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  1. [quote=bigted,Jul 17 2004, 01:09 PM]This has nothin' to wit this topic, but I think that "Nod Ya Head" was better lyrically than the original "Men In Black" song that was more popular, I actually rather listen to that song than the original one.[/quote] I definately agree!!! Nod ya head was lyrically better than Men In Black but Men In Black was more smooth and cool!! I much prefer the 1st!! As with the movies as well!!
  2. Cool!! I realised that straight after i posted!!
  3. Cool Thanx man!!! Think I've read it somewhere b4 tho!!!
  5. LONDON!!!!!!!!! Woooooooo Hooooooooooooo!!! I gotta find out where!!!
  6. Excellent!! 'Switch' sounds good!! I think this album is gonna be HOT!!! The Heat isi also a cool name for an album as well!!
  7. Wow!! Was u on the way to airport when you wrote that??? You got straight to the point there!! Anyways man, have a good time!!!
  8. REALLY!!! I here SOOOOOOOO many stories about KFC but its still one of my favorite fast food joints!! I heard that they grow their own chicken so thats why they had to change their name from [b]Kentucky Fried Chicken[/b] -----> [b]KFC[/b] (Because its not real chicken their using)
  9. Wow!! :eek4: :eek4: Thats a first!! Thats like someone not knowing who Michael Jackson is!!! :dunno: I thought FPOBA wen out on ALL free to view stations!! I guess I was wrong!!
  10. Ha ha!! No one's got any secrets!! We're just having a bit of fun with Jonny-5 and his acquired taste in female dancing!!! :nana: :thumb:
  11. Welcome to the board!! Stay around!! Exciting things are happening right now with Will!!
  12. If anyone can get this magazine and let us know what he said about the songs!!!! That would be really good!
  13. Ye but there's no promotion going on here in the UK!! Guess he can't be two places at once!! Maybe when it's time for I, Robot to comeout in the UK he'll come over and do some promotion! I really hope there's a premier at Leicester Square!! I'd have to go down and see him!!
  14. When you get the haters, you know that you are somebody!!!
  15. The only time i'm seeing Will on my TV is if I watch my Bad Boys II DVD!!!
  16. I definately think it was the album of the year!!! It was so good!!
  17. If I was at home with my equipment i would have been able to do it perfectly at CD quality!! If you don't mind waiting until Sat 24th I can do it for u then!!
  18. Looked at some pix!! Can't really see it [b]that [/b]much!! Actually..........maybe a little bit!! [img]http://homepage.mac.com/daddysteve/.cv/daddysteve/Sites/.Pictures/Lakers%20Playoffs%202003/030511%20Lakers%206%20Horry%20SJG.jpg-thumb_202_269.jpg[/img]
  19. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! What kind of videos have you been downloading!!! :nono: :nono: :nono:
  20. Never thought I'd hear from him again!!!
  21. Cool! I'll try and check it out!! :music:
  22. Would you consider collaborations with artist such as LL, Queen Latifah, MC Lyte?? :music:
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