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  1. If you’re looking for a respectful meditation on the nature of robotics, or a simple summer movie free-for-all in “I, Robot,” here’s your chance to catch up on “Spider-Man 2” this weekend. Featuring an obnoxious and profoundly unfunny performance from Will Smith, and overrated director Alex Proyas showing off his inability to juggle a tepid detective yarn with required summer action mayhem, “I, Robot” is a messy experience, taking on way too much, and unable to pay off anything. It is the year 2035, and robots have fully integrated into society, assisting humans in their daily chores, and bound by three rules of morality that they cannot break. When detective Del Spooner (Smith) is called in to investigate the suicide of a respected father of modern robotics, the signs soon point to homicide, with the perpetrator thought to be a robot named “Sonny.” Armed with clues that suggest a conspiracy at the robot manufacturing firm, Spooner, along with help from a robotic scientist (Bridget Moynahan, “The Sum of All Fears”), sets out to uncover the mystery behind Sonny on the eve of the largest commercial rollout of robots in human history. What can make a Will Smith movie so utterly painful is when he falls back on simply playing himself. “I, Robot” is loosely (and I mean loosely) taken from the Isaac Asimov novel on the nature of artificial intelligence, but that’s where the logic and consideration for the source material end. “I, Robot” the film is more of a highly-caloric summer thrill machine, punctuated with spoon-fed plot points and grand Hollywood action set pieces. It’s many films all in one messy bundle, and almost nothing on display here is successful. This being a summer Will Smith film, heaven forbid the actor plays an actual character. Detective Del Spooner is given the suggestion of a regretful past and a bionic future, and he’s also burdened with a deep distrust of machines; preferring the technology of 2004 to get him through the day. Other actors would have a field day with this type of rich character map laid out for them, but not Smith. “I, Robot” is yet another smart-alecky tough guy role for the actor, requiring nothing more from him than to share some stinky one-liners and look tough around a green screen. Granted, nothing of merit is written out for him by screenwriters Jeff Vintar and Akiva Goldsman, but Smith is all too content to randomly sassmouth his way through the role, spitting out the most inane and weary jokes since Arnold Schwarzenegger killed his career as Mr. Freeze in “Batman and Robin.” Smith is dreadful and cocky when the role needed insight and concentration. When it’s not cracking wise, the rest of “I, Robot” is a highly detailed detective yarn, at times appearing like an unfilmed “Columbo” script. Overrated director Proyas (“Dark City,” and the atrocious “Garage Days”) has trouble delicately rolling out the mystery, so everything is explained to the audience at least twice in a row, and when that fails, “movie goes boom” to keep interest on the screen. An expensive picture, “I Robot” boasts some pretty spectacular CG work on the ‘bots of the title (“Sonny” looks amazing), especially when the film goes haywire in the climatic battle between the robots and Smith’s one-liners. But take the technology away, and the detective story is weak and overtly complicated, the drama interesting but halfway realized, and the moral on the true nature of intelligence and the danger of evolution only hinted at. The rest of the film is Proyas utilizing unnecessary camera moves (John Woo and Uwe Boll should sue) and stretching his film’s logic boundaries to a breaking point, which is odd since the script often appears to treasure is logical nature. So what is “I, Robot?” An action film? Yes, but only in spurts. A mystery? At times, but nothing is left to chance. A mediation on the dangers of robotics and artificial intelligence? Maybe in the press kit, but certainly not in the film. “I, Robot” isn’t a disaster, just a mess. And the last thing in the world it needed to be was a Will Smith summer comedy. My Rating: D
  2. Thats very true!! Does anyone have any information on the label that Will is on!! Who knows.... maybe he has decided to go independant. I reckon there would have been an announcement if he went onto a major label.
  3. Happy B day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy It!!!
  4. :drunk: :beer: :drunk: :beer: :drunk: :beer: :drunk: :beer: :drunk: :beer:
  5. [quote=bigted,Jul 15 2004, 01:29 AM][quote=Da Brakes,Jul 13 2004, 10:05 AM] I think enuff people already think Will is corny as it is!!!  I don't think he should do a christmas song!![/quote] saying that Will's is a Disney rapper is like saying Run-Dmc were Disney rappers! :nono: [/quote] Never said that. I said enough people think he's corny as it is. Some people out there don't think he makes real music. I just think doing a christmas song wont do him any favours.
  6. Cool!! 1. Will you ever tour again and will it be a world one 2. What do you do with the trax that don't make it on your album? Is there any chance of some being released?
  7. DAVID GERMAIN Associated Press LOS ANGELES - Since the mid-1990s, Will Smith practically has owned July, delivering hit after hit, his charm often enough to draw in audiences even for bad movies. This July, Smith is trying something different. "I, Robot," loosely adapted from the short stories of Isaac Asimov, has more smarts than the usual Smith summer movie, preserving much of the philosophy that made sci-fi master Asimov's tales a blueprint for fiction that followed about human-machine interaction. Yet "I, Robot" also delivers the brawn, action and wisecracking that audiences have come to expect from Smith this time of year in such flicks as "Independence Day," the "Men in Black" movies and last year's "Bad Boys II." "I think when we look back in 50 years, the one discernible skill that Will Smith will have displayed is the ability to choose a summer movie. I think that is my skill more than anything," Smith, 35, told The Associated Press, recalling with a laugh how he's scored hits with movies critics trashed, such as "Independence Day" and "Wild Wild West." "I am a serious summer movie fan, and I know the type of movie that needs to be in July. I have a sense of what audiences want to see. What I hoped to develop with `I, Robot' was the ability to push it forward." Set in 2035, the movie stars Smith as a Chicago cop with deep mistrust of the robots that have taken over for humans on trash collecting, dog-walking and other menial chores. The machines are programmed to obey Asimov's famed three laws ensuring they will not injure humans or allow humans to come to harm through inaction. And while no robot has ever committed a crime, Smith's character is convinced one of the machines has carried out a murder. In between highway chases, car wrecks, explosions and gunfire, "I, Robot" ponders the nature of intelligence, the unforeseen contradictions in machine logic, and the timely notion of whether individual freedoms must be sacrificed for the good of humanity. The film even incorporates the irony of a black cop accused of unreasoning prejudice against robots when Smith's character is told, "I suspect you just don't like their kind." "What's great about this film is it doesn't compromise the other side. It doesn't compromise the special effects, it doesn't compromise the action sequences. But what it does is it gives a whole other side that's a little smarter," Smith said. Accustomed to physical training for action roles, Smith said "I, Robot" also required the same level of dramatic preparation he put in for more serious films such as "Six Degrees of Separation" and "Ali," which earned him an Academy Award nomination for best actor. While "Ali" was a box-office lemon, Smith's intense performance surprised people, especially considering the advance gripes from fans who felt the Fresh Prince of rap and TV sitcom fame was a lightweight choice to play Muhammad Ali. Along with picking the right summer movie, the element of surprise has been a consistent strength for Smith, who has confounded doubters with every career turn. After his 1980s music success as part of the rap duo DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, Smith defied expectations by scoring with the television hit "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air." Smith encountered similar skepticism when he moved to the big screen but silenced critics with hit after hit. His moves into meatier drama on "The Legend of Bagger Vance" and "Ali" failed to bring in crowds, but Smith's acting chops were a revelation for fans who had pigeonholed him as just an on-screen wiseguy. "I view pigeonholes as good things, because that means you catch people blind," Smith said. "The one thing I learned in boxing is, the best thing that can happen is you get pigeonholed, that your opponent thinks you only throw two lefts then a right. Then you suddenly mix it up on him." With a cameo role in this year's "Jersey Girl," Smith poked fun at himself and the low expectations people once had for him. In a scene set in the mid-1990s, Ben Affleck's character, a music publicist, heaps scorn on the idea that the Fresh Prince would ever have a movie career to speak of. "He's a multitalented guy. He's got immense energy. He's a dynamo. He works like crazy and loves what he does. He really enjoys every aspect of what he does," said "I, Robot" director Alex Proyas. "It seems like a lot of actors sort of find their little niche and stick to it, where Will is all about trying something new each time." Come fall, Smith provides the lead voice to the undersea animated comedy "Shark Tale," about a small fry who becomes a big fish when he falsely takes credit for doing in a great white that was the son of the local mob boss. The voice cast includes Robert De Niro, Martin Scorsese, Angelina Jolie and Jack Black. Smith's wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, also is trying the cartoon game, providing the voice of a hippo for next year's animated adventure "Madagascar." The family flicks, along with the PG-13-rated "I, Robot," are welcome news to the couple's young son and daughter and Smith's son from a previous marriage. The children were shut out of the couple's R-rated offerings last year, Will Smith in "Bad Boys II" and Jada Pinkett Smith in "The Matrix Reloaded" and "The Matrix Revolutions." "My son said to me, `Daddy, I thought the reason that we put up with this was so we can see the stuff,'" Smith said. "So I said, `OK, you're right.' Now I've got a couple in a row that the kids can see."
  8. Ha Ha!! That show never gets old!!! I don't think I can ever get tired of it!!
  9. Come on now!!! They have done positive things!! Its not fair to jus focus on one of the negative things they've done. What if sum1 said: "Will's my favourite rapper, lets go slap some reporters!" It works both ways. Puffy's a successful business man and has started up numerous business ventures. In that sense he is a great role model for any young man. Jay-Z with all his millions has regularly donated money to charities. A fine example to set! I just think its unfair to isolate certain things that they have done.
  10. I'm gonna watch it 2nite!!! Im gonna be wrecked in the morning for work!!!
  11. I'm HOPING for the same thing Julie!!! [i]**crosses fingers!!**[/i]
  12. That advise is spot on!! I did the same thing and found that it greatly improved my position in life! Great advise Will! :thumb:
  13. EXCELLENT!!!! What about London?? :dunno: :violin: :dunno:
  14. Ha HA!! Enjoy it if it is!! Let us know if Will does any NEW material!!
  15. I just read that Will will be touring and perfoming whilst promoting I,Robot!!! Thats excellent news!!! [quote][b]Will you go on tour again?[/b] I’ll be doing the I, Robot tour, and I’ll be performing on the tour. I’m performing in Moscow, Berlin, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Paris, and somewhere else. There’s six [spots].[/quote] Here's the link to the whole article [url="http://actionadventure.about.com/od/celebrityinterviews/a/aa071304.htm"]My Webpage[/url]
  16. Gotta be My Wife and Kids!! Damon Wayans is one of the funniest people on TV right now!!! :bowrofl: :bowrofl:
  17. Great!! Thanx for the link!! This is all good news!!! This new album [b]will[/b] be worth the wait!! I can feel it!!! I think enuff people already think Will is corny as it is!!! I don't think he should do a christmas song!! But you never know........He has done [b]Summertime[/b] and then he did [b]Willenium[/b] maybe on this album we'll have [b]Chrismith[/b]!!! :bowrofl: :bowrofl:
  18. Excellent points Fan4eva!!! You stated some very true things!! :thumb:
  19. [quote=Jazzy Julie,Jul 13 2004, 10:50 AM]Dont worry da brakes i got the Uk covered, i'll try my best to find when these programmes are aired here. for example i can find out when letterman is on if u have cable and the MTV programmes but the rest wont be shown here.[/quote] Thanx alot for that Julie!! I really appreciate it!! :thumb:
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