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  1. Hey Ted! Yeah, Its true, Shaq is in the Heat! I can't wait to get his jersey!!! So many blockbuster trades this summer... Shaq with the Heat, T-Mac with the Rockets, and much more to come! It's gonna be an interesting season... whole new ball game. Now wut u said bout the east being bad, I sort of disagree. Since the Bobcats are the new expansion team, the T-wolves will now be considered in the east, which means that there is not just the pistons that could turn out great. So yeah, I can't wait to see the upcoming trades! Peace!
  2. Hows it goin everyone? I was looking through the US Weekly and I saw 2 articles of Will Smith!!! Surprisingly, these 2 were in the same issue (July 12-19). So sorry I couldn't post the actual article, it was just too big to upload! Anyways, enjoy! Here is what they had to say: [u][b]Will Smith's $1.8 million trailer[/b][/u] No place like home? Not quite. Inside the Fresh Prince's lavish, two-story mobile pad. When Will Smith arrived in New York City to shoot [i]The Last First Kiss[/i], so did his 75-foot, 200-ton custom-built trailer, which the star affectionally calls "Babygirl". "Will's got the coolest trailer in the movie business," producer John David tells US. -Smith can watch his five 65-inch plasma-screen satellite TVs (all with DVD players and video games) in privacy. With the flick of a switch, frost covers the glass windows. -The trailer boasts two bathrooms with showers. Because Smith helped design the 1,100-square-foot digs a year ago, the stalls custom-fit his six-foot-two frame! -The sofa holds up to 30! Tired of outside noise? No problem- the walls are double-insulated. Guests can even pour drinks at the bar- but Smith keeps it dry. -It's the priciest trailer ever made! Smith joked with Ben Affleck on the studio lot that Babygirl is bigger than Ben's ride. [u][b]Will gets naked![/b][/u] Move over, [b]Colin Farrell[/b]. There's a new man in Hollywood who's strutting his naked body on the big screen- [b]Will Smith[/b]. We hear that Smith has an eye-popping shower scene in his upcoming sci-fi thriller,[i] I, Robot [/i] (opening July 16). A source who has seen the flick tells Hot Stuff that camerawork doesn't leave much to the imagination. "The scene is pure eye candy," says our source. "You look at it and you are like, Oh, My God! You see his tushy, and you're one millimeter away from seeing his you-know-what." Our source gives Smith's performance two thumbs up: "You see the beads of water dripping down his perfect body. He looks perfect." Hope u guys liked them! Peace!
  3. I heard in a local station (Toronto) that Will Smith answers why his nickname is Big Willy in the first five minutes of I Robot!!!! Is this true? I might have heard wrong, but thats wut they said! :dunno:
  4. Same as all of u, Kanye is off the chain! I'm also listenin to the new Usher cd and songs like... So sexy- Twista and R. Kelly (U guys have to check that out) All night (Dont stop) remix- Janet and Elephant man Dont say nothin-The roots and I wanna thank ya- Snoop and angie stone peace
  5. Yo these remixes are sick! I love the way u mixed Yeah and Freak-a-leek, and i love 99 problems!! That old school beat is really good. Another one of my favourites- Gettin jiggy with it and the Mo money mo problems beat- Nicely done :thumb: peace
  6. Thanks Tim! :violin: :liar: :lockd: :bounce: :nono: :action: :cold: :share:
  7. I watched it... For two rappers trying to make in the tv industry, its pretty good actually. No where near How High of course, but it was still decent. As you guys said, theyre not involved enuff and it'll probably get cancelled
  8. Debating between Bad boys, ali, and bad boys 2... so I chose bad boys 2
  9. "That jail jeans suit was pretty krazy with his dreads :D " Those dreads were soooo sick!!! If any can find a pic, that would be great!!
  10. Might be a bystander, or a producer that wanted to be in the opening credits,lol
  11. I was just curious here guys, which really was the best out of the two?
  12. Here are a couple of my favorites... - His "Prince" costume at halloween - All of the old school jordans he wears in the early episodes - Like most of u said, all the bright fluorescent stuff - Those Sickkk Phillies Suits - That Lakers Jumpsuit when he goes to the Lakers with the pregnant Vanessa Williams - That bird costume when he was doin the Commercial The list goes on.... Peace! :peace: P.S. I just saw a commercial with an appearance of Joseph Marcell (Geoffrey)... He doesn't talk or anythin, he's just in it. Just thought i'd let u know :thumb:
  13. :rock: Yessss! Nice work Prince and Jim, u guys had good battles :thumb: Thanks to everyone who voted, and thanks to Tim for his great effort and help to make this battle possible
  14. Prince just told I sold my virginity on eBay, well I could consider But he’d be the first and the very highest bidder U facin the self proclaimed champs now u still dissin my aim? We can't blame Jersey & the U.K. of being ashamed Its unfair for your pair cuz your rap schemes are lame This the finals this aint the same old exhibition game B-A-D and the B-O-Y Nice battle guys good effort it was worth the try Jim’s threatening and trying to endanger us He’s talkin all gangsta talkin dangerous U keep talkin bout street fights but man it just seems That u the one not gonna catch those shadow dreams Jims got it all wrong, AJ and Free will be interviewin' me While u'll be on cops and that bad girls movie Your rhymes might look decent from a blink of an eye But the words u been sayin, they aren't all that fly Stealin my necklace, spit jewels and the list goes on Makin’ up words like undilligent when u shouldve withdrawn U right we ain’t no decent lyricist cuz we the best of the best Look under loser in the dictionary and u’ll find Prince, Jim & all of the rest Ur pen is ya personality, did u even take a second to think? U just runned out and now u out of ink :dink: Wrote the second-last rap, and that’s wut u come up wid? Guess u don’t mind that u lose kid, ur potna be like It's true prince uses the same ol' general crap and i heard He uses no comebacks just lines written months ago, that's absurd Drum role please cuz the tallies are in and tim shows it Jim and Prince look at each other and yelled :ohnoes: Knew I'd find ya weakness cuz ya flow is the flaw U began rappin all i heard was yappin and :blah: It’s all begun it’s almost done and all I need is one last pun Uve just been outdone 30 to none, and remember... this is all in fun
  15. Royalty and Satan why should we be scared? They’re gonna lose and on top of that no one will care We could stare and I swear u better be aware W3 and BB do all the damage so u should prepare Devilsjim’s chances be 2 slim for ya victory Ya rhymes can be sometimes contradictory Jim89 man ur only fifteen Forget bein’ the devil it aint Halloween Hov has got 99 problems to fix man I got 89 but Jim ain't one of them I could repeat your defeat every single year You might be listenin’ but boy its clear you don’t hear Overseas there’ll be instrumental to these Sell millions with ease but for what? Nothin but blank cd's Detective Spooner will tell ya the truth after the votes are submit “Somehow I told u so just doesn't quite say it” Prince goes on and on and u seem so calm U mustve looked up the whole *ation part of onelook.com Number of lines for prince’s rap, well it’s a lack This wack rapper’s talkin bout reading the plaque Well Im reading it, but look closer now what does it say? BB and W3 win the finals by the way It’s a shame that ya raps be lame and u blame But we gon’ have all the fame, popularity and the game Might have regrets tho cuz now wut u think of my aim Ya rhymes have certainly hit a different turn U use to win but now you gonna have to learn U have to know that u gon’ have to earn And if the world is up in flames, just let it burn So its Lord of the Rings: The [b]return[/b] of the prince I wouldn't buy it but try it cuz u'll need a job after this
  16. So sorry bout the wait guys! Busy weekend! :dunno: Feel the burn of my return got warmed up now it's my turn Again u gotta learn so u better be concerned Talkin' bout how we'd be happy 2 get a biscuit Ya rhymes make no sense so don't come back don't risk it I see the judges cry? and ya wonderin why U and ya potna gonna lose while me and mine just deny All u fake fly guys that don’t know how to apply The flow and the content 2 ur rhymes so don’t even try U should feel proud when u win those participation prizes Ill bow down 2 the crowd when I hear da cries from u guys By replying, u slowly dying As u desperately keep on trying but I just keep on denying Typo this and then typo that Go back to school kid cuz u aint fit for combat From oldschoolrap 2 hiphopremix all the way 2 what u got now U be bruised and confused how u gonna beat us i wonder how Like a video game player with a scholarship I eliminate ya ass and pass We graduate on 2 the next round while u in da hip hop beginner's class The working of the future is what u assumed If that’s the case than all of mankind will soon be doomed U see they call em rhymes for a reason there buddy Put 2 and 2 together it aint that hard to study But while we leavin', u can go on and keep on believin' Achievin' nothin but failure while u sit there below us, grievin' So big bad tiger what u gonna do now? Wheres Tony and Mr. Woods, wheres ull whole crew now? And Chrming, he's still daydreaming bout being in fairy tales Bout being wit a princess and on and on wit the details So that princess turned out to be a tiger that winked, it was distinct The prince died in peace and the tiger went extinct I be the winner of the battle disguised as just another lyricist The judges will realize that I'm one half of the illest
  17. The magnificent duo yeah we back together Spits and flows, they be hot like the Cuban Weather Cuz when it comes to Havana We go together like Will and Tatyana Boy, we knock u out Without a doubt they’ll go on about The time W3 and BB went all out Silvertiger- that’s right I’m a bad boy Kill that tiger now and be like Siegfried and Roy Ur laughin at our names but dude tale a look at yours Crouchin tiger didn’t cut it, u had to have more U guys better quit now just throw in the towel FrshPrncecharming, u wanna buy urself a vowel? Ill be honest to u like Simon Cowell Ur dreadfulness should be counted as a technical foul Its not true what they say that’s why im stoppin it today Easy come easy goes but I say no way Talkin bout talent, what is this - A talent show? Learn from the best cuz u got no flow Sun up to sun down, from L.A. to Chi-Town Be known all around like Kanye cuz ull all fall down When u here the sound of two emcees wit the crown My raps come endless as u come defenceless Take the time to write more lines that ain’t gon’ be senseless Silvertiger writing rhymes is like a secret that aint broken Never been, is, or ever will be spoken What u say isn’t right don't believe what he says it is On top of it I never let these cats steal my successes I see u strugglin' wit ya rhymes careful now don't u choke I bring it hard like Rakim cuz yo I Ain't No Joke Realized ur rap was bad man so u had to edit it Silvertiger can take the loss and all of the credit
  18. Hey wuts goin on tim? Glad that ur organizing this one (Not that prince did a bad job, it just gives everyone a chance to battle) Im in this one, sign me up.... Partners #2.. finally! W3, how bout another one? U wanna partner up wit me? Peace
  19. Nice work guys! Alright, when's the next battle? Can this one be partners? :slap:
  20. Hey man, thats awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :biggrin: If any of u have other similar stories, please share them with us---- U DO HAVE BRAGGING RIGHTS!!! :rock:
  21. Thanks for takin it into consideration! :rock:
  22. Could the next battle be in partners? ... No one really answered to my first post :confused: ...
  23. Hey everyone I think that maybe this battle could be in partners.... and maybe we could change it up a bit, like putting topics to the raps... still keepin in mind that two people are going against another 2. Just an idea! :dunno: :peace:
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