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  1. yeah I know that... its very funny :3-laugh3:
  2. questlove is breaking it down. go will :D thats funny
  3. we need a cd with unreleased joints from all album sessions they had. plus a cd full of remixes and b-sides
  4. wow.. skillz and jeff.. must be a crazy show 4 real...
  5. Hey whassup guys I wanted to ask ya`ll about a page with pictures of Will´s latest appearances in public... I know some sites like Wire Images but you have to register over there and it costs to much man.. so help me out guys..
  6. Aight thx Joe... But my bad it´s called "Make up your mind".. :peace:
  7. Whassup everybody? I have 1 question concerning tatyana ali. As ya´ll remember in of the fresh prince episodes she was a short time superstar and made a single called "stop playing with my mind" or something. My question is, if there is a chance to get that joint in a mp3 format? Does anyone of ya´ll have it?
  8. Of course they should do... Without a doubt guys.. BTW does someone if there is a chance to get that joint of Tatyana that she is singing in one of the FPOB episode.. "Make up your mind" or something... i really liked this one!!!!
  9. :peace: hey man thank you very much!
  10. If it´s possible for someone to upload the remix of "Just the two of us" feat. Brian Mcknight I would be thankful 4 that...
  11. I think everyone knows what needs to be done with those guys... Ignoring them :mad8:
  12. Hey sup everybody? I was reading the lyrics to that joint "Lost and Found" of Will´s new album and there are 2 different versions of the end of the 3rd verse... Check it out : this is the version the guys have been written on this site : FOUND Is ESCO, dead PREZ and them FOUND Is Lauren Hill FOUND Is Rakim FOUND Can be you .... and this is the version of the www.ohhla.com webmaster : Found as Esco did, Pres and them Found Islam and Hill, found is Rakim Found can be you .... but which one is the right version.. clear me up guys... thanks
  13. I love "Maybe" ... That joint is hot to death!!! And I´m surprised no one mentioned "I gotta go home"... This whole album is so positve just like the other albums of him and jeff... I like that relaxed vibe...
  14. Well I don´t see nothing wrong by downloading the album and buying it later...
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