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  1. Lyrics are now up for those who wanted to read them or follow along to it!! That beat was made in 'Reason 2.5' by a friend on my university course! He is a VERY talented guy and is teaching me a thing or two about producing!! The sampled voice was from an old RnB song from a guy named Tank. All that was done was my friend took a line from the acapella of the song and simply pitched it up to fit with the track!! I've also got a small studio set up in my bedroom as well (Condenser mic, mixing desk and PC) and thats how i recorded it! You don't really need to spend LOADS of money to start up your own mini studio. My entire set up came to under ₤400! To record my vocals i used a programme called Cool Edit Pro which is PERFECT for people out there that wanna record vocals onto a track!! Thanks for the comments guys!! Really appreciate it!!
  2. Sorry to hear that man. Just know that we are all here for you if you need to talk to anyone.
  3. Hey guys!! I got a new song i'd like you all to listen to and give your feedback on!! All comments are welcome!! Its called [b]'Understand'[/b] and can be found at [url="http://www.soundclick.com/dabrakes"]www.soundclick.com/dabrakes[/url] Thanks guys!!!
  4. Yeah man!! It sounds dope!! I like your voice but as the others said I can't really understand all the words that your saying!! But apart from that it sounds good!!
  5. Eminem has dissed Will [b]numerous[/b] times in freestyles and on stage at his concerts.
  6. If anybody wants, i've managed to obtain a copy of the song! I'd be willing to give the track to those who want it!! Just hit me on my email: dabrakes@hotmail.com
  7. It looks well funny!!! The line which did it for me was: "Don't sweat it, a lot of white fish can't do it!!!" HILARIOUS!!!!
  8. I'd prefer it if it went straight to shops!! But it needs the right promotion! i think thats what Will has been lacking in recent years!! Hopefully the new label and album will get the right promotion and will put Will back on the map!
  9. There's loads!!! But at the mo it would have to be 'Yes Yes Y'all' :music:
  10. Happy Birthday!! Enjoy it dude!! :peace:
  11. I'm REALLY sorry guys but i'm not gonna be able t participate in this battle!! Way to many exams and assignments goin on at the moment!! Once again sorry!
  12. I think he's talking bout the old forum!! There was some discussion bout the single being released early 2004. But there have been updates saying that Will won't release his single/album until the industry has stopped being wierd!!
  13. I agree with everything said above!! Not only do we as fans need a new album, but i think JJ&FP need to prove to the non believers that they still have it and know how to rip up a set!
  14. Disc 4 is definately the one for me!
  15. Thanx alot for that!! Dope song!! But you do realise it is still possible for people to download streaming audio!
  16. I'm in!!! Can't wait to do this again!!! Prepare for that spanking to be coming your way!!! :afro:
  17. Wow!! Thanx guys!! This is great!! A new JJFP track!! Who knew!
  18. I'm the same as well!! The old board board was unique!!
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