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  1. I would only download his music if i knew i was definately gonna buy his stuff. Otherwise i wouldn't bother.
  2. ha ha!! Yeah!! Its like i was dere!!!
  3. I dunno!! I think I'd rather see it with the video first!! See will up in the club switching dances!!!
  4. Excellent!!! Thanx alot for that Tim!! Wow! Great pix too!
  5. 'Ares' is really good 'WinMX' is ok 'DC++' is alright If your used to using Kazaa then the best one for you is 'Ares'. I use it and it hasn't given me any problems or viruses so far. I wouldn't advise anyone to use Kazaa to download ANYTHING! Its full of viruses!!
  6. I live in london and regulary go! I should imagine it will be at Leicester Square as thats where all the premiers take place!! I'll make a few phone calls and let every know!!
  7. I wouldn't say I ignore the bad news. I'd just rather not read about it and depress myself.
  8. [color=red][font="Courier"][b]HAPPY BIRTHDAY[/b][/color][/font]
  9. [quote=Prince,Jul 21 2004, 11:24 PM][quote=Da Brakes,Jul 21 2004, 11:07 PM] I don't even watch the news or read newspapers anymore.  Theres [b]never[/b] any good news to report......its all bad nowadays.  :tear:[/quote] I read a newspaper today... Wish I hadn't... :eek4: [/quote] Thats exactly what i'm talking about...
  10. Scarface It's amazing how many of these end in 'e'!!!!
  11. Cool!! Thanx for that!! Will showing us his versitility and willingness to learn!
  12. OK!! It all makes sense now!! Sorry....I'm a bit slow today!!!!
  13. I don't even watch the news or read newspapers anymore. Theres [b]never[/b] any good news to report......its all bad nowadays. :tear:
  14. I'm sure Nas has already been said but anyways......... Sonny and Cher! I'm going [b]REAL[/b] old skool!!!
  15. I thought eBay was for just buying stuff!!!
  16. We'll find out for sure when the single drops!! Should be in the credits!! I can just imagine it 'Vocals By Fresh Prince Produced By Kwame Mixed and recorded at 33,000 feet above the Pacific!!' :laugh2:
  17. Yea I was thinking the exact same thing!!!! :dunno:
  18. eBay?? will we find anything there?
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