! I just saw the show on the tv( Letterman shows goes on tv here in Norway a week after in USA ), but anyways, it was funny as hell!! Will was really funny!! When Will left, Dave said: We should have Will Smith on the show everyday, what a man! Or something like that! It was Funny!!
  13. AHHH, I cant wait for this song!! Im so glaaaad!! I wanna hear it NOW!!!!!!!
  14. Great Pics, Nice to see them rocking together! Fresh@Jazz4eva!
  15. Oh My Good! I, Robot has made over 50millions dollars this weekend! Now thats Coool!!!!!
  16. OKay, coool news! I like Lil John! Some of his songs are cool! Like Yeah!
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