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  1. Mike Jones ft. the Ying Yang Twins- Badd
  2. Yeah, I know I love the song with Kelly Rowland, Sleepy Brown and Earth wind & fire (This is how i feel) is awesome!
  3. lmaoooo... i love the finger dancing Nice work kev
  4. One that i recently noticed is in coach carter... They refer to FPOBA during the movie and tell a "preppy" player to go back to bel-air with the Fresh Prince. Just thought id let u all know
  5. Has a crazy Tintin avatar... I wish iI had his cool orange hair. lol He also apparently loves to dress up in chicken costumes. :wtf:
  6. This song is entitled "I've got a Gal in Kalamazoo" by Glenn Miller.
  7. Nice work radewart.... That's a pretty good pay for an extra eh... 68$..
  8. Look at these 2... Two thumbs up to Michael Mann and the Wardrobe crew for Ali.... amazing job..
  9. Mimi, you do bring up a good point, and from the synopsis of both movies, they do seem like typical Cedric movies. Im sure that Will would do a good job with Cosby's classic- Uptown Saturday Night, including probably a cameo appearance by Bill himself, lots of laughs and who knows what else. For the Cedric movies, well, we cant do much about them. Movies like Johnson's Family Vacation and Are we there yet? are so alike and don't help the movie business. Cedric the Entertainer is a great stand-up comic, but maybe his acting skills aren't reflected correctly with his small, low budget movies. If u guys ever seen Cedric on a talk show, or even on stage, I'm sure u guys agree that the man is hilarious. Peace
  10. Ebrew, please tell us your final track list for ur FPOBA soundtrack :1-say-yes:
  11. Who are the three that voted for Ma$e...???? :thatsux:
  12. Cookie, U can use it all u want! :2thumbs:
  13. Check these 2 pics out... Don't tell me will didn't do a good job in Ali... lol. Just thought i'd post this cool resemblance. Peace
  14. I just want him to come to Toronto... lol
  15. I don't think it's right to compare them because they are pretty different people... but I do agree that Nick Cannon is an amazing multi-talented person. Can't wait for those movies and the album! :2thumbs:
  16. Whered u get the info from Radewart?
  17. A couple of Live 8 Pics... Philly people.. which songs did will sing? Will Smith- Live 8 Will Will2 Will3 Will4 See all of the pics HERE!
  18. Whats up everyone? I dunno about your countries, but Canada was one of the eight countries to participate in the Live 8 Aids Awareness concert. Held on July 2nd, bands and Canadian artists performed for the whole day in Barrie, Ontario. All I was wondering is if any of u went to urs, and who were some of the good performers? I only got to watch about half of it today and didnt get the chance to see any Rap/Hip hop groups. ... So yeah, please tell me a recap of what happened around the globe!!! USA, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and Russia... anyone!
  19. I've only seen a few clips this morning... I've been trying to see if they would have a rerun today, but so far theres nothing!!! FUGEES ARE BACK!
  20. I think that the Batman Begins movie is one of the greatest movies to start off the summer... I absolutely loved it! (The tumbler was sickkkkkkk)
  21. The Supremes- Stop! In the name of love Harry Belafonte- Day-O (banana boat song) Jackson 5- I'll be there These are the three songs i can remember from the episode that Will, Carlton, and their Aunt do some karaoke at the Hawaiian themed restaurant... :music: Another one i have to mention is Uncle Phil's pool hall experience with Blue Brothers- Soul Man should be included in ur cd! Peace
  22. Hey everyone... I'm sure its been posted, but if not.. Enjoy! Will Smith- NBA Finals Perfomance Peace :jazzy:
  23. I had to vote for Jamie in ray.... i mean... I loved will in hitch... but Ray is just one of these movie... ya know?
  24. I think this is an awesome idea.... Not only is motown one of the greatest era's music has ever been through... but now some of the best dj's in the world remixing classic songs... I LOVE IT! Jeff's papa was a rolling stone is sickkkkk.
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