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  1. Congrats to fan4ever, and thanks to all the judges for making this possible... This was a really good battle, and u deserve it fan! Once again, congrats to all participants! :peace: :rock:
  2. [quote=FrshPrnceCharmng,Apr 20 2004, 04:19 PM]I still need to see Mutumbo reject a shot and then do that little "Not in my House" finger wag. How many years has he been in the league?[/quote] Mutombo has been in the NBA since 91', so that would make it 13 years.... Just thought id answer ur question...
  3. I'll be watchin the playoffs! I think Im rooting for Indiana this year. Reggie deserves it. Ron Artest and Jemaine O'neal are really good... I think that the Dallas/Sacramento battle will be good. The T-wolves have a chance as well.
  4. I applaud ur attempt cuz u are what u are but some stuff u said man it just went 2 far u say im like bow wow but yo ur out of pitch ur the only one that got ur asshole stitched then u go out and say im like puff but ive had enuff this battle is for me to strut my stuff I can make lines wit 2pac titles of my own with different ranges I aint mad at u man, but u gotta start makin changes wuts wit all the gay stuff u say in ur rap like ur feelin me, pain in the ass, and all that crap and that time u told me that u were a real tease don’t want no fag4ever to get down on his knees u got too much freedom, sure the style could be free but dude let me tell u that ur barkin up the wrong tree Fan, u said it urself man-hate me if you please this battle is useless- u diss yourself with ease sure ur a fan4ever, like Rod Stewart ur forever young but wut are we gonna do wit this Belgian William Hung u told me to write some real ****- is this real enuff for u? so think about it now- Whos embarrassing who? final rap final rhyme go and give it what u got but I know your not the one to win that hot spot I guess you just forgot that its BB u fought u should be nicknamed the rappin daffy duff on crack cuz all I heard when u were rappin is - WACK WACK WACK looks like U just received a lyrical smack the fact is that whether this rhyme causes flak, or a platinum plaque it’s impossible to beat me, so wut u gon’ answer to that? chart toppin hits, win awards like the brits worldwide hits, spit after spit-this is a battle of wits so Fan u renaming rap? Man this aint a game of scrabble this battle is mine but go on-waste ur time and babble
  5. First fan faced the fact, failed to react Falling down whenever I attack Follower, a fake, ur fading away Face-to-face, but u choke nothing u can say Frankly Forever u don’t stand a chance Furthermore Badboys will advance Flowin 4 fresh prince flowin 4 jeff Flowin like K-OS & the rest, like mos def U got the win to give, the lose to live this dude thought the soul train was a spirit locomotive not even stressin got u confessin that im impressin so let me teach u a lesson My flow and my rhymes: theyre at the real perfection Advice to ur dad: he should have used protection Beat hero1 and the rest 2 get where im at Less then 10 posts- pure rappin- no time to chit chat Day after day, way after way What can I say- Fan u lose today and u know ur despicable simply predictable writin rhymes, copyin lines, and ur so depictable Badboys be a baller, I be a shot caller But for rappin ur 50 cent, & I be a dollar Bringing back the vibe yo im blowin it up Battlin by BB, so u better shut up Beyond belief, come on bring on the beef But ain’t no wannabe thug’s gonna give me grief Be gone and let me show an amateur how to do it right Boy just go back to sleep & don’t let the bed bugs bite So go on and try anything u can say wutever Forget bout u cuz ima be a badboy4ever
  6. AWESOME NEWS! Will's summer is gonna be really successful! U guys were sayin it shouldnt be 2 much about the movie... I think that whether about the movie or not, it should be sick! He did it with wild wild west and the song came out huge!!!!! WILL IS THE MAN 24/7! :peace:
  7. Great work everybody! These were all very good battles!
  8. badboys

    Round 2

    T Dot hittin that spot whether u ready or not The double B yo that’s me let me show u what I got this aint even a debate ima tell it 2 u straight, going crazy is wuts gonna be happenin to ur heart rate this is an update theres no more wait let badboys take the stage and tim sit back and read, mate! cuz when it comes to lyrics Im da b with an est Don’t need a test not even a contest 2 put u 2 rest To prove to the universe That even if I go first Tim’s got no chance to advance gotta get a new board cuz he’s got problems wit finance I’m the air Jordan of rap cuz I’m going higher and higher U got no air left thats why we call u da flat tire If there’s prize money 4 sure that would be nice but if that’s the case u’d be Tim- Pay up da- Price Badboys be the name it always stays the same i'll put u 2 shame cuz man u got no game I rhyme forever u know it's like infinity takin this win like justin took britney's virginity Headline news “Tim will lose” With all the reviews it blows up like a lit fuse Hits worldwide, u can run but u can’t hide We all know u sure tried but i just retaliate and sighed Maximum limit of lines yeah that's true count 'em if u want but i don't even NEED those 32! so Tim go n give a few bucks to the judges a couple of nudges Threatening cats to move up your rank n help u go on like crutches
  9. Hey hows it goin everyone? Mooseknuckles, I know we aren't the next best thing, but you shouldn't just come out of nowhere and "diss" all of us. And plus, its not like this is official... its just for fun... Not to bring u down..... Lates!
  10. Doesn't really matter to me... Waiting for a replacement will probably take pretty long... On the other hand, if we use 4vs4, without jims rap, we can have a fair battle... Its all up too you!
  11. It’s me, I’m back but without the numbers Badboys, rappin is one of my favourite endeavours Northern Hospitality, I’m coming from the cold Going once- Going twice- Going three times- SOLD! This cat’s spittin rhymes, and there ain’t no stoppin me You try too much dude, that is my epiphany This battle is against my partner, creating holes It’s not my fault, I’m pullin a Beyonce Knowles The end isn’t near, this has just begun I’m like Neo that’s right, I am “the one” Bring back the retro, bring back the funk Bring back the afro, bring back the dunk Redefining freestyle, but let me tell you somethin’ You’re no good, you’re not even a has been So let’s break the word freestyle into 2 different pieces I’m not talking bout bits, nor the reese’s So first we have the free, but that’s sorta wrong Yall gon’ have to pay, to hear my songs Then we got the style, which I have plenty of That’s my of way doin it when push comes to shove It’s like Jordan at ball, or Tiger at golfing Like the Williams’ at tennis, or Ali at boxing “Run like a butterfly, sting like a bee” Be realistic, you can’t be like me Round 1, have some fun, say your pun Then u done, You gon’ run, from each one Judge round 2, slow like glue, u review What to do?, déjà vu, nothing new Round 3, you can see, for me, victory Emcee, that’s me, BB, c’est la vie Last but not least, you’re overruled Forget your education, you’ve just been schooled
  12. Hey wuts up prince? For the battle, do we just start in any order? Can we post our raps now? Or do we have some specific time... Holla at me!
  13. No doubt im in!!! Is this indivual or partners?
  14. Hey everyone! Im back! Nice board we got here, why the change tho? :confused: By the way, what happened with the ratings? can we still do them? Anyways, let the next battle begin! IM READY!!!
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