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  1. I agree with Tim, wut About Bob is sooo funny. I also liked these, even tho theyre so stupid: Dumb and Dumber A night at the Roxbury Bill Madison & Happy Gilmore and many more
  2. Sorry I had to bring him out but... Ricky Martin... lol
  3. Nate Dogg (Ur too fast for me prince )
  4. Thanks Willjadafan!!! I will make sure to try and catch those!
  5. W3 thats an amazing written article of the interview! Thanks! I caught just the very last part, so Im glad you could help us all out! :bowrofl:
  6. I love this new trailer! I just cant wait to see the awesome movie! THE SOUNDTRACK IS GONNA BE OFF THE CHAIN!!! :roll:
  7. Hey man! HAPPY BDAY REAL BIG WILLIE :bounce: :thumb:
  8. Wuts up everyone? I just wanted to know wut are ur favorite old school songs? Here's my list: The message- Grandmaster flash La di Da di- Slick Rick & Doug E. Fresh Peter Piper- Run DMC Just a friend- Biz Markie O.P.P.- Naughty by Nature Push it- Salt & Peppa The choice is yours- Black Sheep Summertime- JJ+FP Rappers delight- Sugarhill gang Walk this way- Run DMC ft. Aerosmith Bust a move- Younc MC and much more!!!!! Peace :music: : :jig:
  9. Yeahh, that'd be awesome! Random thought- Will Smith and Robert Horry look a lot alike! Compare some pics and ull see that they got the same face!!
  10. If ur still around, come in the chat! We'll discuss some bball live! Hope to see u there
  11. Ur right bout the bulls! They need some help from a more experienced center... Mutumbo would do a great job... They also had a pretty good trade with the raptors during last season. I don't know about u but when JYD was in the T.O. we used to love his sportsmanship. Anyways, back to the trades... I also heard that theres gonna be a bg three way trade between the mavs,the raptors and the knicks... and which should include Antoine Walker, Vince Carter and 2 players from the Knicks. We will just have to wait and see...
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