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  1. happy birthday!! enjoy it!!!!!!
  2. [quote=Hero1,Aug 6 2004, 01:05 AM]will is shooting the video in LA august 13 and 14[/quote] Excellent!! we gotta get ready to get our 'switch' on!! :music: :dance: :music:
  3. Yea i agree with Prince!! Its good when people do things that are not the norm and break the mould! :thumb:
  4. There really arre [b]countless[/b] quotes!! It was a classic show!!
  5. Never even heard of that!!
  6. Yea!! Our kids will be saying that we [b]only[/b] had 256 bit!! I reckon they'yy have full virtual reality games where they are the character!!
  7. Just after Lisa kicks butt after some guy hits Will! Lisa: Will... I was gonna tell you.....I'm a....... Will: A power ranger!!
  8. [quote=mad4will,Aug 5 2004, 06:12 PM]he said that he should be back in the UK within 30 days of SWITCH being released here.[/quote] Cant wait to see him again!
  9. No problem man!! Just do what you can!
  10. My first cpu was a commodore 64!! Now thats ancient!!
  11. Sounds good!! Lets get the beat making process started!!
  12. sounds cool! I'll keep an ear open!
  13. Yea but hopefully soon we'll have the DVD!
  14. Hmmm!! Some things aren't adding up here!!
  15. [quote=DevilsJim89,Aug 5 2004, 04:50 PM]THANKS BRAKES!!! GOOD STUFF!!! Did he mean he and Jeff have a new album they just made in the UK? Could it be the long and much awaited 6th album?[/quote] Nah!! He meant that he recorded 'Rock The House' entirely in London! How cool!
  16. I think he is shooting the vid real soon! and Will i tihnk is putting the album out on Overbrook
  17. check the other post 'JJFP London Report!'
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