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  1. Yeah, I realize that. I wanna go for the earlier look that more people will recognize. I'm gonna have my friend (who dresses in an early '90s style) take me around in the bronx to find some stuff. But I got the Jordans online because buying from a store is just suicide (you will pay at least $150). I just wanted to know if I could find any other things online. Or just what would you call some of the things he wears? I was a little young/unborn at the time....
  2. I decided to dress up as Will Smith (from FPOBA) for Halloween and I was having trouble finding things to buy that would resemble Will. I just purchased a White w/ Blue and Yellow pair of Air Jordan V's and I can't find anything else that he wore during the TV show. I did not watch the show during its original run (I was only about 7 years old) so I do not know what most of the styles are called, therefore I cannot find them on the Internet. If the internet is not an option, do you think I could find things in thrift shops? But in that case, I would still need to know some names. Anyone got some help?
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