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  1. Kelly Rowland & Sleepy Brown ft. Earth Wind & Fire - "This is how I feel"
  2. Anyone know the name of the "ambulance guy"?
  3. www.aolmusic.com is an awesome site for recent pics of artists
  4. This reminds me of the time Will goes to the radio in FPOBA and does a couple of voices to request "Make up my mind" by Ashley Banks... Lmao... Nice work tho cataboy3
  5. According to IMDB.com.... James Avery was also in the Blue Brothers... under the role of " Man dancing outside Ray's Shop" hahahah... it was uncredited tho... just cuz he was an extra or something..
  6. First when I heard about "Here he comes", I knew it was based on the spiderman theme and I thought... , this is gonna be a flop.. After listening to it on L&F, I actually thought it was a great track and that Will really pulled it off. I voted for Wave Em off tho cuz it sounds awesome!
  7. We might have already talked about a topic similar to this... but I would like to know this about the FPOBA cast- WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Excluding Will and Jeff (cuz we know whats up with them), what has happened to all of our favourite characters from the show? I know that Nia Long has continued her acting career, appearing in mvoies like Soul Food, and is currently on the sitcom Third Watch. I have seen Alfonso on a show called "My Big Break" a couple of years ago, which was look-a-like contests. Other than that I haven't seen him on the big screen. Tyra Banks is still on top with her show "America's Next Top Model" and I think she still does some work for Victoria's Secret. Other than her album (a longggg time ago), Tatyana Ali hasn't been seen much either. Ross Bagley (Nicky) is probably in his mid teen years now... But I haven't heard of him lately. And Karyn Parsons was on Major Payne but that's about it... And the rest... James Avery, Daphne Maxwell Reid, Janet Hubert-Whitten, and a couple of others... They just haven't been in the spotlight lately!!!!! Tim, or anyone... plz give us some news!
  8. I think Geoffrey added some of the most random and surprising lines ever... Although he didn't have a huge roll on the show, he was really funny... Props to Joseph Marcell. Here are a couple of funny lines... The time he was talking about chia pets and later in the scene he walks though and says: "L-L-L-Larry" Phil:"I've worked my butt off for this family.." (or something like that) Geoff:" And yet it has come back with a VENGENCE!" *the poet club episode* Geoff:"CANONS, to the left of them... CANONS, to the right of them..."
  9. .... Alright, I'll go. (easy one, but its hilarious when he says it) "N**** u at least 30". (The nickname doesn't hint at the movie title.... at all...)
  10. I was trying to find some info on poetry for an english assignment and check out what I found... http://www.tsl.state.tx.us/ld/pubs/yareadi...teenpoetry.html "... Narrative Poems narrate events or stories that stress details of plot and action. A ballad is a popular, short narrative poem that typically has stanzas of two or four lines and often has a refrain or recurring chorus. Folk song ballads are included in this category as well as popular songs such as Fresh Prince of Bel Air, the theme song to the TV series, which is on Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince by DJ Jazzy Jeff...." :werd: :thumb: By the way... I just bought Lost and Found and I love it!
  11. I just saw a Duracell Commercial with Will's mom from FPOBA (I can't recall her name)...
  12. Yo... I was looking through the www.imdb.com archives and I checked Will's filmography.... I just wanted to know if you guys heard of any of them.... There's a god on the mic Straight Clownin Just to name a few.... Anyways, there's a whole list of shows/movies I have NEVER heard of... some of them good... some of them really bad (meaning against Will)... here's the link to the list... Will Smith Go down to filmography-Himself
  13. Wuts up everyone? Tim.... I gotta admit u've put in a hell of a lot of work on this site... I love the new layout man! Once again, Great work! :bowdown:
  14. As you have all noticed... there is only one word to say- FINALLY!!!! YESSS!! We've been waiting on this one for so long!!1 :bowdown:
  15. Nice pics! Where was this exactly?
  16. This season is gonna be nuts! With all the trades that happened this summer, the east is gonna be great! And no one really knows how its gonna turn out.... Think about it, here's just a bit of the players that were traded or that changed teams... Shaq, Tracy Mcgrady, Steve Francis, Steve Nash, Erick Dampier, Kenyon Martin, Gary Payton, Rick Fox, Dikembe Mutumbo, Antoine Walker, Stephen Jackson, Al Harrington, Odom, Butler and Brian Grant, Rafer Alston, Stackhouse, Antawn Jamison.... Just to name a few.... I CAN"T WAIT!
  17. Wow! We have lots of spanish users on the board!!!! Parlez-vous en Francais aussi?
  18. I actually met Mugsy once when u use to play in T.O.!
  19. [quote]i'd label them as cameo whores[/quote] hahahha, nicely put!
  20. I debated over this for like 10 mins.... but what do you guys think? Wut's Wills best aspect?
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