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  1. it didn't make it from the original list to the final 3, transformers should walk this one anyway
  2. It does make a difference, but to be fair these days a high percent of actors do come to atleast london to promote their films
  3. i do agree its waste of a record deal, there are thousands of people who would kill to be in her position, but she's throwing it away
  4. brakes it was originally by the zutons and why do people like her?, you have to look at it as 'each to their own' everyone has different tastes
  5. This is a big chance for will to be taken seriousley as an actor, the director, the cast, this is his big chance, all his other movies have given him a shot at this
  6. to be fair, i'd much rather see him live at the moment
  7. Bloc Party both of their albums, saw them friday in london - pure amazing
  8. depends when i get the album, if i get it when it's released i'll listen to it all the way through a couple of times, if i get it after hearing a couple singles i like first, i'll jump to them before going through the rest
  9. yeah they always release this kind of stuff early the main nominations won't be announced till next year, i don't think mr smith will be getting an actor nomination wrong type of film im afraid
  10. http://www.empireonline.com/news/story.asp?NID=21680 Fifteen films have been announced for the long list for the Best Visual Effects Oscar at next year's Academy Awards. Those films are Beowulf The Bourne Ultimatum Evan Almighty The Golden Compass Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix I Am Legend Live Free Or Die Hard National Treasure: Book Of Secrets Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End Ratatouille Spider-Man 3 Sunshine 300 Transformers The Water Horse There are some names we're surprised to see in there, because they're not films you'd traditionally think of as effects movies. The Bourne Ultimatum used predominantly practical effects and the digital stuff was off the type where it's so good you don't notice it. Which makes them great effects, we suppose. Ratatouille is also all animation, so you could argue it's all special effects. But we did want to eat all the food, so that's quite an achievement. It's good to see the Academy thinking a little laterally. Does this love for Ratatouille mean it could be in with a shot at Best Picture, rather than Best Animated Picture? We're also pleased to see Sunshine there, given its budget wouldn't pay for catering on most of the list. From the list, we'd have to give it to Transformers. Pirates 3 had some stunning effects, but they'd already been perfected for Pirates 2. Who gets your (most likely imaginary unless you're Meryl Streep) vote? Transformers has to get it, the effects were groundbreaking nothing comes near it!
  11. ahhh confusion, i need to plan my summer, i'm going to do that camp america thing next summer, if they are just doing the premier shows then i'll go to america as i've seen them do that before, but if they are doing a proper tour then i'm staying here!!, AHHH decisions decisions
  12. i'm a little confused, is this big tour part of the premiere performances they are going to do, or is it an actual proper tour?
  13. http://www.empireonline.com/news/story.asp?NID=21668 "Seriously, when did all movies decide to start putting their opening moments on the internet. That's not a complaint at all, since it gives everyone an impression of the final product better than a trailer, but it's become an epidemic this week. I Am Legend is the latest film to join the party with the three minute clip on Yahoo, here. We love this little sequence and these scenes in the movie of just Smith and his canine buddy (who feels like a proper character in the film) are easily the strongest elements. You can see the rest of Francis Lawrence's thriller about a man who's the only survivor in a world where a virus has turned people into vampiric ghouls on Boxing Day." for people want an idea of what the film will be like, i'm going to hold back and watch it as a whole myself.
  14. I do think there are alot of people who have star's, who are less deserving
  15. ahhhh you beat me to it, just watched the show tonight and he mentioned it
  16. Alicia Keys - As I Am listening to the whole album - brilliant
  17. I've never watched it, but it's allll about heroes these days!!
  18. not doing anything tonight, but i'm going the SU party at my uni tomorrow, i'm gonna be lazy at let my housemate go crazy with facepaint on me, but i'll be slightly drunk so it will be fine! haha
  19. I'm off to the game at Wembley on sunday, anyone else from here going??
  20. this film looks absolute quality!
  21. the problem is, most people on this board are hung up on will smith the musical performer, those days are over, raps pretty much a dead genre for now, you've just got to let it go and accept will smith the actor now.
  22. Yeah nobody said anything about beef between the two
  23. apparently Kanye is outselling "fiddy" by 5 to 1 on pre orders in the uk :wiggle: i don't know if Mr Cent is including the numbers from the UK in his little, i'll retire if i don't beat kanye' thing
  24. Empire seem to agree with Mr Smith's film choice's of late http://www.empireonline.com/news/story.asp?NID=21038
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