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  1. Wake up - Wake up artist coalition
  2. [quote=willsmithfan1,Sep 22 2004, 12:58 PM]yeah it said sharktale is comin on 10th october or is it 1st october?[/quote] Yeah, in Canada its coming out on the 1st
  3. Happy Birthday Will from Toronto!!! Ur the greatest! :ali:
  4. Are you kidding me!!! This movie is gonna be soooo good! Kevin James from King of Queens is so funny.... and well with Will you can't go wrong. I think that this will be a great flick to check out in February 2005. And from wut we hear on the trailer, the soundtrack will be great (Of course including Sir Duke by Stevie Wonder)
  5. Krizia, I disagree to that. Nick Cannon isn't garbage... I think that he's an great actor and has so much potential. For the singer part, so far his work isn't bad... And his idol is Will so thats a plus :sonny:
  6. Is this the longest thread so far? I mean, 22 pages is pretty hard to beat!
  7. Welcome to the board trexican! As others said, this site it THE place to be!
  8. Oh... my bad Prince... Yeah Willreign- use because
  9. I like this verse man... here are a couple of errors-your asking to correct them.. I haven’t stopped the beat, [color=red]co’s[/color] my time is short Cuz And I'm not sure what you mean by chur's.... but other than that you're good to go. Pretty cool verse :thumb:
  10. It says... Joe is a liar, Joe is a liar... Nice rhymes tho enemy of the state...
  11. ur right mixenmasta but haven't we been talking about the fpoba episodes on dvd for a while 2....
  12. I think that the original and the sequel are brilliant masterpieces of micheal bay. And after what Tim said, I guess theres not gonna be a 3, but i would love another! Like Badboy4Life said... i dunno wut the big fuss was about bb2????? I thought it was awesome!
  13. Hey Sandy. That's awesome that u met Jada! Can u post the pic on the board? We'd love to see it!
  14. Hm... the great battle :touche:.... Ja Rule & 50... well wild child, I gotta admit that this one is pretty much even... I think its not the fault of one or the other, and that they are both ok rappers.... 50 wins for the popularity... but rule wins cuz hes been in the game longer... so i dunno... :dunno:
  15. As Big Ben already posted this... Jada will be in the new animated movie called "Madagascar" starring Chris Rock, Ben Stiller, David Schwimmer (from friends). I've seen previews for it and it looks hilarious... These new animated movies with stars as the voices are really amazing and are just so different... it started back with Toy Story, then Monsters Inc, and Shrek, Sharktale, Antz, and so on... These animated characters are just so lifelike and the movies appeal to both young and old. So as we can see the animated movie business is evolving quickly!!!! :cya: So let's just hope that this one is as good as the others! WE LOVE U JADA!
  16. Is it really worth seeing.... I heard it wasn't anythin special... but if i get the chance to rent it ill try my best
  17. I have to admit the VMA's were so bad.... most of the songs that were performed were old and will didnt get any time to perform or talk about his single... mtv should be ashamed :hsnono:
  18. I love the artist pics for the soundtrack... Missy Elliot, Mary J, Sean Paul, Ludacris, and so on... lol :roll:
  19. Will: Even if u play for my second home, ur still that bad actor that was in kazaam :hsnono:
  20. Will: Even if u play for my second home, ur still that bad actor that was in kazaam :hsnono:
  21. Honestly, I haven't seen Six Degrees and I'm not planning too...
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